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2019-06-04 10:19

Based on the research of nano-green plate-making technology, a complete green industry chain technology including green plate-making, green plate-making and green ink is further formed, which is expected to reduce plate-making waste liquid pollution, plate-based waste liquid / slag pollution, and volatile organic compounds ( VOC) emissions. "The application of the above technologies will lay advantages in environmental protection and cost, and form a green printing industry chain technology system with international competitiveness." Song Yanlin said. The “Nano Green Printing Industry Chain” project is an important part of the “Science and Technology Focus of Transformative Nano Industry” of the Strategic Pilot Technology Program (Class A) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Aiming at the key scientific and technological problems that China urgently needs to solve in the fields of energy, advanced manufacturing, population health, etc., the Nano Pilot Special System has laid out 17 R & D tasks in 8 major sections.

Wenku said, "Now the network equipment is basically ready. I believe that everyone will experience it in the near future. "To further promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicles Huang Libin said that in the future will further promote the high-quality development of new energy vehicles. Speed up the construction of charging facilities, optimize the layout of public charging piles, give preferential measures in more use links, and establish new energy vehicle market development Long-term mechanism to guide local fiscal subsidies to support the use of charging facilities and other construction links.

Due to the large investment in railways and the long investment recovery period, certain preferential and preferential rates should also be given to interest rates.

Original title: CCTV News: On the evening of March 13, Beijing time, the 2018-19 season of the CBA ushered in the final round of the regular season. Currently, Zhejiang Guangsha Holding Men's Basketball Team, which is currently ranked sixth in the league, is ranked 17th in the away game. Nanjing Tongxi Dasheng Men's Basketball Team, Guangsha finally defeated Tongxi 104: 82, and finally ranked 6th in the regular season. In the next playoff playoffs, it will face the 11th regular season in Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank Men's Basketball Team. To compete for the top 8. Tong Xi regretted failing to make the playoffs.

This strong voice echoed in the sky above the auditorium of ten thousand people, echoed in Tiananmen Square where the air was clear, and echoed in every corner of the land of Shenzhou. This is a grand celebration of the great awakening and great revolution that changed the destiny of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. It is a tribute to the great course and great achievements of the 40 years of reform and opening up. It is also a great declaration that connects reform, opening up yesterday, today, and tomorrow. book. Listening to the strong voices of this era and flipping through this heavy declaration, I can't help but be filled with emotions and emotions. A kind of self-confidence and pride comes from within.

Li Ruiyu said that bilateral scientific and technological cooperation has achieved important results in recent years. China and Italy have a strong willingness to deepen scientific and technological innovation cooperation and have a bright future. In the future, it will be used in many fields such as aerospace, artificial intelligence, basic research, environmental protection and sustainable development, and medical and health. Continue to strengthen cooperation to better benefit the two peoples.

"Many of our credit products are specifically designed to support the poor in poverty-stricken areas." According to Gao Jiabao, Shenzhen Agricultural Development Bank always adheres to low-cost credit funds for blood transfusion in poor areas, and effectively uses the bridge bonds and incubation of policy credit funds. In the decisive period of the national poverty alleviation campaign, it has actively assisted the development of agricultural characteristic industries in poor areas and successfully helped the eastern and western regions in poverty alleviation. Since 2017, the Shenzhen Agricultural Development Bank has held two report discussions with the Guangdong Provincial Second Poverty Alleviation Cooperative Working Group; participated in the designated poverty alleviation and docking promotion meeting of the Agricultural Development Headquarters, and helped Luohu District and Longlin County sign a friendly cooperation agreement; provide support to counterparts in the city The Municipal Office and the Municipal Finance Office submitted the “Working Plan on Agricultural Policy Finance to Support the Poverty Alleviation and Cooperation in the East and West of our City”, and went to the Baise and Hechi areas of Guangxi for project inspections three times, and surveyed the enterprises that were responsible for the main tasks of poverty alleviation of the municipal government.

"After years of treatment, I am now happy to control my condition and gradually recover to health, but I still need regular medication and bone marrow tests." Even while in hospital in Harbin, Sister Gao also helped the poor patients in the ward to pay for medication and food.

Pingwu is known as "the first county in the world for giant pandas" because it has the largest number of wild pandas in the country. It is also a poor county located in the Qinba Mountains. After years of hard work by all parties, the incidence of local poverty has dropped from the 2014% to the current%, and poverty alleviation is about to be achieved. A scene of 10,000 bottles of honey in Guanba Village, Mupi Tibetan Township sold out in 1 minute in Guanba Village, Mupi Tibetan Township, Pingwu County. Depending on high-quality ecological resources, bee farming has always been one of the traditional industries of local villagers. "In the past, our villagers only knew how to make good honey, but sales were a problem." Said Li Xinrui, 36, the chairman of Guanba Village Beekeeping Cooperative.

The restaurant is located in a small courtyard near Shuangjing. The decoration is very Jiangnan style, as if it is a small courtyard in Jiangnan.

The route to Africa was the farthest point where Zheng He sailed to the ocean more than 600 years ago. One land and one sea, the millennium silk road interweaves the past and the present, and opens a new chapter. Once the camel bell was replaced by a whistle, what remained unchanged was goodwill and friendship.

[] The dengue fever epidemic in Tainan has a fever in southern Taiwan. Only the North Gate and Longqi districts in the 37 districts of Tainan City have not been occupied. In the two weeks since the school began, 398 teachers and students have been infected with dengue fever. 25 students in the school were infected. ⊙ As of September 13, Kaohsiung has accumulated 1,070 cases of local dengue fever, mainly concentrated in Sanmin, Zuoying and Lingya Districts. According to the CDC, the epidemic situation in the densely populated Sanmin District is currently the worst, with 300 cases soaring, and the epidemic situation in Dingzi District has not yet cooled down. 东 The first patient in Taitung County, Taiwan, who did not have a dengue fever outbreak, appeared on the 15th. The patient was a female and a person from Taitung City. She was infected with dengue fever during her work in Kaohsiung. She was diagnosed on the 30th of last month. After returning to Taitung on the 4th, she developed fever again on the 6th. She was admitted to the hospital for treatment. She is currently in isolation Ward observation.

Relying on the series of "self-employed" brand activities, Guangzhou has established a large-scale database of freelancers; Huiji District, Zhengzhou City has established a talent reserve system based on the "Liangku Gongshe Concentric Park"; Qingdao has explored the establishment of new media Comprehensive evaluation system for employees.

ChinaNet has strong conference planning and organization capabilities. It has hosted and organized large-scale online and offline conferences and exhibitions many times. Such as the 2004 "The Fourth China Online Media Forum", "Singing Online Songs" and "The First Global Chinese Online Spring Festival Gala" activities. In November 2004, China Net hosted the "China Internet Media Forum". During the three-day forum meeting, the heads of related people, related experts, and scholars from more than 70 news websites from all over the country, including People's Daily, Xinhuanet,, China, International Online, and CCTV International, attended and attended the meeting. The number of personnel has reached more than 300, covering 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country.

"It seems that the responsibility lies with the enterprise, and the government is a good person.

On November 3, 2017, Yang Xiaowei, deputy director of the Central Cyberspace Office, went to Qihoo 360 to preach the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and conduct work research. Yang Xiaowei emphasized that the report of the Nineteenth National Congress pointed out that cyber security is one of many common challenges facing humankind. The whole society must further improve the awareness of the importance of network security, make great efforts in strengthening overall coordination and coordination to form a joint force, improve the construction of laws and regulations, improve security protection capabilities, and strengthen personnel training, etc., and step by step to promote network security work.

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