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Shanxi Tongmei Group completed 47.5 billion yuan in operating income in the first quarter

2019-04-27 20:01

Original title: First National 5G New Media Platform Launched On December 28, China's first 5G technology-based national new media platform was launched at the Central Radio and Television Central Station. On the same day, China Central Radio and Television and China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and Huawei jointly signed a framework agreement for the construction of a new 5G media platform in Beijing. According to the agreement, the "5G Media Application Lab" will select 10 5G pilot cities and corresponding test points in China to establish an end-to-end application test system. Fully promote the technical testing and application verification of 5G core technologies in CCTV 4K UHD program transmission, study and formulate 5G new media industry standards such as 4K UHD video live signal and file transmission, reception, and production technical specifications based on 5G technology, leading 5G New media technology applications. In the next step, CCTV will continue to explore intelligent media applications, use big data and artificial intelligence technology to enable the construction of 5G new media platforms and business production, and form a strategic layout of "4K + 5G + AI", and strive to create independence Controllable and powerful national new media platform.

Guo Yunjian, director of the Science and Education Section of the Lidu District Agriculture and Forestry Bureau, told reporters that on the basis of consulting the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, the relevant departments of the Lidu District, and the sub-district offices, the Lidu District Agriculture and Rural Bureau led the development of the District New Professional Farmer System Pilot Implementation Plan "and adopted a" lenient entry and strict exit "form, forming a" 6 + 1 + 1 "system including selection, training, evaluation, use, withdrawal, support, service, and security. It is the general trend to cultivate new professional farmers. Zhang Huaidong, director of the Agriculture and Forestry Bureau of Badu District, said that at present, the comprehensive mechanization rate of major crops in Badu District is mechanized. At the same time, with the moderate scale operation of agriculture, farmers in the traditional sense need to transform more urgently. , Rice, lettuce, garlic, chives ”and other advantageous industries to carry out new professional farmer cultivation programs, will largely form the talent support to promote rural rejuvenation. According to Badu District plan, this year will plan to launch more than 4 free training courses The number of trainees was 1,300, of which 100 were agricultural professional managers, 40 were new rural farmers, and 1,160 were new farmers.

From the perspective of protecting consumer rights, trademarks must follow the principles of comprehensive, accurate, easy to understand, clearly marked, and firm. Pan Baochun believes that some domestic businesses have such a practice, which is ultimately cultural distrust. In the minds of people in most countries, the name of a foreign language always feels more mysterious and more sophisticated.

There is no loan certificate for love expenditure. It is claimed that the loan does not support the case. During the love period, Mr. Meng paid for a car and the car was registered as Ms. Sun.

After listening to the briefing, Li Chunxi watched the corporate video and visited the production workshop. He said that in recent years, Anyang Forging (Group) Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. has frequent economic and trade exchanges with the Taiwan forging industry. The equipment is sold to Taiwan, and the product has a high reputation in Taiwan, and the sales momentum is good.

When I was in my senior year, I looked back on "the teacher's content is so useful." "The teaching of ideological and political courses in universities is not the same as the teaching of other professional courses. The learning effect cannot be shown by scores or learning certain skills." Qianbao reporter said.

The "Shengwen · North New Life" project plan covers 14 cities in Luozi. There were 61 city- and county-level Xinhua bookstores operating in Liaoning. Many bookstores have backward facilities and are far from meeting the cultural needs of the masses. At present, Liaoning Publishing Group has signed a collection framework agreement with 15 of them, and will upgrade the county-level Xinhua Bookstore. It plans to build a "most beautiful county-level Xinhua Bookstore" with a new business model. Since November 2017, Liaoning Publishing Group has established campus bookstores in 9 universities in China, including China Medical University.

"Participated in Luodian's first Shouxiang gourmet cooking competition and won a gold medal. Business is better now." Liu Sanjie said that she has been snacking in Luodian for more than 30 years. She has previously made oil noodles, dumplings, lotus leaves, etc. , 2007 began to switch to vegetarian shearing powder. The main technology is inherited from the older generations. During the production process, I slowly explored myself and added some personal craftsmanship, mainly using pure hand-made. The taste is good, and the business is gradually getting better. Now I am Powder cutting shop can solve the employment of 6 people. "Last year, a tourist from Beijing came to eat my home's cutting powder, and asked for 30 servings on the spot. He said he would go to Guiyang for an airplane and rush to Beijing for a friend to taste.

(Responsible editor: Guan Jing)

The reporter learned in the interview that Zhejiang takes the construction of the county medical community as the main focus and gradually builds an integrated medical and health service system. An important concept is to promote medical and health services from "treatment-centered" to " The "health-centered" transformation promotes the transformation of the medical community into a "healthy community." "The ultimate goal of our reform is the fundamental desire of the masses to be less sick and not sick. Zhang Ping said that for this reason, Zhejiang has gradually established a "trinity" health management model for public health agencies, lead hospitals and grassroots member units. The reporter saw that in the counties of Changxing, Deqing, Haiyan, Yuyao, etc., Chinese medicine "has not cured The "Department of Diseases" became popular quickly, and some "sub-healthy" people benefited a lot, which greatly enhanced the people's experience of seeking medical treatment. (End)

The current self-media platform has low thresholds, many publishing entities, and lack of content review. Consumers should increase awareness of self-protection and avoid impulsive consumption when receiving sales information released by such unofficial channels. If you encounter a similar situation described above, please do not trust it, and do not forward it. If in doubt, consult the relevant insurance institution or report to the regulatory authority to avoid unnecessary losses.

Gu Huinan, general manager of GAC New Energy, said that there is currently no price increase plan, and GAC New Energy will bear the difference caused by the subsidy decline. Subsequently, Xiaopeng Automobile reposted the “instructions” from CEO He Xiaopeng on the official Weibo: G3 does not increase prices during the transition period, and vehicles ordered during the transition period but delivered after the transition period are calculated at the transition period price. To this end, Xu Haidong, assistant secretary general of the China Automobile Industry Association, said that the reduction of state subsidies will inevitably affect the sales price of vehicles, especially after the cancellation of land subsidies, the pressure on manufacturers will be greater, and eventually manufacturers will likely choose to squeeze products Profit or reduce costs. However, Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the Automobile Market Research Branch of the China Automobile Dealers Association, expressed concern: The subsidy decline has been very large. We must be wary that some companies will not be able to fully absorb the impact of the subsidy decline and pass it on to consumers. This will have a great impact on the new energy vehicle market.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Weng Xinzhang photographed that ecology can bring greater development opportunities. Li Jiancheng, a deputy to the National People's Congress and secretary of the Tianjin Hedong District Party Committee, said that it is necessary to promote high-quality development and ecological environmental protection in a coordinated manner, do subtraction of polluting industries, and addition of green development.

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