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2019-05-31 20:45

To cultivate newcomers of the times, we must build a solid foundation with firm ideals and convictions. Jia Wenshan, a researcher at the National Development and Strategic Research Institute of Renmin University of China, said that only with the ideal can we have the spiritual motivation in life, and with the conviction can we open up a bright future. Firm ideals and convictions are reflected in a high degree of self-confidence in the road, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Li Fengliang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Southern University of Science and Technology, believes that Yuxin is facing the era of how to keep up with innovation.

(Responsible editors: Feng Li, Yuan Bo) Original title: The next year's high school entrance examination in January next year will be closed on the 17th of this month. Guangdong Province's January 2019 general high school exam will be held on January 5-6. Exam registration started yesterday and ends on November 17. It is understood that in January 2019, Guangdong Province ’s general senior high school examinations (hereinafter referred to as ordinary senior high school entrance examinations) will be held on January 5-6 next year.

The soldiers and horses did not move, the forages went first. President Xi pointed out profoundly that fighting is in a sense a guarantee.

Implement the "2 + 2 + 1" dual management and assessment mode, that is, the county (city) committee directly in charge and the local organization committee follow-up management. The spot check is conducted semi-annually, and the assessment is centralized once a year. (Town) Daily management and supervision of the party and government. Regular interviews are held, and the county (city) party and government chief positions listen to the ideological reports of cadres serving across counties (cities) every quarter to help improve their ability to perform their duties. Include social stability, implementation of the party's construction responsibility system, precise poverty alleviation, increase of farmers' and herdsmen's income, and environmental governance into the assessment, and set up differentiated assessment indicators in accordance with the characteristics of individual posts and the actual situation of the township (town) to improve the effectiveness of assessment .

On the tenth anniversary of the publication of "Twilight", readers and Twilight's long-awaited Mel's new work "Twilight Rebirth" is coming. The relay press held the "Selang Wedding Kingdom in Blue Harbor, Beijing" on August 13 "" Twilight's 'New Book Launch and 10th Anniversary Twilight Party'.

Law enforcement officers of the law enforcement squadron of the Dongguang Subdistrict Office immediately interviewed the community property management, informed them of relevant interests, and ordered them to demolish the shops within a time limit.

Original title: Tianjin: Special agricultural science and technology commissioner "show to farmers, bring farmers to earn" Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, April 16th (Reporter Zhou Runjian) "Is the fungus green mold fungus?" What's the reason? "" What should I pay attention to in winter mushroom management? "Such help information often appears in the mobile WeChat group of professor of Tianjin Agricultural University Ban Litong. As an agricultural science and technology special commissioner, Ban Litong and his science and technology help edible fungus Jizhou team receive technical advice from mushroom farmers anytime, anywhere, and provide technical guidance for mushroom farmers in the countryside, which has become an important part of their team life. component. Ban Litong is one of the nearly 1,000 agricultural science and technology commissioners in Tianjin. Today, this team has grown into an important starting point for poverty alleviation in Tianjin's difficult villages.

Abandoned pig brother Hongan County, Hubei Province was hit by a severe rainstorm. Li Zhiquan, 43, did not take into account more than 200 pigs. He paddled a simple foam raft and reclaimed eight lives from Hong Mo, and his family lost up to 700,000 yuan.

A few days ago, the Science Communication Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Science and Technology Department of the China Association for Science and Technology, the Chinese Science News Agency, the China Science and Technology Museum, and Byte Beat jointly launched a popular short video science popularization action called "DOU Know Project." In order to ensure the rigor of short-term popular science content and crack down on pseudoscience, a "Dou Yin Popular Science Advisory Group" was established. The first members include 13 academicians including Qian Qihu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Kuang Tingyun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as 25 well-known scholars and popular science creators such as the director and researcher Deng Tao of the Institute of Paleovertebrate and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The consultant team will continuously and steadily output high-quality popular science content for Douyin, guide the popular science content creation, and continuously improve the accuracy and authority of the popular science content on the platform.

(Responsible editor: Li Minjun, Pang Guanhua) Original title: Faster procedures and more practical people Chen Xizhang is a villager in Diangen Village, Nali Town, Qinnan District, Qinzhou, Guangxi. The other day, he bought a field machine in the town. It takes only one day to complete the procedures from selecting and purchasing the machine to applying for subsidies. After the surprise, he calculated an account: "I also bought a subsidy machine a few years ago, and it took at least three round trips from rural to urban areas to handle it. The purchase of agricultural machinery, tolls, meals, and lost work costs, etc. The cost is about 400 yuan, and the cost is about 100 yuan this time, saving more than 300 yuan. It turned out that since this year, the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has carried out the "Working Style Rectification Year" action, further changing the work style and simplifying the work level, and requiring counties (districts) to decentralize the purchase of machine purchases to all township agricultural machinery stations for farmers to come to town. The procedures for purchasing machines and applying for subsidies can be completed within one day, which effectively reduces the processing costs of farmers' round-trip travel expenses, meal costs, and lost work costs.

(Reporter Zhang Guannan) Xinhua News Agency, Seoul, March 7th. According to data released by the Korean government on the 7th, South Korea ’s smartphone data usage exceeded 400,000 TB (terabytes) for the first time in January this year, and the average monthly traffic of each mobile phone user reached (Gigabytes).

The video introduces the 12th China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, which will be held in Beijing from September 11 to September 13. The theme of this year's Beijing Cultural Expo is "culture, technology, integration, inheritance, innovation and development", and carefully built comprehensive activities, exhibitions, referrals, forum meetings, creative activities, and "six in one" event platforms in branch venues. The main exhibition venue is in China. International Exhibition Center (Old Hall), with a total exhibition area of 10,000 square meters, and a total of 20 theme exhibition areas. Nine creative events were held at the same time, with 52 branch venues all over Beijing.

For this reason, Ms. Hua approached Nanchang Yongbang Maserati 4S Center to negotiate, but the other party has not cooperated.

Original title: Xi'an: "Coal to Electricity" changed a new path for energy saving development "I never expected that the 'coal to electricity' policy is so good that we can spend the winter without paying much electricity." A few days ago, Shijing, Yiyi District, Xi'an Shi Feng, a resident of the resettlement community of the town, told reporters.

The cave has a constant temperature of 22 degrees Celsius all year round. The temperature difference between the winter and summer seasons and the outside world is very obvious. Therefore, the cave is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is the best place for tourists to escape from summer heat.

80,000 kilometers of waterway is the length of her visit to the village of Chuantouzui located in Honghu City, Hubei Province, northwest of Honghu. The fishermen in the village use boats as their home. The houseboats they live in are like islands scattered on the water. For fishermen, they are not afraid of strong winds and big waves. The most scary thing is to get sick. Even the fishermen who are closest to the shore need to drive a boat for nearly 3 hours before they can rush to the nearest hospital on the shore. The best time to rescue is often missed.

Our reporter Wang Cong takes the Nanjing Digital Health Industry Technology Research Institute of China Science and Technology, which is located in Qixia Golden Port Science and Technology Innovation Park. It was the first batch of new-type R & D institutions filed in our city last year. For more than a year, the institute has hatched 7 enterprises, and will build the city's first Internet + digital health professional service system platform and a nationwide service base.

Zhang Jianhua, chairman of the Provincial Literary Federation, affirmed the achievements made by the Provincial Academy of Painting and Calligraphy.

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