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National Development and Reform Commission: Actively develop new momentum to promote employment

2019-06-03 10:22

Hive Energy was born in this environment on the scene of Hive Energy booth. Hive Energy's first mass production factory is located in Jintan, Jiangsu. It is the first company in the world to adopt advanced "high-speed lamination process" on square aluminum shell cells. Smart manufacturing plant. According to the development plan, by 2025, Hive Energy plans to have a domestic production capacity of 60GWh and a global planned production capacity of 100GWh in the future. It has the ability to provide stable supply to mainstream OEMs at home and abroad. Honeycomb Energy pioneered the pioneering launch of square-shaped laminated batteries to solve market demand pain points and lead the power battery industry from the traditional "rolling age" to the future-oriented "stacking era". Honeycomb Energy Laminated Battery Relying on the accurate grasp of the electric vehicle industry, Honeycomb Energy is the first in the world to apply the high-speed lamination process innovation to square aluminum shell cells. The traditional lamination process is 1S per piece. Honeycomb Phase I production line It has been promoted that the second phase can realize high-speed lamination, and the ultra-high-speed lamination process being developed will perfectly solve the efficiency problem of the lamination process, and even surpass the winding process efficiency. Compared with the traditional winding process battery, the laminated battery has multiple advantages: higher space utilization at the corners, and energy density can be increased by 5%; lower deformation and expansion throughout the life cycle, and cycle life increased by 10% -20%; The edge structure is simpler, the structure is more adaptable, and the battery is safer.

In the early morning of the 26th, NASA released a briefing on the mission, announcing that the mission will be completed on the 29th by Christina Koch and male astronaut Nick The Hague. The reason is that Anne McLean has completed a space walk on the 22nd, and she found that the outer fiberglass hard shell (HUT) of her outer space suit underwear is not fit, and the medium number is more suitable. But on the 29th, only one medium-sized space suit was available, and only one female astronaut could leave the cabin.

As a result, today's news collapsed the image of Kim Hyun-hoon.

We welcome Taiwanese businessmen to invest in the mainland. I remember that at a press conference last year, someone had mentioned that I hope to continue to maintain preferential policies for investment in Taiwanese businessmen. I reiterate: We will continue to provide preferential treatments to allow Taiwanese businessmen, Taiwan compatriots and the mainland to share development opportunities together. We are all a family . Thank you.

After a day of fierce competition, Hami sales company Wang Xuejiao won the title with "Great Circle"; Tacheng sales company Ma Chunmei used "do service, full demand, increase sales", Altay sales company Liao Lihua used "fine management and precision marketing" "Perfect Fusion" won the second prize; Hami Sales Company Ren Yani "walking the Gobi, flowers in Xinjiang everywhere", Turpan sales company Tao Chuan "use of Chinese classics to promote the development of gas stations", Karamay sales company Deng Jingjing "meticulous service, vomiting painstakingly Double Low won the third prize. Karamay Sales Company and Tacheng Sales Company won the Best Organization Award.

Before the start of the fifth game, apart from the Clippers themselves, few people would believe that this series will return to Los Angeles, but the Clippers team has persisted in this hope with tenacious hard work and unremitting efforts. .

(Reporter Wang Ping) The National Day holiday is over half. The reporter observed that in many scenic spots, the development of civilized tourism guidance, civilization and politeness has become the conscious behavior of more and more tourists, but there are still some uncivilized phenomena that make the journey "great scenery". Improving the quality of tourism civilization is still “on the road” National Day holiday, in Mulan Grassland Scenic Area, Huangpi District, Wuhan, Hubei, you can see the staff of the scenic area wearing creative cartoon dinosaur costumes, attracting the attention of tourists, distributing environmentally friendly garbage bags, and guiding tourists not to litter Rubbish.

China Railway Construction has achieved breakthroughs in ballastless track technology and has independent intellectual property rights, which has guaranteed the completion and operation of many major trunk railways in China. Based on BIM and information technology, China Railway Construction also established an integrated platform for the design and construction of ballastless tracks, which improved the quality and efficiency of the construction of ballastless tracks. It also established a real-time dynamic monitoring system for ballastless tracks on high-speed railways, ensuring the safety of high-speed railways. service. 900 tons of simply supported box girder construction complete sets of technology and equipment for the construction of 900 tons of simply supported box girder developed by China Railway Construction have broken foreign technology monopoly. This complete set of technology and equipment has realized the construction of simply supported box girder of China's high-speed railway under various working conditions. It is the leading technology for the construction of high-speed railway bridges in China. It is fully applied to all high-speed railways in China and provides a high-speed railway network for China. Strong technical support. In addition, China Railway Construction has formulated and established a series of standards and technical systems for the construction of high-speed railway simply-supported box girder, so that the prefabricated high-speed railway simply-supported box girder can quickly realize industrial production.

The traditional system gave birth to traditional media, but to foster new types of converged media, corresponding institutional innovation is needed, and mechanisms and institutions are needed. Facing the reality that the modern communication system of "three-dimensional diversity and integrated development" becomes an inevitable trend, the "Yuhang Morning Post" financial media system takes advantage of the "small boat and quick turn" to break the traditional pattern, and optimizes the elites. , Vision, mobile, micro, blog and other integrated development, to create a new type of regional media, and innovated from the mechanism and system. At the same time, it is guaranteed from a system perspective. The employees of "Yuhang on the Palm" are included in the news collection series of the Yuhang Morning News Financial Media Department, which implements equal treatment and equal pay for equal work, ensuring the normal operation of this "emerging sector".

2019-04-2410: On the 23rd, at the gate of the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA, actors Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johnson, Mark · Ruffalo and Jeremy Rainer (front row from left to right) participated in the ceremony. 2019-04-2410: 254 On 23rd, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy honor guard queue. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhenhua Zhen This is the guided missile destroyer "Wuhan" taken on April 23. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhenhua Zhen This is the aircraft carrier "Liaoning" taken on April 23. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Gang On April 23, representatives of navies from various countries watched the parade.

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