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  • First list of recommendations to encourage generic drug catalogs released

    (Contributed by Yue Yalong, SPD Bank Zhengzhou Branch) (Responsible editors: Song Fangxin, Xu Caihong) In order to actively implement corporate social responsibility and promote the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress", March 11, SPDB Zhengzhou Branch Jointly developed the theme of "PuFa and ..." with the Mingmen Community of Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City [ View Details ]

  • "Backyard Internet" helps food safety

    Wanli, a designer of the torch tower of the Second Youth Association, said that it is a folk tradition in many places in Shanxi to use coal blocks to blaze the fire in the New Year. From coal to LED, it is also a microcosm of the change in the mode of energy use in Shanxi. In Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, many Coal enterprises transform LED industry, leading enterprises' production scale advances into the same industry in the country ... [ View Details ]

  • General Assembly to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China Held in Beijing

    Scan the QR code to experience the panoramic news Economic Daily-China Economic Network takes you to the scene for a panoramic visit. Among the eleven basic classifications of fresh food, there is a pattern of "ten liters and one drop". The rise of three types of fresh food, such as fresh fruits, pork and eggs, is the main factor affecting the rise in food prices. Affected by abnormal days ... [ View details ]

  • Xinhuanet creative shaking screen animation 丨 hey, forward!

    "As for what formation the team will take in this game, Canavaro said:" In the game against Daegu, we started with 3 central defenders and finally changed to 4 defenders. The formation only plays a supporting role. The most important thing is the spirit, hunger and honor of the players in the game ... [ View Details ]

  • "Responsible China" People's Network 2012 Annual Selection Announcement Ceremony: Zhan Guoshu, Former Chief Editor of People's Daily Overseas Edition

    According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, these policies and measures include the following aspects: in terms of infrastructure, new pig farms, large-scale pig farms (households) and large-scale pig farms (households) in closed areas must be built, rebuilt and expanded before the end of 2020. Appropriate subsidies will be provided for reconstruction in other places, and animal epidemic prevention, manure treatment, and breeding will be supported ... [ View Details ]

  • Sanya invests 5.9 billion yuan to transform the Xihuan Railway into a bus

    "During the process of receiving the awards, Mr. Sun said excitedly:" Mother has spent a lot of money during this period of medical treatment. This bonus is really timely for our family! "Just when Mr. Sun was doing nothing for the cost of surgery At that time, a small sports lottery solved all the problems. About the bonus ... [ View Details ]

  • Trudeau re-elected Prime Minister of Canada

    It is necessary to study and understand the important speech of General Secretary Xi ’s "April 13th" and the spirit of the No. 12 Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, to find innovative content from it; to find innovative content from the 12 key institutional innovations proposed by the Provincial Party Committee; And demand for innovative content. Liu Cigui asked, when ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Half of Russians are "cat slaves"? Poll: More than half of Russian families have cats

    Of course, this is not to say that in order to make the people worthy of the "two-person transfer", let the "Liu Laogen big stage" do a loss-making business. However, if the "Liu Laogen Grand Stage" can be put down in Beijing, find some relatively low-cost places such as rents, or rather, while running the high-end "Liu Laogen Grand Stage", run a few relative grades ... [ View full text ]

  • Jiangsu becomes the third theme province of China-Arab Expo

    Cultural innovation as "soft power" is an indispensable part of comprehensive innovation. The successful test launch marked a high level of localization of this weapon. "Brahmos" is a supersonic cruise missile jointly developed by India and Russia. It has a variety of land-based, sea-based, submarine and air ... [ View Details ]

  • It must be verified, why ca n’t anti-corruption work be conducted on the basis of the rule of law procedure for a long time? [Map] [Party emblem] [Flag] [V5] [Heart] [Smile]

    Wang Quan emphasized that Changzhou Hi-tech Zone should be a bridgehead for cross-river integration and development, and have greater achievements in promoting infrastructure interconnection, Xichangtai cross-river cooperation and development, and implementing the national strategy of the Yangtze River Economic Belt to accelerate the creation of comprehensive transport along the river The "golden node" of the corridor, the "frontier window" that helps the rise of the central axis ... [ View Details ]

