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Serf Family History and Secrets of Tibetan Rebellion

2019-05-30 17:15

Traditional Beijing Fan's interpretation of the traditional Beijing fan has a discerning perspective on the restoration of old Beijing life has always been the main artistic pursuit of Beijing TV series. In the TV series "Four Generations", "Tea House" and "Kai Hutong", the old-fashioned facades of the old streets, alleys and streets circulate day and night on the screen through time and space. In "Sesame Alley", followed by Yan Zhensheng's rickshaw, the camera shuttled through the alleys of Beijing, and the four or nine cities unfolded like a realistic scroll in front of the audience. Whether it's an old man holding a camel, a child biting a candy cane, or a cooking smoke in front of a bun stand, the rushing water near the well nest is a unique ukiyo-e painting of Beijing.

Mak Zeyun, a villager in Maku Village, was deeply touched when talking about the old road of Dulong River. In 2014, the Heipu Tunnel was officially opened to traffic after transformation, and the journey from Dulongjiang Township to Gongshan County Town was shortened to two hours.

After the project is in production, it will generate an annual sales income of 2.5 billion yuan. The second phase of the project is a liquid milk project, which mainly produces low-temperature yogurt, milk drinks and UHT milk at room temperature. The total investment of the project is about 300 million yuan, and the newly-added land area is 125 mu. The factory has set up a total of 20 production lines (16 low-temperature production lines and 4 production lines at normal temperature). The designed output can reach 850 tons / day, and the annual output value is about 10 100 million yuan, can achieve profits and taxes of about 32 million yuan.

In 2016, Xiuzhou District also commissioned the Hi-tech Zone to carry out ecological restoration of the Hangzhou Canal in the Canal. By June this year, it had been fully completed. A total of 1,500 square meters of ecological floating islands were installed, 11,000 square meters of freshwater and submerged plants were planted, and river mussels and cormorants were placed. Thousands of kilograms of fish, etc., organically combine the original ecological greenway and the original riparian vegetation to form a terrestrial, wet, and aquatic composite ecological purification zone. Data show that from 2014 to 2016, the three indicators of potassium permanganate, ammonia nitrogen, and total phosphorus in the Hangzhou Canal in Hangzhou Canal improved by about 10% annually. By 2016 and the first 6 months of 2017, water quality has stabilized in three categories. A city's whole-area system of water control A drop of water reflects the quality of a local economic development, and a drop of water reflects the practical level of a local scientific development. Ecological environment is the biggest shortcoming of Jiaxing to build a well-off society at a high level, and water is the top priority of the ecological environment.

Hebei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hebei Wantuo Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd., as the first fitness and health integration center in Hebei Province, jointly established a medical-medicine integration glucose-reducing class, and will recruit 100 diabetic intervenes for three days Public welfare intervention of the month. During this period, the volunteers of the medical-body-integration and glucose-reduction class can conduct inspections of body constitution and body composition analysis for free. Nutrition experts from Hebei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will adopt a comprehensive intervention of scientific diet and reasonable exercise for each volunteer. Individuals develop individualized meal plans, follow-up management and answer questions online; volunteers can also perform individualized sports interventions twice a week at the Wantou Sports Fitness Center store, accompanied by professional sports coaches. The recruitment of volunteers for the sugar reduction class will close on April 1. Interested parties can call the Hebei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for consultation: 69095230.

The reporter learned from the meeting that according to the "Xiamen City Diabetes and Hypertension Disease Screening Work Plan (2014 Edition)", before November 1, this year, the blood pressure self-test terminals in hospitals in the city should be installed and put into use. The terminal also uploads the real-time detection data to the Xiamen Citizens Health Information System and incorporates it into personal health files.

On March 31, the British "Daily Telegraph" published an article calling for: The Belt and Road Initiative is an opportunity rather than a threat to Britain. The article points out that for London, providing international financing for the Belt and Road Initiative is a huge opportunity. The ultimate goal of the Belt and Road Initiative is common prosperity, and Western countries including Britain should actively participate. The BBC optimistically concluded that China's largest investment in the EU or Europe is in the UK.

"The assistance work has brought us talents, ideas, funds, and technology, and it has brought new hope to our village." Feng Shulin said. During the assistance period, the superior government invested 2 million yuan, and the assistance group invested nearly 600,000 yuan, and Baimaozhuang Village had sufficient development funds. They hardened the road and opened the broken road connecting the village to the Tanglang Highway; cleared the pits and restored more than 40 acres of water surface; built underground drainage pipes, public toilets, and installed street lamps and garbage collection bins ... "On those days, all day Seeing the help cadres and village cadres busy, the village is a day by day.

The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has worked to improve support policies, increase the promotion of "individual-to-enterprise" market subject cultivation projects, and construction of micro-enterprises demonstration bases. He said that efforts to strengthen support for micro-enterprises were strengthened by improving support policies, stepping up efforts to promote the "individual-to-enterprise" market body cultivation project, and building micro-enterprises demonstration bases. He Gang, director of the Provincial Leading Group Office for Promoting the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, said in his concluding speech that last month, according to the unified deployment of the provincial government, the Provincial Leading Group Office for Promoting the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises set up five inspection teams. Departed to various cities, prefectures, and Gui'an New District, and carried out special inspections on special actions such as policy implementation. According to the summary of the situation, the current effect of creating a good development environment has begun to appear. Carrying out six major special actions, serving the governor of a private enterprise, and clearing the arrears of arrears to private enterprises are systematic and comprehensive. The problems in the process are "hard bones."

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