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Jiangsu's Xiangshui "3.21" explosion accident has treated 604 wounded and 98 severely

2019-04-05 19:52

The water separated from the oil will be sent back downhole to maintain normal formation pressure. The oil will be transported 556 kilometers through a 820-mm diameter pipeline, crossing three rivers, and then merged into the Russian oil pipeline network. In this process, remote-controlled machinery and leak detection devices, fire prevention, anti-theft and communication relay facilities on the pipeline will perform their respective functions to ensure transportation safety.

In comparison, the central transfer fund alone will reach 600 billion yuan in 2019, and the scale is still large.

It is understood that the wheel uses electric propulsion and advanced control systems, and has unique technical advantages in ship design, interior layout, noise comfort and energy consumption. Because the ship uses a semi-submersible barge for pick-up and separate dives, it has many operations and complicated processes. The Nantong Maritime Bureau provided timely guidance to help enterprises analyze the safety risks in the launching process, and proposed various safety guarantee measures and recommendations to effectively guarantee the safety of launching operations. The relevant person in charge of Nantong Maritime Affairs Bureau said that as the first domestic polar adventure cruise ship, the construction of this ship marks an important step for Nantong Shipbuilding Industry to successfully enter the luxury cruise market.

"One Village, One Product" helps poverty alleviation, which not only urges farmers' pockets, but also spawns vegetable brokers, forming a professional economic binding chain. The "one village, one product" model built by Sangongdi Town is an important way and a successful sample for Shangyi County to establish its endowment, tap the advantages of resources, develop characteristic industries according to local conditions, and promote farmers' poverty alleviation.

As the venue for this competition, Suzhou Hi-tech Zone has introduced 214 Chinese weapons, the East China Branch of the Five Electronics Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Suzhou Medical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Suzhou Base of the Institute of Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The military-civilian combined industry demonstration base in the zone was awarded the title of "Jiangsu Province Military-civilian Combined Industry Demonstration Base" by the Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the Provincial Office of Defense Science and Industry. (Chen Yuwei) (Responsible editors: Meng Erbo, Zhang Xin) Original title: Receiving a text message and remitting nearly 20,000 yuan to "Tsinghua Master Teachers" Nowadays, many parents pay a lot of money to report their children to various tuition classes. However, recently, because of a short message calling for supplementary tuition, the citizen Ms. Li did not hesitate to "spend" nearly 20,000 yuan to register her child with the so-called "Tsinghua Master Class", but in the end she found herself in a fraud scheme of professional criminal gangs.

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Calligraphy exhibitions frequently show "new" characters. Wang Xinjing is a true calligraphy enthusiast. "I have seen more exhibitions, but I find that my" path "is getting shallower and shallower, and I can't even recognize what words are written." Not long ago, he saw a calligraphy and painting exhibition at a certain gallery in Songzhuang. Guessing hard, I learned that the huge paper says "Rolling East in the Yangtze River". According to him, it is not that he does not know traditional Chinese, and has nothing to do with yarrow. "From the perspective of the shelf structure, they are typos.

As the province's largest public hospital managed by the province, Hunan Provincial People's Hospital has taken the initiative to assume social responsibilities and vigorously carry out the popularization of first aid. In the past two years, it has trained more than 10,000 ordinary people, and has also launched the hospital's original song "Save" Around.

Candidates for liberal arts or sciences have two elective test subjects and five compulsory test subjects.

In addition, the experience of the party branch of the headquarters of the State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company's Shibei Power Supply Company's Transportation Inspection Department is that the branch is built on the construction site, the party building is deep on the scene, the party emblem is on the chest, and the responsibility is in the heart. The Party of the Packaging Department Branch of the Plastic Department of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. also has its own good practices: "Service +": Serve the development of enterprises, serve the masses of employees, and serve all party members! The secret of the production party branch of Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. Tianji Power Plant is: "Small branch" to create a "big stage" to escort the company's safe production. China Shipbuilding Shanghai Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch of the Ship Design and Design Institute Party Branch also has good experience: scientific and technological innovation, talent first, party pioneer. …… A lively example of party building at the grass-roots level allows each party branch participating in exchanges and mutual evaluation to see the excellent practices of other enterprises and other industries in branch building, which not only greatly deepens the work of grass-roots party branches in branch building Recognize and further strengthen the idea of branch construction. Through summing up and refining the excellent experience and practices, a group of grassroots party building achievements that can be replicated and promoted are formed for system units to learn from.

In terms of temperature, there will be a "cliff-like" cooling in the next three days. The highest temperature in the city tomorrow will continue to "dive" to 16 ° C, and the highest temperature in the day after tomorrow will be only 15 ° C. Experts remind that the weather will return to "late winter" in the next two days, and the temperature drop will further increase. Friends should pay attention to adding clothes in time to prevent colds.

"Good companies should not just be machines that make money, but organizations that can leap to a higher level, with social character and social image." This crowdfunding campaign not only means that Red Bean shares and's unbounded retail cooperation have entered a new era. At this stage, the successful transformation of Hehongdou as an established domestic product also marked the birth of a brand-new public welfare model of "corporate fight".

Bingxin Literature Museum Bingxin Literature Museum, with a construction area of 4,500 square meters, was opened on August 25, 1997, the anniversary of the 78th anniversary of the debut of Bingxin Literature. The Literature Museum was designed by a famous Chinese architect, Professor Qi Kang of Southeast University. The whole building is elegant, elegant, and rich in the architectural style of Fujian. It is an important cultural landmark in Fujian and attracts attention. The lead white tone of the entire building makes the building even more elegant and distinguished. There are exhibition halls, showrooms and research centers in the building. The "Life and Creation Exhibition of Bing Xin" in the Museum of Literature is vividly remembered, and it has drawn people through the centuries of Bing Xin. "Hometown Love", "The Sea of Yantai", "Zhongjiaozi Lane", "Study in the United States", "Wind-and-swallow Garden", "The War of Resistance Against Japan", "Living in Japan", "After the Return", "Ten Years of the Cultural Revolution" Fifteen parts of the entire exhibition.

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