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Don't let the sky-high color gift bend over (Livelihood concept)

2019-03-23 09:43

According to a document recently issued by the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Weifang City, the number of complaints and petitions caused by the behavior of real estate agencies alone accounted for% of the total number of petitions in housing transactions in 2018. When will the "false trap" be closed? Some consumers and experts said that in recent years, real estate agencies have repeatedly banned the issue of false listing information. From the perspective of maintaining the long-term healthy development of the real estate market, it is necessary to further strengthen the investigation and punishment, establish an institutionalized supervision system, and effectively reduce real estate. Intermediaries do not regulate their behaviors and effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers. Lawyer Sui Qing of Shandong Zhengzhiyuan Law Firm believes that the "Real Estate Brokerage Management Measures" clearly stipulates that real estate brokerage agencies and real estate brokers must not "solicit business by improper means such as concealment, fraud, coercion, bribery, etc." Reselling customers' phones, etc., has also seriously infringed upon consumer rights. "The online platform cannot be a distribution center for false information," said Li Gang, secretary general of the Real Estate Industry Association of Jinan. Real estate information publishing platforms should strengthen their review obligations and grant intermediaries and individuals who publish false information to prohibit login and release of information within a certain period of time. Punishment.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yan, Zhang Xiang)

"The storage volume of our pull tank salt and sea cucumber accounts for more than 60% of the county, and the total storage value exceeds 1 billion yuan. This year's output value has exceeded 200 million yuan.

Women, obese people, and patients with chronic liver disease are more vulnerable to alcohol damage than other people, and especially need to avoid excessive drinking. When you have to drink, remember not to drink on an empty stomach, because alcohol is absorbed quickly on an empty stomach and people tend to get drunk. When drinking alcohol, do not drink irritating beverages such as ice water and carbonated beverages at the same time. The ingredients in these beverages can promote the body's absorption of alcohol. When you drink alcohol, you should eat more leafy vegetables. It is best not to drink strong tea after getting drunk, you can drink some light tea.

2019-03-2009: 13 Xu Weisheng, a "Year 90" Yao youth from the "90s" of Laowu Li Village, Gepo Town, Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi, has been influenced by the traditional culture of the Yao people since childhood. Guangxi Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County, Gepo Town, Laowu Li Village, "post-90s" Yao youth, Xu Weisheng, has been influenced by the traditional culture of the Yao people since childhood. He likes the textile skills of the Yao people, the singing of Yao songs and the production of Yao instruments.

In addition, Wu Weishan also introduced his own sketches of going to Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places. He said, "When communicating with them, I felt the plateau temperament of them, the simplest feelings, and the most outspoken character. And you will be moved.

For mainland video websites, (the subject matter of co-productions) requires courage to break through. "(Hu Guangxin) (Editors: Mu Shengyu, Zhu Hongxia)

As a national historical and cultural city, Yuxian County has distinctive cultural tourism theme activities. Yuxian's festivals center on the theme of cultural tourism and deeply integrate the theme of "lighting the Winter Olympics · paper-cut art lantern festival". It has launched more than 30 themed activities such as folk community fires, New Year's Eve prayer blessings, and castle battles. It was a traditional Chinese year. During the 2nd Zhangjiakou International Customs International Tourism Festival, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Drum King Contest, the New Year's Goods Festival, and the New Year's New Year Festival held in the Citizens' Square of the Economic Development Zone, the Right Acropolis of Wanquan District, the Jilai Station of Huailai, and the Ancient City of Xuanhua. Activities such as fireworks display, etc., not only promote the traditional Chinese culture, but also continue to introduce new ones, which are very popular with tourists. On the evening of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, a large-scale laser music fireworks show in the "Dream Winter Olympics" held in Xuanhua District and a "Light Up Winter Olympic City Dream" theme light show in the Economic Development Zone presented visitors with a wonderful cultural feast. "Each county (city) focuses on the development of more than 2 leading industries with special characteristics ... By 2020, we will strive to cultivate 80 industrial clusters with a main business income exceeding 10 billion yuan.

Promoting the two-way flow and equal exchange of talents, land, capital and other elements between urban and rural areas "We must make good use of the magic weapon of deepening reform." The important speech of the General Secretary on rural reform has aroused strong resonance among the representatives.

As the "guardian" of people's health, doctors are the main force for promoting healthy China. Data show that as of the end of 2017, the total number of health personnel nationwide reached 10,000, including 10,000 health technicians and 3.39 million licensed (assistant) physicians.

