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2019-06-04 04:47

A new long-range glide mine mounted on a US military B-52H bomber. The article said that the B-52's mine-laying method could not be implemented in the past, because the old version of the rapid air-drop method of hitting mines is the same as an aerial bomb (the tail of the mine is equipped with a parachute or deceleration component to ensure that it can enter the water at an appropriate angle), To ensure delivery accuracy, the bomber must enter the minefield directly, and it must keep flying at low altitudes. It also has to make multiple round trips, which greatly increases the risk of the carrier being shot down. Taking the B-52 bomber as an example, to set up a minefield, at least 4 B-52s or 1 B-52 are required to go back and forth 4 times, and to fly over the minefield at low altitudes many times like the Gobang, to ensure the accuracy and Density, not only consumes a large number of fleets and manpower, but also makes it impossible for a teacher to die before completing the mine. During Operation Desert Storm on January 18, 1991, an A-6 attack aircraft of the US military was shot down by the local Iraqi anti-aircraft missiles while performing a low-altitude mine-laying mission on the Abdullah Waterway in Iraq, and two US pilots were killed. Forced U.S. forces to suspend follow-up aviation mine-clearance missions.

Special rectification in the field of bidding and Fujian Province will organize special rectification in the field of bidding and tendering to eliminate all kinds of unreasonable restrictions and barriers set up by enterprises of different ownerships, and to give social investment to housing construction engineering construction units to sign autonomy; Intensified credit support for small and micro enterprises, not blindly stopping loans, pressing loans, drawing loans, and breaking loans, preventing arbitrary reductions in credit granting, and drawing off loans and "breaking a one-size-fits-all" approach, gradually increasing the provincial government's emergency working capital to 10 billion yuan In the above, we will increase support for “crossing the bridge” on-lending of private enterprises. Fujian Province will expedite the cleanup and abolition of policies and measures that hinder fair competition, restrict the development of private enterprises, and violate domestic and foreign investment with equal treatment. It will achieve full coverage of provinces, cities, and counties in the fair competition review system by the end of 2019; "Accountability" mechanism, governing "new officials ignore old accounts" and other issues; research and establish compensation and relief mechanisms for legal rights and interests of enterprises caused by government planning adjustments and policy changes.

Li Guang fought for the rest of his life, fought more than 70 times with the Huns, fired a lot of arrows, and shot a tiger when he was injured. The power of Li Guang's archery can penetrate the stone, showing its strength; under the circumstances of being captured, Li Guang can pretend to escape, showing that his ability to escape is not afraid of danger; dozens of cavalrymen in Li Guang face tens of thousands of Huns The soldiers even put out the "desert empty city plan", and escaped from danger, showing that he was bold and motivated; after Li Guang committed suicide, everyone who knew and did not know was crying for his sadness, and his popularity was high. But it was such a general with high martial arts, fear of the Huns, and soldiers' love, but never sealed off his entire life, and finally died of suicide, becoming an eternal tragedy. What is the actual cause?

(Compiled / Hu Liwen) On April 12, Russian media reported that the Press Office of the Institute of Oceanography of the Russian Academy of Sciences announced on April 10 that the institute and the National Laboratory for Pilot Marine Science and Technology in Qingdao, China had signed the establishment of the Sino-Russian Arctic Scientific Research Center. Under the agreement, scientists from the two countries will conduct joint research in the Arctic on the basis of the center. According to the report of TASS on April 10, on April 10, the document signing ceremony was held at the International Arctic Forum. The report quoted Alexei Sokov, acting director of the Institute of Oceanography, as saying that the establishment of the center will help Sino-Russian scientific cooperation reach a new level.

Workers at the site said they were working outdoors in the middle of the night. The person in charge of the company justified, "Most of these large jars are made outdoors." Wang Xing said: "The situation is too bad. Such a thick volatile gas can be determined without sampling and must be put on file for investigation." On the morning of the 29th, the reporter found that industrial solid waste dumped directly on the Yangtze River in the park.

The Federation of Industry and Commerce will be more closely united around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, not forgetting its original intention, keeping in mind its mission, earnestly performing its duties of political consultation, participation in politics, democratic supervision, actively participating in reforms, and continuously deepening its own reform and reform of its affiliated chambers of commerce Better play the role of bridge and assistant; adhere to the two themes of healthy work, continue to deepen the education of ideals and beliefs of non-public ownership economy people, guide them to implement new development concepts, benchmark high-quality development requirements, and participate in promoting supply-side structural reform and winning the three Fighting tough battles, continuously strengthening faith in socialism with Chinese characteristics, trust in the party and government, confidence in enterprise development, and credibility in society, and strive to become a model and practice of patriotism, law-abiding operation, entrepreneurship and innovation, and a return to society. A model of the new type of government-business relations in the Qing Dynasty, and made new contributions to the victory of building a well-off society in an all-round way! (The author is the Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce) Source: New Words of the United Front In an important speech at the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, General Secretary Xi Jinping used four "based on", three "great leap", and three "fully proven" Ten "always adhere to" and nine "must adhere to" fully demonstrate the great achievements and historic changes of the party and the country in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, especially for the multi-party cooperation and politics that uphold and improve the leadership of the Communist Party of China The consultation system puts forward clear requirements, fully affirms and kindly encourages the role of the majority of non-partisan people, inspiring and inspiring.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanic Seismology said that the earthquake was a tectonic earthquake and many aftershocks have been monitored. Comprehensive analysis predicts that the possibility of more aftershocks will not be ruled out. The Philippines is located in the Pacific Rim volcanic seismic belt, with frequent earthquakes. Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, April 22 (Reporter Sun Liping) "Gourd baby, Gourd baby, seven flowers on a vine.

