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2019-04-28 16:55

The forum was co-sponsored by Nanhai Young Scholars Forum, Nanhai Academic Journal, and Marxism College of Sanya University. The theme of the forum was "Socialist Political Economy with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era: Theoretical Construction and Realistic Response". More than 30 experts and scholars from Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Shandong University of Finance and Economics, Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics, and "Qiu Shi" Magazine, "South China Sea Journal" Magazine and other units participated in this academic forum. Qi Yahui, vice president of the Hainan Academy of Social Sciences and vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of Social Sciences, Liu Xiaoying, vice president of Sanya University, and Zhu Qinfu, assistant to the president, attended the opening ceremony of the forum.

It is reported that by July 2018, the population of New York City had dropped by 6% year-on-year to 8.4 million. Officials at the New York City Planning Authority said that the city's strong population growth, driven by young and new residents, has begun to inevitably slow over the past decade. Overall, from 2010 to 2018, the number of residents in New York's five regions increased by%. Urban planning demographer Joseph Salvo says this level of growth cannot be maintained at all.

On the afternoon of the 11th, on the occasion of the International Girl's Day, a seminar focusing on girls' Internet literacy was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the "New Age Girl and Family Network Literacy Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") was released. The seminar was sponsored by the All China Women's Federation and hosted by China Children and Teenagers' Fund, Tencent Corporation, CCTV Charity Night. Work for Women and Children in the State Council According to Song Wenzhen, deputy director of the Commission's office, when talking about girls ’cyber literacy, there are generally three perspectives: one is a rights perspective, which guarantees the girl ’s right to use the Internet on an equal, full, and reasonable basis; The harm of bad information and the harm caused by excessive use of the Internet; the third is a gender perspective. "Girls are more likely to be victims of online pornographic information or pornographic temptations.

"(Responsible editor: Lian Xun) Xinhuanet, Wuhan, December 13 (Reporter Li Changzheng) Since the implementation of full-time room appointments in July this year, the rate of online appointments at Wuhan Children's Hospital has increased from less than a quarter of half a year ago to nearly 90. %, The average waiting time for patients is reduced by half, and the medical experience is greatly improved. The temperature has plummeted, and the season of respiratory diseases in children is high. In this past year, Wuhan Children ’s Outpatient Hall had long lined up, but the reporter came to Wuhan on the 12th Children's Hospital, but did not see this scene. "No longer need to register early in the morning, it took a day.

"The golden ideas like this have given the owners a taste of the" China plan "." Xue Liqiang, the project leader, proudly said that during the tunnelling process, through the strict security measures, the shield tunnels had passed through with zero settlement. In transit railway.

After seeing the sailing hotel after breakfast, the sense of destination is stronger, and the content of eating, drinking, and fun is rich. The housekeeper service is up to now, and you do n’t have to wait. The third is the Atlantis Hotel, which claims to be a six-star hotel. It is exactly the same as the Chimelong Hotel in Zhuhai. It is suspected to be an architect's design, but the quality is not as good as Chimelong.

The conference started an in-depth dialogue on production and education around key areas such as corporate transformation and talent demand, new business discipline construction, and talent training and innovation in a digital economy environment. A new business finance big data center was established to create a unique education ecological chain and empower education innovation. The digital economy has triggered a wave of digital education innovation. The rapid development of digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, and blockchain has become a core element of the digital economy. The industrial revolution has accelerated business model innovation, and economic development has redefined the demand for business talents. Cultivating new business talents with new ideas, new models, and new connotations will become a topic of the times discussed by government, industry, enterprises, schools, and research institutes.

Xu Yan's party branch construction: First, set up party branches scientifically. For example, in the past, the party members of the same branch had difficulties in meeting, concentrating, and holding meetings due to different shifts. We have now changed the way branches are set up and built branches on shifts to better solve the above problems. Promote the transformation of the party organization structure from "physical coverage" to "effective coverage", and shift its role from "preferred to form" to "outstanding practical results". The second is the selection of strong branches.

——On March 24, 2015, the speech during the twenty-first collective study of the Political Bureau of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China deepened the reform of the judicial system. It is to better adhere to the party's leadership, better utilize the characteristics of China's judicial system, Better promote social equity and justice.

Shi Yigong, a professor and structural biologist at Tsinghua University, Pan Jianwei, a professor at the University of Science and Technology of China, and the chief scientist of the quantum communication satellite Mozi, and Xu Chenyang, a professor at the International Center for Mathematical Research at Peking University, respectively won the "Life Science Award" and "Material Science Award" And the "Mathematics and Computer Science Award" with prizes of $ 1 million each. [A series of reports on the five-year dream of the Chinese people who are struggling hard] Beijing (September 10th) (Reporter He Zhuohui) "My team and I are engaged in structural biology research, but also a basic field research. Today we can get this The big award is because the country has continuously invested in basic research for more than a decade. Otherwise, it is impossible. "At a recent award ceremony, Shi Yigong, an associate professor at Tsinghua University and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, expressed the award via telephone connection. Feeling.

Xinhua News Agency reported Xinhua News Agency on April 21 In the first round of the 2019 World Table Tennis Mixed Doubles Qualification, Fan Zhendong and Ding Ning defeated the American combination Kumar / Zhang An in three straight sets. The first time they entered the international arena, the two won well, and the relaxed atmosphere of the interview after the match was also "golden sentences" constantly.

"Strict control is love. As the registration management organization of charitable organizations, daily supervision of charitable organizations is an important responsibility of the Ministry of Civil Affairs." The person in charge of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Civil Affairs stated that in order to promote the credit system of charitable organizations, establish charitable donations and keep promises. Joint incentive and unscrupulous joint punishment coordination mechanism, 40 departments including the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Civil Affairs jointly signed the "Memorandum of Cooperation on Implementing Trustworthy Joint Incentives and Untrustworthy Disciplinary Actions for Relevant Subjects in the Field of Charitable Donation", establishing credit information sharing in the field of charitable donation Mechanism to bring the field of charitable donations into the scope of the social credit system. It is understood that as of the end of 2018, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has listed 58 charitable organizations on the trustworthy red list and 8 charitable organizations on the broken (black) list of trustworthy organizations for timely information sharing. At the same time, it also played a role of demonstration and warning to relevant social organizations. "At the same time, the Ministry of Civil Affairs promptly dispatched and accurately attacked illegal acts in the field of charity.

The Northern Machinery Plant is building at least two special nuclear submarines. According to public sources, the unfinished 949A Belgorod nuclear submarine has been converted into a 98852 special submarine since December 2012. It will be the launch vehicle for unmanned and manned deep-sea probes.

The drama is an important measure for Haidian District to focus on tapping regional characteristic culture and promoting creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture. Source: Local contributions (Responsible editors: Korea and Li Ying) To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, to inspire youth's patriotism and patriotism, the Dongsheng Township Propaganda Department, the Civilization Office and the Youth League Committee joined forces in the morning on April 23 A youth poetry conference with the theme of “Together with the Chinese Dream forging ahead with a new Dongsheng” was held. Hundreds of cadres and people from Dongsheng Town and representatives of the units in the district participated in the event. The event also kicked off the second civilized art festival in Dongsheng Town.

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