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[Aerial Photography] The 16th Pingyao International Photography Grand Opening Ceremony

2019-04-05 19:52

Xi Jinping pointed out that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy 49 years ago, the relationship between the two countries has withstood the test of time and changes in the international situation. The two sides uphold the principles of mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual benefit and win-win results, and continue to promote China-Italy friendship and cooperation to become countries with different social systems, cultural backgrounds and development stages. A model of bilateral relations. China-Italy pragmatic cooperation has yielded fruitful results and brought tangible benefits to the people of the two countries. The cultural exchanges are rich and colorful, which has enhanced mutual understanding and friendship. Xi Jinping pointed out that I look forward to meeting with Italian leaders, including President Matarella and Prime Minister Conte, to jointly draw up a blueprint for the future development of China-Italy relations. I believe that with the joint efforts of both sides, China-Italy comprehensive strategic partnership will have a better tomorrow.

He emphasized that cyber security and informatization are major strategic issues related to national security and national development, as well as the work and life of the broad masses of people. We must proceed from the international and domestic trends, make overall arrangements, coordinate all parties, innovate and develop, and strive to build China. Become a network power. Xi Jinping stressed that it is necessary to formulate a comprehensive research and development strategy for information technology and network technology, and make great efforts to solve the problem of transformation of scientific research results.

Good ingredients are the foundation of good quality. Over the years, from grains to dried fruits, from oil toffee to a variety of accessories, Guishunzhai has selected fresh and unambiguous. In 2013, Guishunzhai put in two tons of red dates, but when they were put into the warehouse, they found that they were very different from the samples. Many dates were neither complete nor fresh. Despite the supplier's willingness to reduce prices, Sun Shifu still refused sternly, "The raw materials must not be sloppy. Gui Shunzhai must talk about credibility and trust the customers." The entire shipment is returned, and the supplier is permanently disqualified from cooperating with Gui Shunzhai.

Tuguli Abdulman, who runs the Kerala music restaurant, said with a smile, "Starting a business at your doorstep will not only make money but also take care of your home." In order for entrepreneurs to understand business, know how to operate, work in the village. The team also organized them to visit and study in the night market and commercial street of Kashgar; relying on the lecture hall of skills, set up "early reading classes" for businesses to teach business communication skills; hold a business storytelling session, tell ideas, teach methods, and evaluate entrepreneurial models ... and continue to inspire Women's passion for entrepreneurship. Today, beauty salons, hardware stores, clothing stores, public baths ... everything is available in women's entrepreneurship demonstration streets, which also attracts more and more women in the village to venture out of their homes to become rich.

"We must do a good job in Dongcheng culture and contextualization, tell stories about Dongcheng, and do a good job of doing a good job of culture, so that all kinds of cultural resources and cultural elements can be brought out, brought alive and moved, and let history speak. Let the cultural relics speak, and protect this famous city like cherishing their lives.

To build a Chinese automobile brand, it is necessary to find the correct market positioning, not to swarm luxury and high-end, but also to focus on value creation and use quality and technology as support. After years of market polishing, changes are happening. The consumer atmosphere supporting the upward development of Chinese auto brands is becoming stronger and stronger, and the competitiveness of domestic cars in the domestic market is becoming stronger and stronger. Many original models and design concepts have appeared intensively, constantly breaking the price “ceiling”.

Right now, there is a large area of ruins left after the demolition last week. Excavators are still busy back and forth to clear construction waste. "It used to be a large warehouse, there were always trucks in and out, noise was heavy, and the traffic was poor." Hebian Village, which was supposed to be quiet and fresh, but did not expect that all the villagers felt dirty and messy. It is also because of the occupation of land by these industries that the greenway is cut off. Like Dongyao Village, many nearby villages are dissolving low-level sub-industries.

The cooperative enterprise must abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and must not harm China's social and public interests. Relevant state organs supervise cooperative enterprises in accordance with the law. Article 4 The state encourages the establishment of export-oriented or technologically advanced production-type cooperative enterprises.

Both parties can take this as an opportunity to cooperate with each other and make their own achievements in improving the content of humane care services and building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. In September 2018, the National Health and Medical Commission issued a document and named a group of hospitals with prominent cultural construction. West China Hospital of Sichuan University was praised for its systematic experience and brand effect in cultural construction. This time, the introduction of the "easy preparation of ward library" in West China Hospital is also a great attempt to build the hospital's cultural position and alleviate the tension of patients and medical workers. The cooperation between West China Hospital and Beijing Weiai Charity Foundation, an easy-to-find platform, provided a reproducible good model for key hospitals in other provinces and autonomous regions, and also provided a new idea for the development of the health public welfare system in the future. (Editors: Chu Ziru, He Yingchun)

As of the close on March 18, the Brazilian stock index has risen 14% this year. The analysis points out that investor optimism in Brazil largely depends on the friendliness of the Brazilian President Jayir Bosonaro, including the privatization of inefficient state-owned enterprises, the implementation of fiscal reforms and other measures. Measures have boosted Latin America's largest economy. In October last year, the Brazilian Social Liberal Party candidate Bossonaro won the general election and was elected as the new Brazilian president. On January 1, Bossonaro was officially sworn in. Bossonaro's campaign promises are favored by markets and investors. He called for more independence for the central bank, promoted privatization of state-owned enterprises, and promised to cut public pension systems, reduce fiscal deficits and reduce the government's redundant sector structure. Revitalizing the economy is one of Bosonaro's important goals set during the campaign.

The advanced role of a model worker is very obvious. It can not only drive the improvement of the overall service level of the fleet, but also the branch, and it can also show the public and the public a good image of our bus passengers. At the report meeting, Cui Zhiyong, the driver of the 323 bus of the men ’s car group, issued an initiative to all employees: learn about the advanced deeds of Comrade Liu Baozhong, and strive to be a model of bus pioneers. Wen Bo, secretary of the Party Committee of Kesan Branch, said that in the next step, the advanced deeds of Comrade Liu Baozhong will be used as a vivid teaching material for all employees, and the promotion of Liu Baozhong's spirit will be a regular task to promote advanced experience and promote the positive energy of public transportation.

(Editors: Chang Xuemei, Cheng Hongyi)

Focus on communication and docking with commercial banks, and ease the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises by developing small and micro enterprises' loans. Promote the construction of "Green Hunan". Focusing on the construction of a "two-oriented society" in Hunan, we will increase investment in green finance. Actively support the construction of Chengbu Wujiling Wind Farm and other wind power, photovoltaic, and hydropower projects in the province, and help enterprises to innovate independently and upgrade technological equipment.

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