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Creating a rule of law business environment for the Belt and Road Initiative

2019-06-03 10:22

Since April, Xiangshui County has carried out a large-scale anti-drug and anti-drug work. The majority of public security police, village cadres and anti-drug social workers have gone to villages and communities under the jurisdiction to carry out poppy removal and elimination. During the investigation, the police conducted a carpet-like ground inspection operation on remote places such as abandoned factories, dilapidated courtyards, and flower greenhouses, which are easy to grow poppies. At the same time, residents are encouraged to report drug-related crimes and to ensure the zero planting of original drug plants (poppy) in their jurisdictions.

Source: The East wants to know, Mo Daojun travels early. People who have traveled all over Qingshan are not old, and the scenery is so good.

According to the Plan, the construction scope of Hengqin International Leisure Tourism Island is Hengqin Island and the area under its jurisdiction, that is, the total area of square kilometers. Here, a global development space layout of "One Belt, One Corridor, One District" will be constructed, and the "Tianmu River Tourism and Leisure Belt", "Ecological Leisure Green Corridor" and "Southern Dynamic Entertainment and Tourism Industry Gathering Area" will be built. The Tianmu River Tourism and Leisure Belt is characterized by modern culture and the business and living experience on both sides of the river. It focuses on creating an urban culture and life consumption experience axis belt, and highlights the combination of citizen leisure and tourism and leisure development. Focus on the construction of Tianmu River's "magnificent three kilometers" characteristic tourism gathering place, and create the most dynamic commercial avenue integrating business, culture and tourism.

The library room is on the left and contains the "Universal Library" and various books. The infirmary is on the right and the medical facilities are complete. The second branch school in Wugang was to train middle- and lower-ranking officers for the War of Resistance. Until it moved to Chengdu in October 1945, it recruited students from the 14th to the 19th in Wugang. There are more than 23,000 people.

Liu Yanjun, deputy general manager and deputy editor-in-chief of Tianjin Jinyun New Media Group, set his sights on "big data", saying that the next step is to make some of the more personalized livelihood issues small, detailed and implemented. Through the mining of big data, The government provides a very accurate reference for solving people's livelihood issues.

Photo source: The Civilization Office of Wangmo County volunteered to maintain the villagers' peace of mind. For Huang Tinghua, solving the difficulties for the villagers is his happiness.

Horticulture originated from the Stone Age, and European horticulture reached a very high level during the Roman Empire. With the development of the Western Renaissance, horticulture re-emerged in Italy and spread across Europe, and many horticultural schools were created. Belgium is located at an important crossroads in Europe. It is deeply influenced by Latin, Germanic and Slavic cultures, and is a "distributor" of European culture. The development and prosperity of horticulture require the right people and the right place.

After years of excavation, rescue, reorganization, and protection, Jiujiang City has gradually established a national and provincial, municipal, and county-level intangible cultural heritage directory system covering the entire city.

Shangdang Lianshi Ancestral Hall Shangdang Ancestral Hall is located in Nanfenggou Village, one of the birthplaces of Lianshi, five kilometers southwest of Xiangyuan County, Shanxi Province. In front of the shrine, the silt river flows slowly from the east.

In response to this incident, they will further file a case for investigation. (Text / Photo by Xue Yao, Luo Zihong, Intern, Lin Lihan) Recently, the Cangshan Court issued a verdict on an evil routine loan gang who illegally possessed the property of others through "car key loan", and sentenced the defendant Wang Moumou and Shangguan Mo respectively. Someone, Lin Moumou, etc. has a term of imprisonment ranging from ten months, six months to one year and four months, and fines ranging from 100,000 to 5,000 yuan, while returning stolen money totaling 258,020 yuan. According to reports, in September 2017, defendants Wang Moumou, Shang Guan Moumou, Lin Moumou, etc. jointly invested 500,000 yuan to set up a company in order to obtain illegal interests, and applied for "car key loan" in the absence of gold financing. ", That is, car key financing without car financing loan business.

According to the latest data released by the People's Bank of China, as of the end of March 2019, China's official gold reserves were 60.62 million ounces (about tons), an increase of 360,000 ounces from the previous month. Data show that from December 2018 to March 2019, the People's Bank of China increased its monthly holdings of 320,000, 380,000, 320,000, and 360,000 ounces, totaling 1.38 million ounces.

He wrote in an article entitled "Broad Prospects of Colorful Nations": 17 colorful countries together, the colors are richer than the rainbow. If we build a rainbow bridge across Asia and Europe, how bright our future cooperation will be! It is reported that Eastern Europe is an important part of the Beijing Belt and Road Initiative. Korean media reported on April 13 that the first meeting of the Fourteenth Supreme People's Assembly of North Korea was held on April 11 in the Pyongyang Mansudae Assembly Hall, where Kim Jong-un was again elected as chairman of the State Council. This is the first time that members of the second leadership team of Kim Jong-un, elected by the members of the Supreme People's Assembly.

Continue to promote urban and rural environmental sanitation and tidy action, and increase efforts to create sanitary towns. Encourage regions with conditions to build beautiful and ecologically livable villages in a concentrated manner, comprehensively enhance the appearance of Tianshuilulin Village, and promote the complementarity of village forms and the natural environment. [] [] [] Dachengtuo Township, Chicheng County uses the unique natural conditions to develop farm experience brands such as rural experience tours, farm style tours, and sightseeing picking tours. Visitors come here to experience rafting in Shangmashan Village, Santian Township, Chicheng County.

Intensive cultivation of "responsibility fields" for party building, actively implementing the three-level responsibility system of party committee secretaries, party committee members, and branch secretaries, and regularly examining and resolving problems in party building work; incorporating party building work into year-end performance evaluation, Achieving party building and business "grasping with both hands, both hands must be tough", forcing party branches to carry out party building work normally and orderly. In addition, with the activities of "big learning, big promotion", "big research, big investigation, big implementation" as the starting point, carry out activities such as demonstration and typical creation and comparison, which will form a enthusiasm for overtaking and competing for advanced learning in the overall situation, and further improve Police professional identity and honor.

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