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[Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region · 60 years] Ningxia has gone through the road of national unity and progress!

2019-04-27 16:53

A few days ago, with the consent of the leading comrades of the central government, the Central Cyberspace Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Council's Poverty Alleviation Office, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Key Points of Online Poverty Alleviation Work in 2018", clarifying that the overall requirements for online poverty alleviation work in 2018 are: Guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, he fully implemented the new requirements of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on winning the battle against poverty, insisting on the general tone of progress while maintaining stability, adhering to targeted poverty alleviation, targeted poverty alleviation, and in-depth implementation of the "Internet The Action Plan for Poverty Alleviation continued to focus its efforts on deeply impoverished areas, aimed precisely at assisting the special poor, adhered to the pattern of large-scale poverty alleviation, worked hard to make precise decisions, focused on the combination of poverty alleviation, aspirations, and wisdom, and stimulated the population in poverty-stricken areas. Promote the development of online poverty alleviation actions, further play the role of the Internet and big data in poverty alleviation, and focus on bridging the "digital divide" in poor areas, developing rural e-commerce, online intelligence, Internet + medical care, etc. New achievements have been made and new important contributions have been made to win the battle against poverty The National Cyber Security and Informatization Working Conference was held in Beijing from April 20 to 21. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and Director of the Central Cyber Security and Informatization Committee attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. He emphasized that informatization has brought rare opportunities to the Chinese nation.

At the same time, it provides comprehensive services that integrate meal assistance, day care, full-day care, and medical care, so that the elderly care service is more "accessible". According to reports, at present, there are two main forms of embedded elderly care in communities in Shanghai. One is a single-type elderly care home. By the end of 2018, 155 have been built in the city; the other is a comprehensive community that is integrated for the elderly. Service centers, including "nursing homes" and "day care centers", are old service complexes. As of the end of 2018, 180 cities have been established in the city, and full coverage of towns and cities will be achieved this year.

In response to the ideological concerns of some leading comrades at the meeting, he pointed out: "I heard that some comrades only dare to grasp the revolution and dare not grasp the production. What do they say is" grasp revolution insurance and grasp production danger ". This is totally wrong! "This rectification has the support of Mao Zedong. Mao Zedong also approved the" Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Strengthening Railway Work. "Under the rectification of Wan Li, the new Minister of Railways, it took only more than a month to solve the" big trouble "of railway transportation. Question: In 1975, the overall rectification was difficult and tortuous, but the results were remarkable.

It is expected that new products will be released in July 2017, and 14 # high-quality listings will be launched. The main area is 180-240 square meters, with a broad view and quiet privacy.

Financial insurance escorts the healthy development of the poverty alleviation industry. In the process of promoting industrial poverty alleviation, Lingao focuses on increasing financial support and leveraging financial funds to leverage poverty alleviation levers; fully utilizing insurance leverage to help enterprises avoid industrial risks, and the development of poverty alleviation industries presents a "common risk Support, win-win cooperation ". Lu Jianv said that poverty alleviation projects must be “quick and fast” and have high returns. The choice of enterprises and industrial projects is very difficult for poor counties.

"After a lapse of 68 years, the general still clearly remembers that historic night. Since then, Lu Zhengcao has led the army to gallop through the plains of Jizhong, forging a period of legendary history in the plain's Anti-Japanese War. He led the army and civilians in Jizhong to fight against" sweeping " In the fight against "encroachment", a brilliant page in the history of plain guerrilla wars has been created. Since the founding of New China, it has been moved to the screen and stage of "mine mines", "underground wars", "plain guerrillas", and "plain battles". The influential literary and artistic works have made artistic annotations for the real struggle in this period.

As of 2017, through the implementation of three special plans of the state, local and colleges, key colleges and universities have recruited 100,000 students from rural and poor areas, an increase of 8,500 or a% increase compared to 2016. ● Candidates are concerned about whether this year's special enrollment plan for candidates in rural and remote areas has changed? How do rural candidates apply? ● Director of Admissions Office, answering Xin Xiangren, Director of the Admissions Office of Shaanxi Normal University: In accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Education, in order to broaden the channels for rural students to study at key universities, Shaanxi Normal University and other universities continue to implement national and local special plans for poor areas this year. And college special programs for rural students in remote, poor, and ethnic regions. Shaanxi Normal University's national special plan and college special plan plan to enroll about 400 students.

Even small things never lose sight of their principles.

According to the Spanish "Abésay newspaper" website reported on April 15th, Bolton, the U.S. President ’s national security assistant, personally contacted Venezuela ’s defense minister Vladimir Padrino last month in an attempt to lobby him to give up supporting Maduro, but In the end it didn't work. Seeing that Maduro can continue to govern under the harshest economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation, the Trump team seems to have no other option but military intervention.

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