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October 16, 1938: Nie Rongzhen's report to Zhu De, Peng Dehuai, and Zuo Quan on the activities of the Ludong Three Columns from September 20 to October

2019-06-04 10:19

"People's army の の か し い 歴 史 は, blood and life で work り 上 げ ら れ, I will never remember it.

Tokushima Monland Festival Vision China Roman Vision Chinese / Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Cungen In the second half of this year, Guangzhou has opened a number of non-stop international routes, making it easier for tourists from South China to travel abroad. Among the newly opened international tourist destinations are popular tourist cities such as Rome, Italy, and emerging tourist cities such as Cambodia's Westport and Tel Aviv, Israel. It is understood that the neighboring Hong Kong Airport will also open a direct flight to Tokushima, Japan, allowing tourists to fly directly to the Shikoku region of Japan. These newly opened international routes will become a new direction for outbound tourists from South China.

Pay attention to the change of wind direction, do not flap at the downwind; when cleaning the fire, pay attention to burnt incline "tree hanging", fallen wood suddenly fell, especially to prevent falling into the "fire pit" burns. In fighting forest fires, a professional fire fighting team shall be the main force; when organizing a mass fire fighting team to fight a forest fire, the disabled, pregnant women and minors, and other persons unsuitable to participate in forest fire fighting shall not be mobilized to participate. (Reporter Wang Kai)

Xu Qiliang emphasized that in the new year, it is necessary to unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, to take advantage of the situation, to overcome difficulties, and to continue the new situation of the cause of strengthening the army in the era of innovation. It is necessary to comprehensively and thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's thought of strengthening the army, further advance training and prepare for war, and implement the spirit of the Central Military Commission's Military Work Conference as the main line, and implement Chairman Xi ’s "four stand-ups" into all aspects; further promote the implementation of plans and strategic planning, and do a good job Implementing the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" to tackle the tough battles and design the long-term development of army building; further promote reform and innovation; focus on the main battlefield of policy and system reform; coordinate and advance various reforms and accelerate national defense science and technology innovation; further advance the party building of the army and make unremitting efforts Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and Xi Jinping's strong army ideologically armed officers and men, twisted the fundamentals of the party's political construction, continued to deepen political training, strengthened the construction of the army's party organization system, and focused on consolidating the grassroots foundation. Xu Qiliang hoped that members of the CPPCC will never forget their original intentions, keep their mission in mind, and actively contribute wisdom and strength to the cause of strengthening the army in the new era.

Let's look at the main points-30% -50% reduction in documents issued below the county level. Policy documents should not exceed 10 pages in principle. One provincial department only keeps one briefing in principle. Meetings held in 2019 reduce 30% -50% Individual working meetings generally do not exceed half a day. Video conferences generally do not exceed 90 minutes. They do not follow the curriculum, do not make general statements, do not deliberately communicate and do not stay overnight. The provincial departments and comprehensive inspections and assessments do not exceed 1 per year. Schools' inspections and examinations have been reduced by more than 50%. The cadres have been freed from the “kidnapping” of WeChat work groups and government affairs apps. The evaluation indicators that are not highly relevant to people ’s livelihood have been greatly simplified. Investigations and studies must not “step on” in advance. Strictly control the “one-vote veto” issue. Resolutely prevent accountability from simplification and simplification. Implement civil servants' duties and ranks in parallel, medical examinations for cadres and employees, and paid leave. The cadres on the front lines of fighting poverty alleviation in regions and battles have given preferential treatment to formalism, policy, and treatment. Liao doctrine typical problems promptly informed of exposure publicize and promote the real work, good style advanced models ...... (Editor: Wu Zhou, Chen Lan Yan)

(3) Provision of personal information: 1. At the time of registration, the user should provide true, accurate, up-to-date and complete personal information; 2. If there is any change in the personal information, the user must update the relevant information in a timely manner. (IV) User account, password security and information storage 1. Once the user is successfully registered, he will become a regular user of Sike, and he will get a password and account. It is the user's responsibility to keep the password and account secure. Each user shall be fully responsible for all activities and events performed under his or her username, including any loss or damage caused.

Paddy is piled up, and cotton is piled around the building. Mechanical planting is fast and labor-saving to raise children.

Reduce weight, optimize processes, shift departmental responsibility to a borderless management model, and eliminate inefficient management. Established in 1971, it is located in the mountainous area of northern Hunan. Changling Refining and Chemical Industry carries heavy historical burdens. The company takes the opportunity of "three supply and one industry" and the transfer of social functions of the enterprise to work closely with local governments at all levels. In accordance with the principle of "transfer first, then transform", it has signed community water supply, power supply, gas supply, property Management of the separation and transfer agreement, and the completion of various basic tasks of the "three supply and one industry" transfer, the social burden on enterprises to gradually reduce.

Talking about this year's "small goals", Lu Zhijie said: "In the next step, we strive to introduce foreign clothing enterprises, develop clothing manufacturing, and drive left-behind women in the village and surrounding areas to work nearby to make everyone's pockets more bulging.

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