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Guangxi implements active fiscal policy this year to boost efficiency

2019-04-28 09:56

(Liang Lihua, Liu Xincao) (Responsible editors: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Early in the morning of April 1, Xinjiang Bosheng Wine Brewing Co., Ltd. successfully issued the first invoice after the implementation of the new policy on value-added tax.

How will technological innovation reshape the retail landscape? What will retail look like in the future? From April 10th to 12th, at the "2019 China International Retail Innovation Conference" co-sponsored by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, the Shanghai Commercial Commission, and the Pudong New Area Government, domestic and foreign experts and scholars and entrepreneurs discussed in depth the industry development trend.

Sand is flowing, wind is flowing, light and shadow are flowing, day and night are flowing, four seasons are flowing ... all are flowing, and the heart is more and more determined. Where is the heart? Wherever one must seek in his life, the ultimate inspiration is the light of great compassion. Their most classic names are Xuanzang and Kumorosh. Between heaven and earth, one came alone.

In his speech, Zhu Guoxian stated that Zhejiang, as a leader in the development and application of big data, will adhere to the integration of technology, policy, rule of law, and supervision to coordinate the relationship between security and development, and create Zhejiang for cyber security risk prevention, data flow supervision, and personal information protection. Experience and contribution to Zhejiang wisdom. We will adhere to the people-centered concept, make data applications more temperature-driven, and use big data as the driving force to deepen the "run once" reform, so that people can run less and data more, and improve public service equalization, inclusiveness, Convenience level; will adhere to the concept of the rule of law as a guarantee to make data management more legal, crack down on illegal and criminal acts such as infringement of citizens' personal information in accordance with the law, increase the protection of personal information, and create for the steady development of the big data industry and the creation of personal information security A good environment for the rule of law; will uphold the concept of technology as a support to deepen the content of data, actively explore the economic, social and cultural value of big data, and make valuable data more interesting and meaningful.

(Reporter Feng Aihua) (Responsible editors: Zhang Huawei, Gao Hongxia) Original title: Microsoft will launch a new upgrade space for the Xbox 360 up to 2TB. In this age of AAA games at 40GB, the biggest drawback of the old generation console is that the storage space is too small , And this has become one of the reasons why many players choose to upgrade. Microsoft also recently announced that it will launch a new upgrade for Xbox360 users to allow players to more easily access external storage devices, increasing the Xbox360 space up to 2TB.

It is widely believed that the BJP's seat in parliament will weaken, forcing Modi to form a governing coalition, but his popularity far exceeds that of Rahul Gandhi, its main opponent, the Congress Party of India.

"Early 2018, after Shanghai raised the subsidy standard, 10,000 families have benefited. Hu Guangjie said that this year, Shanghai will pass the" Townwide Office "to accept applications for low-rent objects, and strive to let the people 'run once.' According to reports, after the low-rent housing application is accepted at the Community Affairs Center, it will be publicly announced by the street first review, and then public review by the district housing management department. The municipal real estate management department will randomly check to ensure that the applicant meets the policy requirements. "Public rental housing has unlimited household registration, unlimited income, and unlimited thresholds. It is mainly to solve the phased housing problem of stable employment and legal employment in Shanghai. As of now, Shanghai has raised a total of 10,000 public rental housing and leased about 10,000 units. About 10,000 families benefit. "Hu Guangjie said that Shanghai public rental housing will implement a" 6 + 2 "flexible exit mechanism, that is, after 6 years of living, rents will be connected with the market within two years, and public rental housing applications will be" Advance and retreat ".

A reporter asked that on the 21st, the Fuzhou area of the China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone ushered in four weeks of listing. Over the past four years, the Fuzhou Free Trade Zone has steadily grown in goods trade with Taiwan, expanded service trade with Taiwan, and developed cross-strait exchanges and entrepreneurial bases. What's your comment on this? Ma Xiaoguang said in a question and answer that the Fujian Free Trade Zone “is set up for Taiwan” and is undertaking an important mission to strengthen cross-strait economic cooperation. Since Fuzhou area was listed on April 21, 2015, it has achieved remarkable results in promoting trade in goods with Taiwan, trade in services, cooperation in advanced manufacturing across the Taiwan Straits, financial cooperation with Taiwan, personnel exchanges across the Taiwan Straits, and the agglomeration and development of Taiwan Youth Innovation Base. . For many years, the Fujian Free Trade Zone has not only courageously explored opening up and deepening reforms, but has also made achievements in implementing equal treatment of Taiwan compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises. It has implications for exploring new paths for cross-strait integration and development in the framework of the free trade zone strategy. .

Why choose Kunming? Yunnan has China's most abundant biological resources, with more than 16,000 species of higher plants, accounting for about 50% of the country; 1,704 species of vertebrates, accounting for about 55% of the country; and 100,500 species of insects, accounting for 67% of the country. The establishment of a wild germplasm resource bank in Yunnan is necessary to protect biodiversity and ensure the safety of national germplasm resources. It is understood that, as of the end of 2018, 10048 kinds of seeds, 6154 kinds of DNA samples, 2003 kinds of in vitro materials, 294 kinds of cell lines, 1180 kinds of vertebrates, and 2240 kinds of microbial species were stored in the wild germplasm resources bank of Southwest China.

Accelerating the examination and approval to escort the shortcomings The Straits Health and Elderly Care Service Center located on Industrial Road, Gulou District will provide services to a large number of residents after it is completed, and it is also a key project in the city to make use of land to supplement the shortcomings.

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