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[Straits] Ke Wenzhe worried about young people not voting

2019-06-04 17:23

As the Yi New Year is approaching, on the cliffs of the Yalong River, Yi villagers in the pineapple village are looking forward to their relatives, "Secretary Jike", to come to the village again to see the new road, the new home, the sheep in the circle, and New Year's products prepared by every household ... For more than two years, Chen Zhongyi, deputy secretary of the Liangshan Prefecture Party Committee, known by the villagers as "Secretary of Ji Ke" (Yi surnamed Ji Kedu translated as Chen), walked into this extreme poverty 70 kilometers from Dechang County 6 times Village, with the folks to fight the tough battle of poverty. The majestic Daliang Mountain is as far as the road as high as it is. From February 2016, he was transferred to the Deputy Secretary of the Liangshan Prefecture Party Committee to take charge of poverty alleviation. Chen Zhongyi has worked in deep poverty areas for 370 days, driving 75800 kilometers, walking more than 850 kilometers, visiting 104 county-level poverty villages, and visiting 1160 families in need. . Persist in the front line, the heart in the front line, and work in the front line-relying on a pair of solid rubber shoes, Chen Zhongyi took steps to measure Daliang Mountain's way out of poverty, and also entered the hearts of the masses. "I don't know if the people are warm or cold. How can the people have you in their hearts?" On the wall of Chen Zhongyi's office, a map of Liangshan Prefecture was hung.

Earlier, Li Yan called herself a "new recruit" in the fund industry, but she was actually a "veteran" on the financial road. In the past 25 years, her career has covered securities firms, banks, fund companies, investment, trading, settlement, Payment, almost every position in the financial market business line is involved. Earlier, Li Yan was in charge of the daily management of Xinhe Financial Furniture Club at the Bank of Nanjing, and served as the club's deputy secretary-general, dedicated to cooperation and exchanges between small and medium banks. In addition to the two "bond market female generals" mentioned above, another involved, Dong Wenzhao, was previously the general manager of the financial center of the Financial Market Department of Bank of Nanjing, and has worked for Zhongyuan Securities, Industrial Securities, and Taixin Fund. Bank of Nanjing successfully issued financial bonds on the 20th. On February 20, 2019, the issuance of 10 billion yuan of financial bonds was completed, of which the 7-year term was 7 billion, with a coupon rate of%, which is a multiple of the entire market; the 5-year term was 3 billion, with a coupon rate of%. The venue was multiples, and more than 120 financial institutions participated in the bidding. In the morning of the same day, the reporter of First Financial also found that in a bond exchange group that gathered many traders, many traders asked about the financial debt of Bank of Nanjing in the group.

Huang Xiaojun believes that in the "experience economy" era, the "bookstore +" model is not only necessary for the physical bookstore to settle down, but also the trend of business development. "Book sales do not make money, and they are using coffee water and cultural and creative products. To make up for the operating pressure. "" The physical bookstore still has a lot of potential to be tapped. "Si Ling Group General Manager Yang Ling said that since opening the first bookstore across provinces in 2008, there are now more than 200, and plans for 2019 Opened 100 new stores.

Ian Cox, responsible for technical innovation projects at the British Innovation Foundation's Agricultural Technology Centre, believes that the world and the United Kingdom are facing challenges in agricultural food supply. As a government-run foundation, in recent years, funding for agricultural technological innovation has been provided. Strengthening efforts, in addition to 90 million pounds each year directly used to fund agricultural technology innovation, but also mobilized a large number of active cooperation from the industrial sector funds. He said that the coordination and cooperation between government, industry and academia can effectively promote the innovation and development of agricultural technology, so that human beings can calmly cope with the challenges brought by the food crisis. Many obstacles still need to be cleared. Compared with traditional agriculture, vertical agriculture has unparalleled advantages in terms of yield stability, land area and ecological environment protection. It is the main dependency of humans to solve food problems and explore new living spaces. The degree of vertical agricultural development varies greatly from country to country. At this meeting, experts from the government's scientific research management department, agricultural research experts, and entrepreneurs in the field of high-tech agriculture made positive suggestions on the two major issues facing the development of vertical agriculture. Question 1: How to improve the extension of vertical agriculture? Participants believed that the first is to innovate the concept of agricultural development, increase public awareness of the benefits brought by the development of vertical agriculture, and the risk of agricultural shortages in the United Kingdom; second, actively adopt new technologies and methods to reduce vertical agricultural production Cost; the third is to develop and design different types of vertical agricultural solutions; the fourth is to build a strong knowledge sharing network.

