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Broad Holdings: Net profit of 47.67 million yuan in 2018

2019-03-23 16:44

Abstract: The integration of media has changed the way of news production and dissemination. The change of the mode of production and dissemination will inevitably change the professional concept and working style of journalists. The internship of journalism students should adapt to the current situation of media integration. In the era of media integration, journalism students' internship modes mainly consist of simulated on-campus internships and practical social internship modes. This article will discuss them. Keywords: media integration; journalism internship; model; simulation; actual combat one. The importance of journalism internship for journalism majors Skills, application talents who can expand and penetrate into other related fields are the training goals.

Attract many tourists to visit and take pictures. The 21st spring equinox is approaching, and rapeseed flowers in Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province are racing to open. High-speed rail trains pass through it, like a beautiful landscape painting.

Recently, the party members of the organization department of the Tongren Municipal Party Committee received such a short message on their mobile phones at the same time. The short message came from the "intelligent party building integration" platform established by the city, and was regularly sent by a pre-set system, covering all members, leaving no one alone. The timing is not timely, the learning content is uncertain, and the quality of learning is difficult to evaluate. In order to fully grasp the dynamics of party building work in the city in a timely manner, strengthen the scheduling management of party building work, promote the transformation and upgrading of distance education, and further serious the political life within the party, the organization department of Tongren City Committee Grassroots organizations, party member management, organizational life, online colleges, party building offices, and rural revitalization, including 9 items, focus on the introduction of management, publicity, office, learning, service, and evaluation of the six functions of the big data party building information platform. The platform uses four The four-screen integration technology of the Internet enables party members to access the application through four terminals: PC, WeChat public account, mobile phone Android APP, and Apple APP, realizing the transition of the access mode from "single mode" to "multiple mode". Online + Offline "and Organizational Evaluation + Party Member Evaluation + Usual Evaluation of" Double Line Three " "Evaluation" measures, quantifying party members' learning points, participation in organizational life, contribution to theme activities, personal performance evaluation points, etc., and effectively strengthen the management of grass-roots party organizations and party members. "Since the software for smart party building has been downloaded and installed, party organization activities are normal. Now, there is a basis for deducting points for not participating in organizational activities for no reason.

Former Vice President and Secretary-General of the Sports Law Research Association of the Chinese Law Society, Director of the Policy and Regulation Department of the State General Administration of Sports. It mainly focuses on promoting national sports, strengthening the construction of sports culture, and drafting and improving sports laws, regulations and policies.

"The" Decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Accelerating Scientific and Technological Progress "promulgated on May 6, 1995, proposed a strategy for rejuvenating the country through science and education. In 1996, the Fourth Session of the Eighth National People's Congress officially proposed the" Nine Economic and Social Development " The "Five" plan and the long-term goals for 2010 include "rejuvenating the country through science and education" as the basic national policy.

Any event that has a significant impact often requires historical observation in order to clarify its value. Looking at the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC and the new round of reforms in the 40-year dimension, people have already seen its extraordinary features.

The next stage of the RMB exchange rate trend still depends on China's own economic fundamentals. "From the perspective of April and May, despite the strength of the US dollar, there has not been a panic of RMB depreciation in the Chinese market. As before, everyone still sells foreign exchange when the RMB depreciates and buys when the RMB appreciates. Foreign exchange. This means that the price leverage of the exchange rate is functioning normally, "he said.

(Intern reporter Hu Dingkun) (Responsible editors: Zhang Xiyan, Zou Hui) People's Daily News According to CNN, on January 15th, Australia encountered the second extreme weather in more than a month, and the temperature was 12 degrees Celsius higher than the average temperature. . Last weekend, the temperature in Australia exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. Weather forecasts show that eight states and regions of Australia will be affected by the continuous heat wave, and extreme weather will continue for a week.

During the training, all students also showed their personal style through the students' micro-classes, group discussions, and theme class meetings, and shared their work insights.

