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2019-04-28 16:55

What most people don't know is that there is Google behind it. According to Bloomberg News on April 2, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. ’s announcement did not mention Google ’s behind-the-scenes work. The report pointed out that Huawei used Google ’s set of artificial intelligence software tools, TensorFlow, to create this product. TensorFlow is open, meaning that anyone can use it and access is not controlled by Google. Google's attitude is interesting.

After the police arrived, the girl was still reluctant to disclose the reason for the river jump, etc., and kept crying. Subsequently, the girl's boyfriend rushed to the scene. According to the boyfriend of the girl, both the girl and him were students in a nearby technical school. The two had emotional problems, which may be the reason for the girl's suicide. When the reporter arrived, another rescued man left the scene without leaving a name.

Only in this way can the road of copyright protection be better, and black hole photos will not become copyright "black holes". (Responsible editors: Cao Kun and Dong Xiaowei)

It is reported that the “Food Security Campus Building a Glorious City” promotion and education activity is an expanded promotion of Changchun ’s deepening city creation work, an exploratory attempt to strengthen food safety promotion work, and a special consolidation of food safety education. , Is a peer-to-peer integration of developer, school, and social cooperative education models. This activity fully utilized the school's role as the main battlefield of food safety promotion, and formed a diverse food safety framework system for campuses, students, families, and society to improve the quality and ability of comprehensive food safety prevention. In the next step, Changchun City will continue to incorporate food safety into its teaching content, using standardized "Food Safety Reading for Middle School Students" and "Food Safety Reading for Primary School Students" to popularize food safety knowledge based on the characteristics of children and adolescents, and encourage parents to work closely with schools to Families start, develop children's scientific and healthy eating habits, and always pay attention to participating in food safety.

The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment that the early warning and emergency monitoring work of cyanobacteria blooms in Chaohu Lake has been started, and the occurrence of cyanobacteria blooms in Chaohu Lake will be continuously and comprehensively monitored to ensure the safety of water quality at the source of drinking water. According to reports, from April 1st to October 31st, the Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center Station organized and dispatched the Chaohu Administration Environmental Protection Monitoring Station to monitor 12 lakes in Chaohu Lake, among which 6 measurement points in the eastern half of the lake are Chaohu Guishan, Chaohu Shipyard, Huanglu, the eastern half of Lake Huzhong, Zhongmiao and Zhaohe River entering the lake area. The six measuring points of the western half of the lake are the Nantuo River entering the lake area, the Shishili River entering the lake area, Tangxi, the Paihe entering the lake area, the new 10 indicators including water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, transparency, ammonia nitrogen, permanganate index, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, chlorophyll a, and algae density (identifying dominant species) in the heart of the river into the lake and the western half of the lake. Every Monday to Wednesday) carry out 1 early warning monitoring of cyanobacteria, and timely conduct encryption and emergency monitoring according to the occurrence of cyanobacteria. Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center Station made comprehensive judgments based on China's Environmental Monitoring Station's relevant water bloom degree and water bloom scale standards combined with satellite remote sensing monitoring results and on-site inspections at monitoring stations in Chaohu Basin to report the occurrence, development and change of Chaohu Lake's cyanobacteria as soon as possible. Department of Ecology and Environment and China Environmental Monitoring Station. The "Anhui Forest Fire Prevention Measures" stipulates that the policy of forest fire prevention is "prevention-oriented and active elimination".

In addition, a simple course management platform needs to be constructed. For many teachers, the use of new technology in teaching must be re-learned and adapted to the new technology, and it is easy for teachers to have an attitude of resistance to use. Therefore, a comprehensive and simple course management platform is provided so that teachers can easily get started, so that intelligent educational robots can maximize their effectiveness and become "tools" for teachers in teaching and management. In school, in addition to the transfer of knowledge points, children's psychological and emotional states need to be paid attention to. Li Yi said: "At present, the AI intelligent classroom evaluation system based on micro-expression recognition is under development. It uses the process of recording and broadcasting the changes of student expressions during the entire lesson, and demonstrates the classroom atmosphere activity and teacher-student interaction from the perspective of students. Intelligent evaluation indicators, such as degree, assist teachers to improve the quality of lesson preparation and the pace of lessons, so as to better motivate students' learning and effectively improve the quality of classroom teaching.

All localities must establish and improve a reporting system for the investigation and punishment of teachers' moral anomalies, and expose their behaviors. In order to effectively strengthen the construction of teachers' morality and morality in the new era, and comprehensively improve the ideological and political quality and professional ethics of teachers in Anhui Province, on April 2nd, the Education Department of Anhui Province issued The announcement of the special education activities decided to continue to carry out the special education activities of "casting the soul of the teacher, guarding the morals and establishing teachers" among the primary and secondary schools and kindergarten teachers in the province.

Searching for the Qingming Shanghe Garden One-Click Smart Tour on the map of Gaode, the prosperity of the year can be shown. The tourists walked in the "Map of the Qingming Shanghe" as if they were immersed, and felt the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, which was described by the famous paintings. Kaifeng, Henan). Tourists no longer need to ask for directions, and can easily find places of interest, popular restaurants, infirmaries, parking lots, toilets, etc. on the map to get the optimal route planning; check official recommended gameplay, such as themed cultural tour routes With the night tour of Qingyuan, you can also book tickets online. Tourism is the superposition of travel and travel. Travel is on the road and travel in scenic spots. The map released in conjunction with Gaode Map Tour of Qingming Shanghe Garden is another effort of Qingming Shanghe Garden in the construction of smart scenic spots.

Cui Huixian, President of Hebei Medical University, Zhang Zhenyu, Director of the Office of the Party Committee President, Zhao Zengren, Dean of Hebei Medical University, Pan Zheng, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Zhang Hongzhen, Vice President, Zhang Qingfu, Vice President, and more than 200 senior experts and representatives . Vice Dean Li Zengning presided over the celebration. The celebration kicked off with the majestic national anthem, and all the participants watched the theme video of Doctor's Day. At the meeting, Cui Huixian, the president of Hebei Medical University, and other leaders presented awards to the first doctors who won the "Physician's Day" speech contest, as well as the winning teams and physicians in the province's health skills competition. Remember. In the speech, Li Xiuli, director of the nursing department, said that the medical team is a whole with the same values and goals, and close collaboration is the guarantee for patients to receive effective treatment and a good medical experience.

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