Less than 3 days after the release of popular Chinese New Year files such as "Wandering Earth", "Flying Life" and "Crazy Aliens", high-definition pirated resources of the film have been sold on a second-hand trading platform for as low as about 1 yuan. At the same time, the dispute over Douban movie ratings also added an episode to this year's Spring Festival. With the promulgation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of the Film Industry and the development of Chinese film into a new era, audiences are expecting high-quality blockbusters in China, while also expecting the Chinese film market to enter a more benign development stage.

It is understood that in November 2015, Huaxin Hengyuan subscribed for 300 million non-public shares of Huatian Hotel at a price of RMB / share, and spent 100 million yuan to become a strategic investor and the second largest shareholder of Huatian Hotel.

All this is inseparable from the care and support of the government, and the contribution of Niu Yongjun, the director of the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau of Zuogong County. At present, the new area has driven 240 poor people who set up a file to set up a job and increase their per capita income by 1,800 yuan. After the new area is completely completed, the employment problem of more than 900 poor people who set up a file will be settled. Many poor people have not left their homes and soil. 3. Get rid of poverty and get rich as soon as possible. Pazhu is a poor household in Xialinka Township, Zuogong County. He is also a pair of households assisted by Niu Yongjun. Because of the small amount of land, a family of eight lives very hard. After learning about the plight of the Pajus, Niu Yongjun suggested that adults with labor can work on the job site.

One of the important tasks of the joint venture is personnel training. Since the mid-1980s, Shanghai Volkswagen's Chinese management and technical personnel have gone to the Wolfsburg headquarters in Germany and other Volkswagen companies for training and learning. According to survey data from a Volkswagen company's quality standardization working group, Shanghai Volkswagen's overall quality level ranks among the top three among Volkswagen's global factories. Before the reform and opening up, there was a gap of more than 30 years in the overall technology between the Chinese automobile industry and the developed countries. After 30 years of reform and opening up, the technology gap between China's auto industry and the international advanced level has been reduced to 5 to 10 years through a combination of joint venture technology and independent development. In the field of passenger cars, Chinese companies have shifted from developing low-end cars to developing mid-to-high-end cars, with outstanding achievements in the development of automotive components. Commercial vehicle engine standards have been in line with international standards. Chery ’s independently developed engines and Brilliance Automotive ’s turbocharged engines have obtained Internationally recognized, Geely Automobile has developed gearboxes that have been exported overseas, and BYD's new energy vehicles have been tested in European and American countries ... "The Chinese automobile industry has developed into this in only 30 years. No one has thought of the Chinese automobile industry. "It is a wonderful work." The veteran Autobot mentioned above lamented that the speed of Chinese car development is inseparable from the powerful market purchasing power released by China's 1.3 billion people.

Bariatric surgery is now gaining popularity worldwide. The United States implemented 216,000 bariatric surgery in 2016, an increase of 37% over 2011. However, there is also some controversy in the medical community about bariatric surgery. Some studies have suggested that bariatric surgery may increase the risk of suicide and other self-harm.

The briefing emphasized that the in-depth campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil was a major decision made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core. Party organizations at all levels in the region must firmly establish the "Four Consciousnesses", earnestly improve their political standing, resolutely implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the Autonomous Region Party Committees in combating evil and eliminate evil, and go all out to win the special struggle to eliminate evil and fight evil. Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels must fully perform the duties of supervision, discipline, and accountability entrusted to them by the Party Constitution. They must resolutely discover, investigate and deal with the problems of corruption, corruption, and serving as "protective umbrellas," and report typical cases. It is necessary to strengthen accountability, and seriously investigate the responsibilities of relevant responsible persons, responsible leaders, and responsible departments for places and departments that have unscrupulous and evil forces, leading to the rise of the evil forces, serious problems, and causing bad effects. The special struggle to win the fight against evil and provide a strong discipline guarantee. (Reporter / Wang Chunnan Original Editor: Tan Liudan) +1

In addition, there are China Investment Capital (China Investment Taikang Trust), China Petroleum Capital (Kunlun Trust), and local listed financial control platforms such as Jiangsu Guoxin (Jiangsu Trust) and Zhejiang Dongfang (Zhejiang Trust). However, there have been several failed cases in 2018, including both private and state-owned enterprises. In September 2016, Valin Steel announced its restructuring plan, intending to purchase part of the financial assets owned by Caixin Financial Holdings through non-public offering of shares, including 96% of Hunan Trust. In 2017, the asset reorganization plan was announced to end, the reason involved was "the financial assets to be placed have suffered losses this year". In addition, in October 2018, Bohai Financial Holdings issued an announcement to terminate the acquisition of Bohai Trust.