  • Vietnam confirms 39 victims of British truck tragedy are Vietnamese citizens

    They told reporters that this time on National Day, they came to experience revolutionary education and learn the spirit of the Red Boat. [Contemporary] The presenter Zhao Yang, then behind me, is a "big one" commemorative ship of the Chinese Communist Party. This kind of ship was not uncommon on our lake in Jiaxing at the time. .... [ View full text ]

  • "Taste of Power" 2019 Liling Food Contest Site Selection Shows Liling Chefs Raise Confidence in Catering Industry at High Level

    The fourth is to take the lead in the nitrogen oxides treatment of gas boilers. "A teacher at the school said in an interview:" The teacher is not an easy-tempered person. He is an Air Force veteran and has been teaching at the school since 2005. We have never seen him get so angry. To communicate ... [ View Details ]

  • Karma Motors Guangzhou Auto Show unveils two new cars and new strategy

    There are 10 episodes of "Learn Now", each episode is 45 minutes. Starting from Marx's great thoughts and daily stories, the program revolves around Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics, connects the essence of Marxism's era with Chinese stories, and relives the noble spirit and glorious thoughts of Marx with everyone ... .. [ View full text ]

  • Personnel Tang Zhiping becomes Deputy Mayor of Shanghai

    People's Daily Online, Beijing, September 23 (Huang Wei, Tang Ping, Chen Yuan, Xu Xinyi) Hosted by People's Daily, People's Literature Publishing House, People's Daily Culture Channel, and "Contemporary" Magazine, "Literary Arts Enters a New Era-Deep Study of General Secretary Xi Jinping Important talks of literary and art work symposiums, dialogues between famous artists "Today at People's Daily Online ... [ View Details ]

  • Representatives from Beijing Xicheng District People's Congress visited Printing Company

    Among them, the outstanding buildings in the assessment are the buildings whose power consumption does not exceed the quota and the unit area of electricity consumption is among the top 5% of similar buildings; the unqualified buildings in the assessment are the buildings whose electricity consumption exceeds the quota by 20% in the year. A total of 119 publishing and media groups across the country achieved a total of 100 million yuan in main business revenue, compared with 2017 ... [ View Full Text ]

  • [Heavy] The "Republic Medal" and the national honorary title are recommended for public announcement! Two people outside the party are on the list!

    As before, I didn't get any support. My husband also laughed at me for having lost the ability to work. My father-in-law said that the most important thing about having a woman and a child is to concentrate on being a mother, and asked me how much I think I can earn by going out to work. The number of newspapers was found by them on my card every month ... We and the public ... [ View Details ]

  • Be a Poverty Alleviation Cadre Recognized by Villagers

    According to Gu Ying, President of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has established 67 branches in 9 member countries of ASEAN. For many years, it has provided customers with exchange transactions in 7 ASEAN countries including Singapore dollar, ringgit, and Thai baht, and actively participated in China. Inter-bank market of foreign exchange trading centers Cambodia Riel and Vietnamese Dong ... [ View Details ]

  • Zhejiang Provincial News Ethics Committee Reporting Center Complaint Phone, Cyber Security Reporting Phone

    It is expected that a 5G version of the mobile phone will be launched in November, "Yu Chengdong said in an interview with reporters. Ultra-sensitive Leica film four-shot This time, Huawei continues to cultivate mobile phone photography functions. , Including one 40 million ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Countdown to the Third China Enterprise Reform and Development Forum

    Original Title: Three Bad Habits or Lost All Personal Information "How to Protect Personal Information in the Era of Mobile Internet?" The National Cyber Security Publicity Week has just ended, and discussions on how to effectively protect the security of personal information on the Internet have attracted the attention of all parties. Which bad usage habits will lead to the loss of mobile phone protection, network ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Macau Microvision: Safety Macau · Typhoon Coming

    Huashang Daily reporter Li Zhenyong (Responsible editors: Zhang Guigui, Sun Hongli) "We first registered in our social security organization in Maanshan, because we knew that Gulou Hospital saw this disease well and chose this hospital directly." , Paid the hospital deposit, went to the hospital according to the policy of out-of-town medical treatment ... [ View Details ]

  • 【Weixi Weather】 Weixi weather forecast, one-week, 15-day, 30-day Luxi weather forecast query

