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Achievements of Chinese Academic Foreign Translation Project (2012)

2019-06-03 17:23

Wulan came to Jingzhou Modern Agricultural Industrial Park to research the Tiantian Pharmaceutical Industry, and visited the Hongjiang District Hengyu Bamboo and Wood Company overnight. She said that to accurately understand the connotation of "green water and green mountains are gold mountains and silver mountains", we must not only protect the ecological environment of the mountains and rivers, but also turn the green water and green mountains into the golden mountains and silver mountains of the wealthy people in Xingcun. Long industrial chain, and strengthen the interest linkage mechanism between farmers and enterprises, and promote farmers to continue to increase income. Duoshan Town, Lengshuijiang City, Beidouxi Town, Tongxihe Town, Xupu County, and Yatunbao Township, Pingtan Township, Qiang Dong Autonomous County, utilize local characteristics of natural and human resources to develop tourism to help farmers increase their income. Corot Apparel and Daifuku Fruit Industry absorbed the employment of farmers and invested in dividends.

Why is this happening? In our impression, the college entrance examination is that thousands of horses and horses cross the wooden bridge, its difficulty and degree of competition is self-evident. However, with the progress of society and the increasing emphasis on education, more and more people believe that it is several times more difficult to enter an ideal high school than to enter a university.

This time, the left scapula fractured and the broken bone protruded with a long finger. The same hand had two fractures, and Hong Jiazhuan could no longer do heavy work. From that year, they came to work in a nearby restaurant. The Hong family was a chef and Ran Chunju was responsible for the side dishes.

The flag that did not fall in the storm was at 7 am on April 11th, and the morning meeting of the village branch of the village committee of Yuanbao Village started on time. "Yesterday at work, what's the matter and what's the problem, everyone summarized." Zhang Baojin presided over the meeting. Village director Shi Yongping was the first to speak: "I went to the greenhouse yesterday. Some seedlings were raised early. Ma Jinshan's family had already sieved the soil. Yu Hong's family was setting the plate. The protective net repaired by the Huangnihe River was washed by water. It's terrible. Let's take a look.

By December 17, 2018, the satellite launch has reached 3 years and has reached the expected service life. There are three main scientific goals of "Goku": one is to find dark matter particles by observing high-energy electrons and gamma rays.

"How long did the stomach pain last?" "Is there any problem such as nausea and vomiting?" On the seventh day of the first month, in the outpatient building of Yingcheng People's Hospital, Zhang Yafei, the deputy director, was carefully asking the patient's condition. Zhang Yafei, a member of the seventh group of doctors in Hubei Province, is an expert in digestive medicine of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University.

Convenient facilities meet the new needs of the coastal experience. The reporter rode the green road and found that the roads in the park are separated by three roads, which are divided into sidewalks, bicycle paths and running paths. Among them, the sidewalk and running track are 7 meters wide, and the bike path is 4 meters wide. The middle is separated by a green belt, which meets the needs of different people. "Every Monday to Friday, my rider and I have to ride from the Nanhai Hotel to the Futian Mangrove Forest, and then turn back." Ye Dabo, who is more than 60 years old, said that cycling here is wide, soft and flat. It feels very comfortable. The person in charge of the park management office said that the bike lanes and jogging lanes also use permeable asphalt concrete. Ecological grass ditches are set up between the bike lanes and the field and on the edge of the landscape green hills to form a rainwater retention system. The "hundred years project" and "sponge city" ideas put forward at the beginning.

They are Huawei, Peking University Founder and China Unicom.

The inspection lasted 3 days, and mainly focused on the inspection of enterprise qualification certificates, establishment of institutions and staffing, management system and implementation of responsibility system. A total of 47 hidden problems were identified: 19 hidden problems in Wangwa Coal Mine, 11 hidden problems in Wangwa Second Mine, 13 hidden problems in Yindonggou Coal Mine, and 6 million in Wangwa Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Tons of coal washing plants identified 4 hidden dangers. It is reported that this inspection not only eliminated many outstanding problems and hidden dangers for coal enterprises, but also enabled coal enterprises to learn many new methods in the process of finding hidden problems in the future, learned from many new experiences, and mastered many new measures to eliminate hidden dangers for enterprises, Laying a good foundation for security work. On the basis of summarizing the work of safety "physical examination", the two-level safety supervision department of Pengyang County, Guyuan City, draws lessons from each other, checks for omissions, fills in shortcomings, and ensures the stable development of the safe production situation of coal enterprises.

