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Cyanobacteria artificial leaf prototype system launched

2019-04-05 09:13

The first was the "diesel door" scandal that Volkswagen was exposed to in 2015, which caused extremely serious adverse effects on diesel engines and increased the cost and complexity of the US certification process. The second time was the sale of Opel by parent company General Motors, which had worked with Cadillac.

Organize personnel to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all electric poles and cables near the highway, on both sides of the intersection and at the construction site, record the electric pole cables lacking anti-collision marks, and carry out uniform painting warning signs and installation of "collision-proof clothes" actions to prevent During the Chinese New Year holidays, accidents such as disconnection and disconnection of poles caused by vehicles accidentally colliding with electric poles can effectively prevent accidents that occur when electric poles and wires come into contact with pedestrians. Control heavy overload to eliminate the hidden danger of low voltage. "Our home is just outside the transformer's power supply radius. As soon as the peak power is used, the voltage will be low. In summer, the air conditioner will not turn on. In winter, the water heater will not work. Transformers, do n’t worry about using electricity during the Spring Festival this year. ”On January 29th, in the Xinxintai district of the 10kV Wenxian line, watching the electric power construction staff stand the transformer firmly at the village entrance, the villager Wang Xiaomei said happily. With the continuous improvement of the living standards of rural residents, more and more household appliances were added to the villagers 'homes in Poxin Village, resulting in a rapid increase in electricity load. It was difficult for the original power supply equipment to meet the villagers' living and production electricity needs. In order to solve the problem of power consumption in the village, the Yangjiang Power Supply Station of Qionghai Power Supply Bureau analyzed the distribution of villagers in the village, collected the daily power load of the village, and prioritized it into the 2019 Spring Festival power supply infrastructure project plan, and organized designers Conduct site surveys in advance, reasonably divide the power supply load, and achieve the greatest improvement in villagers' electricity consumption.

According to reports, Lu Xiuyan was interviewed by the media during the event. She also mentioned that the main premise of thinking during this visit to Hong Kong was "putting down politics and striving for the economy", which is the exit and living path for everyone. Lu Xiuyan emphasized that if things in Taichung can be sold, they must "go out of their homes" and not be trapped by themselves.

Original title: "Fuzhou Stops the Violence Case" Zhao Yu received a certificate of righteousness [Disclaimer] The upstream news client is not marked with "Source: Upstream News-Chongqing Morning Post" or "Upstream News LOGO, watermarked text, pictures, audio video, etc. Reprinted.

(Responsible editors: Han Ying and Zhang Chen) People's Network February 11 (Huang Lingli) Today, the Securities and Futures Commission issued "About Strengthening Listed Companies' M & A and Reorganization of Insider Trading Prevention and Control Related Questions and Answers", stating that listed companies should disclose restructuring matters for the first time Submit a list of insiders to the stock exchange. The CSRC stated that the aforementioned first disclosure of reorganization refers to the first disclosure of the plan for reorganization, the disclosure of the reorganization plan or the disclosure of the reorganization report.

The meteorological department said that from Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Friday, due to the influence of low-pressure troughs and cold air, Shanghai will have two processes of precipitation, cooling and high winds, especially the cold air that affects Shanghai from Thursday to Friday. The temperature drop was obvious, and the minimum temperature on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday approached 4 ° C. Where did the cold air come from, and why was it so fierce? In fact, the first cold air came from Xinjiang. The Central Meteorological Station predicted that from yesterday to December 4, a strong cold air began to affect our country from Xinjiang and swept most of China from west to east. This is the second half of the year. "Devil class" cold air.

In addition to provident funds, deposits, withdrawals, information changes, transfers to the Owners' Assembly (Industrial Committee), and housing subsidy withdrawals for commercial housing can also be applied for online.

(Responsible editors: Chen Chen and Han Qing) Original title: New Energy Vehicle "Double Credit" Management Measures were introduced on September 9th, at the opening ceremony of the 2017 China Automotive Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum. Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that he would work with relevant departments The newly developed "double points" management method for new energy will be released soon. At the same time, related research on the timetable for stopping production and sales of traditional energy vehicles has also been launched.

5-6 days of Japanese cherry blossom viewing, group tours, starting at a minimum of more than 2,000 yuan. A Chongqing tourist stated that he participated in a 6-day group tour (4 diamonds) of the Hejin Sakura Line on February 13 in Tokyo, Japan + Hakone, with a per-group tour fee of about 5,000 yuan.

This time, he invited Park Ting-soo, who was still at its peak, and was significantly more heavyweight than before. In the new season of the Serie A league, the Chengdu team will play with the main lineups such as Park Tingyu, Dang Yifei, Gu Lingyi, and Liao Yuanhe. Among them, Park Tingyu and Dang Yifei are world champions. Gu Lingyi has won the third place in the Chunlan Cup, and Liao Yuanhe also played. After entering the quarterfinals of the World Series, this lineup is the most luxurious combination of the Chengdu team in the past decade. "Xiao Liao is growing fast and he performed very well last year.

The reason is really fascinating, and even more fascinating here-Dalian Meteorological anchor Liu Xiaodong was popularized by “Thunder” when he appeared in the report. On the 20th, he "something happened" again. At that time, he reported outdoors that the umbrella on his hand was blown away instantly, leaving him to be messy in the wind and rain. It's not easy to do anything. The "Daoyou" who crosses the robbery must pay attention to safety! There have been reports that the "Wraith Taxi" service appeared in Osaka, Japan. The driver dressed as "Sadako" and placed a lot of thrilling items such as "heads" and "broken fingers" in the car, and played horror music. There was only one car set Reservations are not available, and taxi companies say they want to "cool the passengers on a hot summer day." So, what misunderstanding do taxi companies have about the word "cool summer"? The last paragraph looks at a powerful uncle. Recently, Mr. Liu from Suzhou received an unfamiliar phone call, saying he was suspected of financial fraud. Three or four people with different identities took turns talking to him to "brainwash".

From the 500,000 workers in Shanghai to Hong Kong and other places, they unanimously resisted, the organization was strong, and the spirit of struggle was unprecedented. The whole country was full of sympathy and sympathy, especially sponsored strikes by students and small businessmen. If the imperialists are panic-stricken, they have to start negotiations with the Chinese government and the bourgeoisie, claiming that they are willing to resolve it peacefully.

(Responsible editor: Ren Zhihui) Buried in the tombs of martyrs in Xingguo County, Martyrs' Cemetery, Central Soviet District, Jiangxi Province. On the Martyrs' Memorial Day, the locals will always respect the martyrs, present flowers to the Martyrs' Monument, and pay homage to the Martyrs' Cemetery to remember the marvelous achievements of the martyrs.

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