As the contractor of the new generation of artificial intelligence innovation and open platform for medical imaging, Tencent also participated in the construction of the digestive endoscopy artificial intelligence professional committee, and set up a special medical AI research fund to help academic research and publication of papers. Chen Guangyu, vice president of Tencent, expressed the hope that the establishment of the digestive endoscopy artificial intelligence professional committee will open up a broader innovation space for the scientific and medical circles, attract more artificial intelligence experts and medical experts to join, and systematically explore artificial intelligence in digestion. Application scenarios in the field of disease verify the true clinical value of medical AI. Medical AI development seeks standardization In recent years, medicine has become an active field of artificial intelligence technology research and application. Medical AI has continuously achieved technological breakthroughs and application innovations in the fields of medical image analysis and AI-assisted diagnosis. Academician Li Zhaoshen pointed out that the combination of artificial intelligence technology and medicine has brought us opportunities and surprises, but at the same time we should also realize that the application of artificial intelligence in the medical field has not fully exerted its fists, rules need to be established urgently, and the application potential remains to be seen. Development. Chen Guangyu pointed out that artificial intelligence can easily defeat humanity's most powerful chess player, but it has not been applied quickly in the field of medicine, because the complexity of medicine far exceeds other fields.

According to statistics from the Automobile Complaints Network, the largest number of complaints in automobile quality are the three core components: body and electrical, engine, and transmission. Among them, there were 95 body and electrical complaints, which accounted for% of Chongqing's total complaints in 2018. They mainly related to air conditioning, indoor noise, and body vibration. In 2017, there were only 82. There were 85 engine complaints, accounting for% of Chongqing's total complaints in 2018, mainly related to engine abnormal noise, engine leakage, and unstable idle speed, which increased by 13 compared with 2017. Gearbox complaints accounted for% of the total complaints in Chongqing, mainly related to gearbox abnormal noises, shifting difficulties and other issues, compared with 80 cases in 2017, a decrease of 11 cases. In terms of sales, in Chongqing, there were 33 complaints of non-performance in 2018 and 26 complaints of vehicle information fraud, both of which increased compared with 2017.

From the campus, with the development of the material economy of the society, credit activities have been increasingly involved in social life. It is expected that formal financial institutions can enter the campus, improve students 'awareness of financial management through popular science, public classes, etc., and use formal channels to provide students with formal financial services on the premise of parents' informed consent, in order to cut off the loan of campus loans. Living soil. The so-called magic height is one foot, the road is one foot high. After all, the campus is a pure land for educating the next generation and cultivating qualified talents. Guarding this pure land requires the efforts of everyone inside and outside the campus.

Through the establishment of forest cities, forest towns, and forest villages, our province will take the solid and steady advancement of forest creation as an important starting point for deepening the forest grower system, and actively launch and strengthen guidance in accordance with the idea of overall advancement and global creation. Intensify efforts to promote the creation of provincial forest cities, forest towns, and forest villages, and further play an important role in implementing the rural revitalization strategy. (Reporter Wang Kai) (Editors: Liu Ying and Guan Fei)

In the assistance process, the Beijing and Tianjin sides coordinated the resources of all parties, exerted their own advantages, and made efforts in organizational leadership, talent support, financial support, industrial cooperation, labor service cooperation, etc., and fully assisted the aided poor areas to win on schedule. Fighting poverty alleviation, pushing Beijing-Jiangxi and Tianjin-Hebei cooperation to develop in depth. In terms of specific assistance measures, Beijing and Tianjin have issued effective measures in accordance with their actual conditions. For example, in order to better attract and encourage Beijing-based enterprises to invest in Chengde, Beijing has formulated the “Preferential Policies for Investment in Beijing-Based Enterprises”, clarifying supporting policies in various aspects, opening green channels for investment, and promoting industrial cooperation with all efforts; Support the work leading group. All 32 departments in the group have established contact with the relevant departments of Chengde City, regularly carry out mutual visits and exchanges, and promote assistance and cooperation. In order to promote labor cooperation, Beijing has established a coordination mechanism for poverty alleviation and coordination at the city and district levels. Issued the "Notice on Relevant Issues Concerning Employment Poverty Alleviation" and other documents to provide policy guidance for promoting employment of the poor.

"There must be gains in giving, and I have always believed that I can truly get my heart.

Eat more cauliflower to relieve winter depletion. In winter, people often feel distressed and tired, and cauliflower has anti-fatigue and winter depletion effects. "China Women's Daily" pointed out that cauliflower is rich in vitamin B. Among them, vitamin B1 is called psychotropic vitamins, which is of great help to improve the mental state of the human body; vitamin B6 is a mental stabilizer, which helps to refresh and relieve fatigue. However, it should be noted that excessive intake of vitamins can also have side effects. In addition to diet, regular work and rest, adequate sleep, and moderate exercise are also important to alleviate winter fatigue.

(Responsible editors: Liu Jieyan and Yang Mu) According to Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong (Reporter Ding Zizheng) The Lunar New Year's solstice is approaching. On December 15, the People's Liberation Army Forces and the Hong Kong Youth Army General Union jointly held a sympathy event for the elderly and the "Winter Solstice Warm Action" .

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