    Here, Song Rufen saw tears for the first time when he saw the real national flag produced by his father. Although the flag has worn out and faded through the storm, it still shines. According to the data from the National Bureau of Statistics in June, from the perspective of the number and rate of rising cities, house prices are all at high levels, ... [ View Full Text ]

  • The theme education for the party education has aroused a warm response in Henan universities

    Jia Nan, Li Shasha, Chongqing report data map: This is a steamship that has slept under the lake for 154 years. According to statistics, the number of cross-boundary students from Zhuhai and Hong Kong has doubled since the beginning of school in September this year. The person in charge of the station stated that the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge border checkpoint will continue to pay attention to cross-border students ... [ View Details ]

  • China Overseas Friendship Association

    Original title: 17 hectares of new parks on the south side of Happy Valley in Beijing, September 19, Xiaowuji Park. The Beijing News reporter Wu Ningzhe takes a small 17-hectare Xiaowuji Park outside the Fourth Ring Road southeast of Beijing and south of Beijing Happy Valley. It will be opened to surrounding residents in October. The park radiates landscape garden, green city ... [ View Details ]

  • Foreign media: Trump and military escalated in "earthquake" intensity accused of weakening military authority (4)

    Therefore, "not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission in mind" will not only be the theme of the party's intensive education in 2019, but will also become an eternal subject for strengthening party building and a lifelong subject for all party members and cadres. (The author is the director of the People's Daily's Comment Department) Source: Learning Times (responsible editors: Zhang Chengfu, Bai Xiang) ... [ View Full Text ]

  • US President Trump speaks on tax cuts

    Whether it is track and field or swimming, there is never a restricted area. Jiangbei District Science and Technology Commission of Chongqing Municipality has given support for the application of high-tech products and innovative projects, and relevant departments of Jiangbei District have given preferential policies and loan application assistance for a long time, which greatly facilitated the development of local small and micro enterprises. Wang Qiaodao said to the local government ... [ View Details ]

  • Hubei: "Precise Extermination of Famine" Puts Barren Mountains into Green Dress

    Recommended reading to visit Fujian's longest sea-crossing tunnel: A rare and difficult project, Xiamen's Second West Passage (Haicang Subsea Tunnel) starts at the east of the intersection of Haicang Avenue and Maqing in Haicang District, Xiamen, and ends at the east of Shigushan Interchange. With a total length of kilometers, it is currently the longest cross-sea tunnel in Fujian Province. …… ||| The son of Chen Kaige hit ... [ View Details ]

  • E-commerce law of the People's Republic of China officially promulgated

    Original works from Liaocheng Daily, Liaocheng Evening News and Liaocheng News Network. Please indicate the source and original author when reprinting. Li Xuekun is looking through the collection of the red flag magazine. □ Wen / Tiu Liaocheng Daily full media reporter Liu Haiheng at the age of 18 embarked on the road of collection, and has saved up four years in 30 years ... [ View Details ]

  • [Zhen'an Weather] Zhen'an weather forecast, one week, 15 days, 30 days Zhen'an weather forecast query

    An important way to transform core values into rules and play a role is law enforcement. Law enforcement should be comprehensive and strict to avoid selective law enforcement; law enforcement must reflect fairness and justice, and actively accept social supervision; law enforcement must be civilized. Chapter 1 General Provisions Article 1 In order to strengthen the right ... [ View Details ]

  • China-Greek exchange is "a thousand cups for every confidant" (Wanghai Tower)

    Moen has also become one of the leaders in China's sanitary and kitchen plumbing equipment industry because of its brand recognition in China. In the future, Moen will continue to uphold the "" company philosophy, provide outstanding services to all customers and consumers, and create a more comfortable and high-quality user experience. ■ About Moen ... [ View Details ]

  • Channel original news--Hebei Channel--People's Network

    Strictly implement the "four ones" work promotion model of "one creation task, one district-level leader, one lead department, and one set of work teams." Through carrying out a series of publicity activities of "Civilization Enters Ten Thousand Homes. Co-create a Civilized City", the design and production of "Ancient, Red, Green and Special" themed public welfare advertisements with Enyang characteristics ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Nanning Quality Supervision Bureau implements quality improvement project to promote high-quality economic and social development

