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Qingdao is designated as the birthplace of inter-team Xie Jun: the future should become the capital of the world

2018-12-18 03:22

What impressed her most was the increasingly dense mobile payments. "Even taxis support WeChat and Alipay checkout!" She exclaimed, and the Alipay sign was set up at the check-out counter of each duty-free store. Customers could scan the code to receive red envelopes and even have the opportunity to waive the bill, and she was fortunate to be in a store. Enjoyed the once-free treatment. Ms. Park, the owner of a barbecue restaurant in Myeongdong, said that during the National Day holiday in China, her business was six or seven times better than usual. The upgrading of Chinese tourists ’overseas consumption is significant, and mobile payment booms across the globe ushered in the“ Eleventh ”period. Alipay released Chinese overseas consumption data during the "Eleventh" Golden Week yesterday, showing that the number of mobile payments in the Bicester shopping village in the United Kingdom increased by 90 times year-on-year, the number of mobile payments in the Dotonbori business district in Osaka, Japan increased by 70 times, and Sydney Airport in Australia The number of mobile payment transactions increased by 55 times.

I am fortunate to be an expert representative in the field of petrochemical industry, and was invited to participate in the revision of the "Guiding Opinions". In my opinion, the "Guiding Opinions" focus on the overall and long-term development needs of the energy industry, take reform and innovation as the core, take "Internet +" as a means, take intelligence as the basis, focus on adapting to green and low-carbon development, and promote information It is deeply integrated with energy, promotes the development of new technologies, new models and new business forms of the energy Internet, and supports and leads the energy revolution. It can be described as the frontier of ideas, pragmatic goals, clear context, clear measures and timely release. China Power News: What do you think is the biggest innovation highlight in this opinion? Huang Wensheng: For the traditional energy industry, putting forward the "Internet +" smart energy concept system is a major innovation in itself. "Internet +" Smart Energy, or Energy Internet, aims to optimize the complementary supply of energy, improve the efficiency of production, services, and consumption, and then improve the overall energy efficiency of the whole society. It is essentially a traditional basic industry to a high-end structure strategy An important breakthrough in transformation and upgrading. It will likely form a new economic growth point and become an important strategic support to promote China's energy production and consumption revolution.

This regulation reflects the protection of residents' property rights and responds to general public concerns about residential land ownership. In March 2017, Premier Li Keqiang said in an interview with Chinese and foreign reporters at the fifth meeting of the Twelfth National People's Congress that the 70-year property rights of housing can be renewed without application and without preconditions. Prior to this, in November 2016, the State Council of the Communist Party of China issued the "Opinions on Improving the Property Rights Protection System and Protecting Property Rights According to Law," and proposed to study the legal arrangements for land use rights such as residential construction land to expire and promote the formation of a society Good and stable expectations of long-term protection of civil property. Q2: Does the automatic renewal of residential land use rights mean that the real estate tax may accelerate to land? A2: There is no direct connection between the automatic renewal of land use rights and the collection of real estate taxes.

Japan cannot avoid the decline of technology. [Further reading] Japanese media reports that Japan ’s nuclear power industry is “yellow”: Low market demand and technology on the verge of severance April 11 reported that the Japanese media reported that according to “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” reported on April 9, Power Development Co., Ltd. in 2008 Began construction of the company's first nuclear power plant, Oma Nuclear Power Station. When the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in 2011, the project was only 38% complete.

In 2017, a number of key "three leave" cases were investigated and dealt with, which played a good role in warning and education after being exposed by the media.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Xi, South African President Ramaphosa, speaking at the dialogue, called on the BRICS countries to work together to promote economic growth and improve people's lives, and emphasized that the BRICS countries should be committed to multilateralism and fair and open trade, And work together to meet global challenges. On December 4, South African President Ramaphosa met with the Minister of the United Nations Department of the International Cooperation Song Tao. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Xi photo South Africa ’s ruling party and the General Secretary of the African National Congress (ANC) Es Magashur also said at the dialogue that countries should strengthen collaboration and promote economic growth, thereby improving the current world economy Overall environment.

The first public university donated to the Mainland by the first Hong Kong businessmen donated to the Mainland. While helping the economic development, Hong Kong compatriots are also committed to the science and education undertakings in the Mainland. By investing in educational institutions, they can help mainland compatriots improve their teaching conditions and cultivate more More talent.

It's better to lose points and rings on the training field, but also to improve combat effectiveness. After the rehearsal of the review by Huang Hua, the head of the Intelligence Section of the Haikou Detachment, the training subjects were issued again: multi-weapon fast firing. Special commanders were firing grenades. (photographed by Wang Xiangyu) special commanders shot at an angle after they occupied the highlands.

Backlog of houses, can't they sell? Does it mean that the real estate market has cooled down? According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, at the end of October, the total inventory for sale of commercial housing was 522.87 million square meters, a decrease of 4.01 million square meters from the end of September. Among them, the area for sale of residential buildings decreased by 3.21 million square meters, the area of office buildings for sale decreased by 150,000 square meters, and the area of commercial buildings for sale decreased by 460,000 square meters.

Pompeo, 54, is the director of the CIA. Trump announced the removal of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on social media last month and nominated Pompeo to take over. The nomination met opposition from Republicans, some Democrats, supporters of the Iran Comprehensive Nuclear Issue, environmentalists, and ethnic minorities.

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