At 7:59 am on October 5th, the Jinhui General Aviation rescue helicopter landed at the People's Hospital of Yanghe New District, Suqian City, and the medical staff quickly carried the organ transfer box to the plane.

Faced with this series of attacks against humanity, what warnings should the international community receive? Li Wei pointed out that the main targets selected for the continuous bombing attacks in Sri Lanka were two types of targets, one is a Christian or Catholic church, and the other is a high-end foreign-related hotel, which is completely consistent with the choice of the target of the international terrorist attack , Which is mainly for religious places and hotels with a Western background and frequented by Westerners.

"" Now the consciousness of leading caring cadres is relatively strong, let alone the Spring Festival, other holidays and weekends, unless there are urgent and dangerous tasks, otherwise the vacation time is guaranteed. He Mingjie said. The consciousness of guaranteeing cadres 'vacations has been gradually cultivated. In recent years, Guangxi has introduced a number of specific measures to focus on guaranteeing employees' vacations.

For the concepts that do not affect secondary sales and unpacking, Taobao has different definitions for different products. For example, the lack of packaging after clothing is unpacked, the footwear has been worn and the packaging is missing, and cosmetic sealing and unpacking all affect secondary sales.

Companies must keep in mind their original intentions and integrate safety, ethics, and broader social care into the company's blood. In his speech, Li Yanhong also mentioned the application of AI made by Baidu within the scope of corporate social responsibility, such as using AI technology to find lost or trafficked children, and using technologies such as vehicle-road collaboration to effectively improve and manage this, and allow economic development Blood vessels become more unblocked. Li Yanhong urged companies to embrace AI as soon as possible in the context of the new era and enjoy the benefits brought by AI. He said: "For most companies, it is crucial to embrace AI under the megatrends of the times, to be a successful AI technology applicator, to turn themselves into AI as soon as possible, and to win on the starting line. Provide power for future development. "(Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing)

With the launch of the Cummins six-heavy truck engine and gearbox, Chinese customers have the opportunity to experience the efficient operation and driving experience brought by this industry-leading powertrain. In addition to the superior power, ultra-light weight, high reliability, and low maintenance requirements brought by the excellent design of the engine and transmission itself, Cummins can further help customers improve fuel economy and improve fuel economy through deep powertrain integration. Vehicle braking force and safety, improve fleet operation efficiency. For example, Cummins ADEPT intelligent system, through predictable cruise, predictable shifting, intelligent taxiing and other technologies, manages speed and shifting strategies based on comprehensive information such as road maps and real-time conditions of vehicles, to provide customers with the most dynamic and economical Good balance.

The weather in Shanghai has recently cooled down slightly, and the viewing period will be slightly extended. Citizens can stagger the peak tourist days and enjoy the cherry blossoms. In addition to the splendid cherry blossoms, beside the Gucun Park, Baoshan Zhengda Lecheng's "New Food and Fun" Zhengda Cherry Blossom Festival was held in full swing, sweeping pink. It is reported that the Sakura Festival will create a market activity IP with chic characteristics, make every effort to launch the "Shanghai Service", "Shanghai Shopping" and "Shanghai Culture" brands, and create an influential multifunctional living place and commercial brand.

Secondly, under the influence of imperial economy and culture, the women's movement in China also took the form of comprador class women's movement. Their central idea is to build a so-called happy family subservient to the imperialist aggression and do some incomplete women's charity. Here, we should awaken its consciousness and serious and sincere criticism. Third, the petty-bourgeois women's movement has been ups and downs in society since the May 4th Movement. Especially in the past one year in the Kuomintang women's movement, and recently in the National Assembly movement, we have more clearly seen some petty-bourgeoisie. Women of birth—especially female students—have gradually become inclined to revolution.

↑ The referee representative took the oath ↑ The athletes who participated in the opening ceremonyOriginal title: Lantian Li demanded to play a pioneering role model during the Chinese New Year condolences in Guangxi. Guangxi Recently, the Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of the Autonomous Region, Lantian Li visited the old revolutionary district of Baise to visit labor model, old party members, Old revolutionary soldiers and special hardship personnel sent holiday greetings and Chinese New Year greetings.

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