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2017 Fortune Global Forum to be held

2019-06-03 17:23

Original title: 2017 Media Convergence and Communication Index Report released Recently, the People ’s Daily Research Institute released the “2017 China Media Convergence and Communication Index Report”, which reports on the integration and communication of 296 central, provincial and provincial major newspapers nationwide. Inspection. Data show that China Youth Daily ranked sixth in the rankings, with the People's Daily, Global Times and Reference News ranking in the top three. The index system of media convergence and communication is divided into multiple aspects, among which newspapers account for 13%, and other weights are distributed on newspapers' websites, Weibo, WeChat, news client status, and own apps. The report shows that central media is leading convergent communication, with scores much higher than local media. According to the analysis, this is due to the wide coverage of the central media, the large audience base, and the timely and authoritative information. It is also related to its active exploration of media integration, such as actively exploring the construction of the central kitchen.

We must pay more attention to, care for, and care for ordinary women, especially those in need, such as poor women, disabled women, and left-behind women. It is necessary to carry out a solid discussion on "reform, innovation and forging ahead", focus on "six eliminations", and benchmark advanced and strive for first-class results. Party committees and governments at all levels must take the lead in studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and important speeches, conscientiously implement Secretary Luo Huining's requirements, earnestly strengthen and improve the leadership of the Women's Federation work, and support women's federations to develop independently and creatively in accordance with laws and regulations Work to strengthen the building of women's federations and give full play to the role of women's federations. All sectors of society must continue to care and support the cause of women, and jointly create a good atmosphere of respect for women, care for women, and protection and protection of women's legitimate rights and interests.

In addition, the old-age care method in China is mainly home-based care, accounting for 96%.

It is necessary to further improve the responsibility system, consolidate the main responsibility of party committees at all levels and the responsibility of the first responsible person of the party committee secretary, increase supervision and supervision and assessment, ensure that the responsibility is consistent, the temperature is hot, and the work is carried out; Reinforce, and conscientiously resolutely and comprehensively rectify the problems found in the special inspections of the central government, the feedback from the inspections of the relevant central government departments, and the problems found in the special inspections of the municipal committees in the field of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation. To deepen the special governance of corruption and work style issues in the field of poverty alleviation, and to ensure good work style to achieve real poverty alleviation. Zhang Guoqing summarized the achievements of the city's poverty alleviation collaboration and support cooperation, and deployed the next step. He emphasized that it is necessary to earnestly study and comprehend the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation work, and complete the tasks of poverty alleviation cooperation and support cooperation between the eastern and western regions in high quality in accordance with the requirements of "upgrading and strengthening, multi-layer full coverage, and limited and unlimited combination", and assist the recipients. The region won a comprehensive battle against poverty.

Bless China! Bless the world! thank you all! On New Year's Eve, President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year's message in 2019 through the Central Radio and Television Station and the Internet. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Peng, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 31. On the eve of the new year, President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year's message for 2019 through the Central Radio and Television Station and the Internet. The full text is as follows: Hello everyone! "Without the years, the seasons flow.

Li Yan, director of the Athletic Sports Division of Henan Provincial Sports Bureau, Zhou Zhaohui, deputy director of Zhengzhou Sports Bureau, deputy director of National Sports School Federation, chairman of National Youth Sports Club Association, CEO of Wanguo Sports, and Zhu Jun, fencing world champion, etc. attended the opening ceremony .

Looking at this child who is not worried about everything, Haiqing couldn't help asking: What has changed about this baby? The book "The most beautiful education is the simplest" wrote: Give the trust back to the child, and give the child the right to self-management. Haiqing has tried to let go of Egggirl since he was 4 years old, and let him learn to pack his own chopsticks. When going out to play, Egggirl also needs to carry a bag by himself and take his own things; even when going out, Egggirl wants to Taking responsibility for confirming the direction of the airport, Hai Qing followed the direction he chose with confidence. Hai Qing not only created a job opportunity for the egg girl, exercised his hands-on ability, but also gave him the right to self-management and cultivated his sense of independence.

Surrounded by the children, Xi Jinping walked into the gym. The students of all grades in the hall stood neatly, and the theme of "Red Scarf Meets the Chinese Dream-Today I Join the Team and Become a Good Player" was held here. "Grandpa Xi is here!" Applause and cheers sounded instantly.

Core reading The central bank announced on the 22nd that the optimization and upgrade of the credit reporting system is still in progress. The focus of this optimization and upgrade is to improve system performance, optimize credit report content and display, improve product processing and service methods, and improve system management.

The new car-making force "Car and Home" announced that it will deliver its first model "Ideal One" in 13 cities on a large scale in October this year. The founder of "Car and Home", Li Xiang, said that the current booking volume of this model is in the "million order" and is willing to accept market inspection.

Since 2016, for three consecutive years, he has been in charge of monthly performance stealing activities and programs for districts, counties and branches, and formulated monthly performance stealing programs for various professional lines, including rewards and punishment rules, monthly evaluation analysis and other tasks. At the same time, a ring-by-channel daily communication report was designed, which was pushed in real time to improve efficiency. Through a series of effective measures from top to bottom, it greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the districts, counties and branches for business development, and contributed to the company's development. Zou Yong also has an excellent quality, which is "persistence". Since his work, the comrade has worked hard and made unremitting efforts to gradually master the ability of data analysis and modeling, strengthened the sensitivity of the data and grasped the overall situation, and improved his comprehensive analysis ability.

The new generation of K3, which debuted this time, has captured the flashes of countless audiences with its younger and more sporty appearance, becoming the most shining star of this Shanghai Auto Show. Dongfeng Yueda Kia has once again created the beauty of the dynamic style of the new generation K3 with the "DesignKIA" design concept: the front face of the Kia family Tiger Xiao has a new interpretation on it, and the powerful air intake grill adopts a straight waterfall style The design is embellished with zigzag chrome trim and perfectly integrated with the sports car-style double-ridged hood and the striking LED headlights. The overall shape is sharp and crisp, and it has an unforgettable high recognition. .

On the same day, the 2018 Hainan Golf Open and European Challenge ended at Sanya Luhuitou Golf Club. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Guanyu, Xinhua News Agency, Sanya, October 14th (Reporter Zhu Yubo, Dai Chao) On the 14th, with Finnish player Kelly Samoa's last shot into the hole, the 2018 Hainan Golf Open and European Tour Challenge Come down. After four rounds, Samoa won the championship with a total score of 273 and 15 below par. This is the first time he has won the European Challenge Tour, won a million dollar prize, and won the European Tour card next year. Next week, he will also travel to Guangdong Province to participate in the Foshan Open.

At that time, the simulation scenes in "Number One Player" will become a reality. It is reported that, thanks to the characteristics of 5G technology such as ultra-high speed, low latency and super connectivity, the number of participants at the same time will be expanded from the current team of about 10 to a continuous level of about 200. The core of Korea ’s smart defense reform is to build a super-connected system based on 5G. SK Telecom said that its use of 5G technology will lead the Army Sergeant School to lead the transformation of the defense industry. The most interesting thing is the military Changes in training mode.

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