What's more, more than 30 provinces and cities on the mainland themselves often tear each other online to play, what is the battle between sweet and salty tofu brains, and whether you want to soak in soy milk. Who says "tearing" is not a form of communication? In Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Henan, Liaoning, and so on, Taiwan's recklessness is just the "seven dolls" in gourd fascinated by fairies. Only after you have "teared" you can experience the 5,000 years of happiness and warmth of Chinese civilization! The second reason to say that it is gentle is that mainland netizens have a very relaxed entertainment mentality to "pass tricks" with Taiwanese netizens, and they are even ready to step down to each other at any time, such as many "emoticons" They are all stars of the mainland. This is one of the manifestations of the diversity, openness, and vitality of the mainland's online culture. If Taiwanese netizens contact more, they will definitely be attracted and willing to join in. This is also the case in Taiwan. For the editor of Sanli Entertainment News, she not only did her best for mainland Chinese netizens who ran on the wrong battlefield, but also coquettishly said, "Come and play often." How is Sanli Entertainment so different from Sanli News next door? The editor immediately answered "because of love", which is a realm of "turning qi into peace". No wonder mainland netizens are calling "entertainment news a bit cute". The third reason to say that it is gentle is that many netizens from the mainland and Taiwan have even tore away their "feelings" with each other.

The smooth start and steady progress are due to the cumulative effects of a series of reform and opening up policies. The "six stability" policy in the fourth quarter of last year, and a series of policies to expand effective investment and household consumption at the beginning of this year, as well as policies to reduce taxes and fees have continued to advance. In general, there are conditions and support for the stable and healthy development of the economy. Everyone is generally optimistic about China's economic growth expectations, and market confidence is constantly increasing.

At the same time, the proportion of older female youths buying houses in first-tier cities is higher than that in second-tier cities, indicating that older female youths in first-tier cities are more independent in buying houses.

As an important platform for all lawyers, grass-roots legal workers and government officials in Nanhu District to publicize new laws, exchange new results, and explore new issues, they have played an active role in improving the overall quality of the legal service workers in the region. In 2019, the "Red Ship Law School" will carefully select the content of the lectures to provide the most professional, efficient and convenient legal services to assist the development of the "three services" activities in the region and accelerate high-quality development. (Responsible editors: Zhang Liwei and Weng Dikai) Original title: Zhapu Town Makes Great Efforts to Create a New "Landmark" for Party and Mass Services activity.

However, Japanese media noted that Trump wrote to Chinese President Xi Jinping before Abe's visit to the United States, expressing his hope to develop constructive relations with China. Some media believe that this move is clearly a balanced diplomacy between China and Japan.

Thanks to soil testing and formula fertilization technology, in recent years, the average yield per mu of single-season late rice has stabilized at about 700 kg, and the average yield per mu has increased by 100 kg, while the average fertilizer use per mu has decreased by more than 10 kg. Fertilization is more targeted, and unreasonable parts can be saved. "Fei Xianhua said. Lu Jun, a large grain grower in Youjia Village, Changle Town, which has nearly 300 acres of contracted fields, also has a good understanding of this "weight loss revolution": "Not only has the total amount of fertilizer decreased, but the structure and method of fertilization have become more scientific and the yield has been more Guaranteed. "" The soil test formula is equivalent to a physical examination of the soil. Through the test, you can know which nutrients are insufficient in the soil. In the new year, you can make up what is missing and how much is missing, forming accurate input and output. ". Ni Yuanjun, the director of the soil and fertilizer station of the Shengzhou Agriculture and Forestry Technology Extension Center, said that potassium and silicon fertilizers can make rice leaves stand upright, stems are not easy to lodging, and strengthen rice disease resistance. Less or no potassium or silicon fertilizer is used, and nitrogen fertilizer is used too much, and the free amino acids produced by nitrogen fertilizer are very easy to attract diseases and insects, but increase disease. "Through technical guidance services, more and more large households have mastered the correct fertilization method. The effect of increasing production and income is obvious.

For example, there are many IT technology manufacturing companies in China that need to go global and help these top domestic brands to land overseas with minimal investment through Kangshuo's channel system. For the C-side, it is also the first time to bring these excellent products to these overseas users. In response to the question of how companies should dig deep into the global value chain, integrate global high-quality resources, and innovate the way companies go out, Song Hao believes that with years of Cisco agency experience, relying on domestic R & D capabilities, and taking advantage of domestic industry upgrade opportunities, Kang Shuo opened its doors and hopes to cooperate with you.

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