    In cases where the defendant has been sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, the percentage of prison terms below one year, the percentage of one to three years, the percentage of three to five years, the percentage of five to ten years, and the percentage of more than ten years %, Some of them are probation. Facing difficult problems, the executive judge took advantage of the external causes of rising house prices to make ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Beijing laundry factory uses infiltration pits to secretly drain waste water

    In order to further implement the internship of General Secretary Jinping ’s guidelines on peripheral diplomacy, respond to the initiative of the Sanya Declaration of the First Leadership Conference of the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation on “Encouraging Media Exchange and Creating a Media Forum for the Six Countries”, and promote Lancang-Mekong cooperation (referred to as Lan Mei cooperation) landing mechanism ... [ View Details ]

  • Colorful summer vacation is a lot of fun, Jiangsu cultural venues all over the summer into a good place for students

    Practitioners have also been employed directly from the past to the present, and must now undergo skills training, pre-job training, and obtain a certificate. For example, she said: Yueyue requires a monthly exam card and a lactation certificate; senior Yueyue and gold medals must have skills such as lactation and postpartum rehabilitation; pediatric massage and early education are essential skills for a nursery ... [ View full text ]

  • South China Sea November Weather South China Sea November Temperature South China Sea November 2019 Historical Weather

    It is necessary to solidly carry out the urban and rural integrated water supply consolidation and upgrading project, vigorously and orderly promote the reconstruction of the water supply network, thoroughly solve the prominent problems of aging of the water supply network, insufficient water pressure, and difficult water supply, and ensure that residents can supply water and use it well. We must work hard to establish a long-term operating mechanism, establish a sound water price linkage adjustment mechanism, ... [ View Full Text ]

  • People's Comment: Why did the disciplinary inspection team leader of the Central Discipline Inspection Committee get angry?

    Folk literary performances, the 11th Folk Singers Competition, and the 5th Rye Competition were held in the performance hall of Radio and Television of Nagqu, and the rest of the activities were held at the Gesar Racecourse. Second, the time and requirements for tent construction. The tent for this horse racing art festival will be from August 1st to 9th, of which August 1st to 4th will be commercial ... [ View Full Text ]

  • China's first female fighter pilots as guests

    30% of Gujing Gongjiu's revenue is used for marketing during the year or is expected to impact 10 billion yuan. Gujing Gongjiu achieved operating income of 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of%; net profit of 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of%. Formalism, bureaucracy, and other issues such as general attitudes, adapting to the situation, just shouting slogans, perfunctory blame, etc ... [ View Details ]

  • Lanzhou: "Two Clearances" of Migrant Workers' Wages Arising First in Government and State-owned Enterprise Investment Projects

    The play is based on the ridiculous and sweet love journey of two young urban men and women, telling the story of their "hard work" life and urban livelihood. A few days ago, the play was held in Shenzhen. Yuan Shanshan accepted an interview with the reporter of Yangcheng Evening News. She talked about the role, talked about the cooperation with the actor, and talked about getting rid of ... [ View Full Text ]

  • U.S. military wants to develop space solar power station to transmit power to remote areas

    There are no dreams in life. Xie Yanting said that he hopes to become a useful person to society like Hawking. "Make beautiful scientific achievements in the future to contribute to society." For example, in the period of the New Democratic Revolution, to make people happy, it is necessary to overthrow the oppression of the "three mountains" and solve us ... [ View Full text ]

  • Thoughts on Precision Poverty Alleviation Work

    The Three Gorges Dam is the core project of the Three Gorges Water Control Project and the largest reinforced concrete gravity dam in the world. On April 18, 2007, China's first EMU "Dun Hexian" D460 officially launched, with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. October 24, 2007 1 ... [ View the full text ]

  • Give full play to the unique advantages of journals to promote the innovative development of journals

    To deepen the understanding of the changes in the main social contradictions, it is necessary to deeply study the relationship between the basic social contradictions and the main social contradictions, because the analysis and induction of various social contradictions must ultimately fall on the basic social contradictions revealed by Marx. Comrade Mao Zedong pointed out, "The development of complex things ... [ View Details ]