In the evening, Da Qu was afraid that the old lady would walk around and bumped into each other, and quickly asked: "Auntie, don't walk around first. I'll contact the nearest repairman to take a look at your house right away."

This is not an empty word, but a portrayal of reality. It can also be seen from the results of the "Nine in One" election that Taiwan compatriots have strong expectations for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations, which is also closely related to improving the island's economic and people's livelihood development. However, if the DPP authorities ignore the demands of the people and resort to suppression and restriction of Taiwan compatriots' desire to improve cross-strait relations and participate in cross-strait exchanges, they can only be ruthlessly abandoned by popular opinion.

(Image source: Taiwan Meteorological Department website) China Taiwan Network May 12th China Earthquake Network automatically determined: at 11:17:14 on May 12, 2016, about 6th grade occurred in Taiwan (North Latitude, East Longitude) in China Earthquake with a focal depth of 8 km. The final result is subject to the official flash report.

In addition, data from a number of intermediary agencies show that in March, the city's housing leasing season, housing leasing transactions increased significantly, but the average rent did not rise but fell, and the market as a whole was stable.

China and Italy have cooperation in many aspects. In recent years, the cooperation in the field of film has become more and more intensive. Film is a way to communicate across languages. Whether it is the gathering of Italian events or the exhibition of Chinese films at the Venice Film Festival, Both hope to deepen exchanges between the two countries through movies. Later, Lucia Borgonzoni, the Deputy Minister of Italian Cultural Heritage and Activities, delivered a speech. She said that this was her first visit to China. The protagonist of this trip to China was not herself but the 6 to be shown at the "From Venice to China" event. Italian films, selected from the Italian films exhibited at the last Venice International Film Festival. At the scene, she also said: "In this trip, I will meet with Minister of Culture and Tourism Wu Shugang, China Miao Xiaotian, general manager of the film co-production company, met with other important figures and business representatives in the film and television industry. In addition, I will host the 'Italian-Chinese Co-production Forum', where many Italian producers will attend.

Riding an electric car, in 5 months, ran more than 700 kilometers, which is equivalent to two round trips from Beijing to Luanping, walking in the streets and joining the camp.

According to Wang Weihua, director of the Psychology Department of the 102nd Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, due to differences in internal and external factors of personality foundation and environment, the time for each person to adjust this kind of post-holiday psychological and physiological response is different, ranging from one or two days to as much as one week. However, there are not a few who are not in the state for more than two weeks. In the psychiatric clinic, patients often come to seek treatment without recovery after a long period of time. Wang Weihua recalled that there was a private enterprise owner, Mr. Chen, who had failed to complete the previous year's work indicators and had a crisis in capital turnover at the end of the year. During the Spring Festival, he had to release the pressure during the holidays. However, after working during the holidays, he faced the operating pressure of the new year. Mr. Chen felt at a loss. Although he had a work plan, he was always worried about the inadequate implementation. Many things to do but he did n’t know how to start. For a month, Mr. Chen felt chest tightness, shortness of breath, restlessness, anxiety about insomnia. At the hospital's psychiatric department, he was diagnosed with an acute anxiety attack. With the help of a psychologist, Mr. Chen's emotional state was adjusted after psychological counseling and a small amount of medication. "Most post-holiday anxiety still comes from work and life stress, and holidays may be a trigger for emotional fluctuations." According to Wang Weihua, the number of people visiting the psychiatric department will generally have a small peak about one to two weeks after the Spring Festival holiday. Except for some patients with relapsed mental and psychological diseases, the majority are patients with depression and anxiety. The main manifestations are depression, negative behavior, anxiety, interpersonal tension, impulsive irritability, insomnia, and dreams. The crowd includes middle or senior executives, white-collar workers, private owners and students, and this part of them is anxious. Or the personality foundation of depression, plus other factors, such as work and life pressure, pressure for promotion and promotion, study pressure, interpersonal pressure, marriage and love confusion, etc. After the short relaxation of the Spring Festival holiday, these pressures have to be re-established Facing established facts. Wang Weihua reminded that some discomfort symptoms of the so-called postpartum syndrome basically disappear by self-regulation in a short period of time, but long-term psychological discomfort easily causes physiological diseases such as digestive and immune system diseases, and physical discomfort also Will cause depression and form a vicious circle.

From a historical perspective, the serious confrontation between the United States and Europe and Russia caused by the crisis in Ukraine is not so much a symptom of the "new cold war" as a continuation and reappearance of the "sequelae" of the cold war. US and European mainstream media frequently use the term “New Cold War” and target China and Russia. Perhaps they are just a “label” for assessing the current trend of international relations and cybersecurity. They seem to intentionally remind US and European governments that Russia is still The main challenger to the post-Cold War European order. The meaning of "cold war" refers to a state of confrontation between great powers and groups of countries.

This is the Chinese people's commitment to the world, and it is extremely confident in their own transportation infrastructure construction and operation capabilities. Time is passing, years are passing, and the effect can best be explained by numbers. In the past six years, projects such as China-Laos Railway, China-Thailand Railway, Yawan High-speed Railway, and Hungary-Serbia Railway have progressed steadily. As of the end of March 2019, the cumulative number of China-Europe trains has exceeded 10,000, reaching 50 cities in 15 countries abroad, The splendid business card that connects China's economic and trade exchanges with the countries along the route has become a new force in the export logistics structure, selling Chinese products and buying foreign products. Take what you need to achieve economic interconnection and steadily increase the total economic volume, bringing real income to the local people, allowing them to share the big cake of mutual benefit and development with China.

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