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Meet the novel and interesting "black technology" at another World Internet Conference?

2019-04-27 20:01

Compared with traditional communication methods such as 4G and WLAN, 5G's high-speed, low-latency, and large-connection features effectively solve data transmission problems, improve transmission stability, and make remote surgery a reality. The 5G network slicing technology used in this project can achieve end-to-end "dedicated" network services through customized network services and guaranteed network resources, and has strong application potential in network quality sensitive services. This is 5G Valuable exploration of network technology and industry applications. Today, the project combines the key technologies of the natural cavity surgery platform with artificial haptics, intelligent perception and interaction technologies, and low-latency, large bandwidth, slicing, and edge clouds of 5G networks. "5G network-based remote surgical innovation "Technical solution" realizes the real-time human-computer interaction of tactile and visual information, so that doctors have an immersive feeling when operating remotely, and also make the operation faster, more stable, and more accurate. This is more important for saving during the "prime time" of emergency treatment. With multiple patient lives, it is of great significance to solve the problem of imbalance in medical resources across regions.

(Reporter Zhang Yifei) (Responsible editors: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia) Original title: Chinese track and field team announced the list of Asian Championships Su Bingtian Gong Lizheng led the Chinese track and field team on the 11th announced the participation list of the 2019 Asian Track and Field Asian Championships, including Su Bingtian and Gong Liyun 89 athletes will participate in this event. The Asian Championships will be held in Doha from April 21st to 24th.

As of press time, on-site repair personnel have dispatched more than 10 rescue equipment, including excavators and earthmoving vehicles, to engage in landfilling at construction sites near the site. Affected by the collapse and emergency occupation of roads, vehicles passing by the intersection of Xinghu Road should choose to bypass to avoid delays. The site construction party stated that the occurrence of the collapse may be related to multiple consecutive days of rainfall. The continuous rainfall produced a lot of accumulated water, which led to the emptying of the sand and soil in the roadbed, and the rupture of the water pipe below the road surface, which caused collapse after a large amount of scouring. The specific cause is still under investigation.

"His favor, I will never be able to repay it again." Muli is the county with the largest forest accumulation in Sichuan, accounting for 1% of the country's total. Yang Dawa graduated from Xichang Forestry Technical School and went to Muli County Forestry after graduation. Bureau (now renamed the Forest and Grass Bureau) joined the work. Since then, his fate has been closely tied to the forest. In 2008, Yang Dawa was transferred from the County Forestry Bureau to Mairi Township as the Armed Minister.

By releasing water and raising fish, the source of live water has been injected into the development of private enterprises. In response to the problem of liquidity of equity pledges faced by private listed companies, a 5 billion yuan bailout fund was launched to fully support the development of private enterprises.

"The construction of mountain trails must be based on the actual needs of residents." Zhang Rui, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, said that through on-site surveys and big data analysis, the "walks" scattered in the city were sorted out or opened up. Bottlenecks to achieve connectivity; or to connect traffic for seamless docking; or beaded chains to form a system. According to the completed “Special Planning for Mountain City Trails in the Main District of Chongqing”, the planned mountain city trail system has a total of 60 mountains with a total length of about 1207 kilometers and has functions such as landscape, culture, and homestays. In the near future, 17 projects will be built with a total length of about 353 kilometers. The trails have a variety of shapes, and they are intertwined and formed into a network with the landscape.

The reporter noticed that this is another reduction since the reduction of the postal tax on November 1. The tax table includes 3 tax items, of which tax items 1 and 2 include most daily consumer goods such as food, medicines, electrical and electronic equipment, etc. The tax rates are reduced; "Tobacco and alcohol; precious jewellery and gemstones; "Balls and equipment; high-end watches; high-end cosmetics" maintained the 50% tax rate unchanged. Regarding this adjustment, Li Mingtao, president of the China International Electronic Commerce Center Research Institute, told the Economic Reference Daily reporter that the tax rate adjustment, on the one hand, focused on reducing the postal tax rate of daily consumer goods, which can directly increase the VAT reform dividend. Benefiting the broad masses of the people, can also better meet the needs of domestic consumption upgrade; on the other hand, the scope of drugs taxed at a lower tax rate (goods tax rate) has been further expanded, and the "anti-cancer drugs" in the previous note has been modified to "Imported drugs" enables more imported drugs to enjoy preferential tax rates, and also enables patients to enjoy tax reduction benefits.

These reforms are not what others have asked us to change. It is China that we ourselves want to change. Let ’s take a look. From the Third Plenary Session of the 18th and the Fifth Plenary Sessions of the 18th National Congress to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in fact, we have put forward the goals and objectives of the reform, including the lines. So the next step is to implement these reforms so that China can take substantial steps in building a high-standard market economy.

Huang Bo made full use of his witty and funny talents, and displayed the comedic big villain "Kula" with charm and vividly demonstrated the characteristics of the whole family in this cartoon. He almost wanted to vindicate the big villain to become a popular king. Representative works: "McDull", "Three Silly Trouble Bollywood", "Moore Manor Movie 2 Siren's Treasure", "Genius Glasses Dog", "Little Prince", etc. (Integrated by Wen Lu, Wu Yaxiong) Beijing, January 12th (Reporter Wen Lu) Remember the thrilling "Game of the Brave" in 1995? After a lapse of 23 years, the brand new restarted version of "The Game of the Brave: The Final Battle" will be released nationwide on January 12. Adapted from Chris Van Olsberg's Catic Award-winning novel, the film was directed by "Bad Teacher" director Jack Kasdan, and time has changed. The board game in the novel has been changed to a video game, but the youth adventure The main theme has not changed.

In order to enlarge the brand advantage, Gaochun Group developed a "four major areas" of one city (Luxi International Slow City), one mountain (Youzishan National Forest Park), one street (Gaochun Old Street), and one lake (Gucheng Lake Tourism Resort). Carefully laid out the theme sections of “Mountain Slow City” in the east, “Wen Slow City” in the middle, and “Water Slow City” in the west, as well as characteristic functional groups such as Slow City Town, Shuiyun Town, Global Supply Chain Town, and National Porcelain Town Group, creating 3 national 4A-level scenic spots and 1 provincial-level tourist resort, and using this to build a "new channel" for global tourism, realizing a global eco-tourism pattern of mountain ranges, green line connectivity, and unblocked water systems. According to Wu Yongqiang, secretary of the Gaochun District Party Committee, this year, there were 10,000 tourists in Chunchun, and the total tourism income was 8.6 billion yuan. The number of tourists and total tourism income have achieved an average annual increase of 20% and 25%.

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