The first time he failed twice, the second time he failed three times, finally moved the suspect, and all four suspects surrendered. Huang Anyong's crackdown on crime is "a sharp knife" and serving the masses is a "warm man."

Ma Huifeng, deputy head of the Ledong County Government, and Bianka, deputy head of the Yanchi County Government, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on behalf of the two counties. Yin Lili, vice chairman of the CPPCC of Ledong County and director of the Bureau of Tourism and Commerce, Dai Peiji, mayor of Yanchi County, and Niu Ben, deputy secretary of the Yanchi County Party Committee, attended the meeting. According to the agreement, the two counties of Ledong and Yanchi will adhere to the principles of “complementary advantages, mutual benefit, equal consultation, and joint development” and promote the economic prosperity and social progress of the two places. "Singing opera" to strengthen the two sides in friendly exchanges, economic cooperation and exchanges, and seek broader cooperation in all areas of tourism, poverty alleviation and development, and economic and social development. Mobilize and organize all sectors of society on both sides to promote regional cooperation in accordance with market principles, focusing on ecological civilization construction, characteristic industries, reform and innovation, and jointly promote regional coordinated development, jointly expand regional development space, and promote economic prosperity, social progress and long-term development Stable and harmonious development, and establish long-term, stable and comprehensive cooperative relations. (Small knowledge of Yanchi: Yanchi County is located in the east of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It is famous for its salty salt, fur, and sweet licorice.

We should make full use of overseas Chinese cultural centers and Chinese media, widely disseminate Chinese culture, and enhance international understanding and recognition, so as to continuously enhance the soft power of Chinese culture and make Chinese culture the spiritual driving force for the sincerity, tolerance and cooperation of all countries.

The report said the data would be sold to advertisers, retail companies and hedge funds to understand consumer behavior. The market value of this private information is said to be estimated at 16 billion pounds (139.2 billion yuan) this year.

In recent years, one side of the job market is that factories lament the difficulty of recruiting workers, but the other side is that employees are complaining about employment difficulties. In fact, the issue of employment is not only a question of aggregates, but also a structural one. To resolve this problem, there is an urgent need to resolve the dislocation of labor skills and market demand, and make up for the shortcomings of vocational education. Today, the transformation and upgrading of urban industries calls for skilled workers who understand intelligent manufacturing, and the revitalization of rural areas also desires new types of farmers who understand modern agriculture. The most important thing in developing community care for the elderly is professional nursing talents. The talent pool function of vocational education can help In order to train all kinds of technical and technical talents that are urgently needed for the development of the country, it will also better promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and will also promote the transformation of China's demographic dividend into a talent dividend. It should be said that to accelerate the development of modern vocational education today, in addition to stronger market demand and stronger policy support, it also depends on a more pragmatic social mentality.

(Editors: Lu Shaoxiong and Jiang Chengliu)

It's a pity that you left Hainan after not playing for a few more days, and I became a highway sign on the side of the road, counting the steps of your departure and waiting for you to leave, and you will return. I remember the day before I left, she said to me: "Tomorrow you don't have to drop me off at the airport. I'm afraid I'll cry when I turn my head. I don't know when we can see you again. Let's take it as a passer-by. "On the afternoon of that day, I bought two movie tickets for" The End of the Future ". We sat after watching the movie and left before we laughed and laughed at the end of the future. When can we meet again? However, after she leaves, I often go to this coffee shop to see the sea. I really like it! Because that's where our story started, I was sitting opposite you, imagining you right in front of me. Every time I am unhappy and sad, I will come, looking for a kind of quietness and nostalgia, and every time I long for whether you will suddenly appear, in the coffee shop in the sea! The store also often plays Eason Chan ’s "Long Time No See" I came to your city; I walked the road when you came to imagine the days without me; I still remember how lonely you were on the afternoon of July 7, 2008 Phoenix Airport.

People often quote this famous saying to explain that theory must adapt to changes in life.

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