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Changchun, Jilin: Snowfall in Spring Equinox Season

2019-06-05 10:32

In the sorting center on the second floor, a hundred robots that resemble sweepers are shuttled between the sorting platform and the shelves. Once the order information is received, the ground "little red man" AGV can rotate and move in the shelves of more than a thousand kinds of goods, reach the designated shelf area, and handle the goods in an orderly manner. "These AGV robots are called dual steering wheel omnidirectional unmanned trucks, and they use the ground two-dimensional code to guide the design of the driving route." Cheng Hao, director of inventory, introduced that "Little Red Man" uses wireless communication with the ground control system for real-time information. Interaction, high flexibility and free scheduling. They also charge automatically when the voltage drops below a preset value.

The two-person dry boat dance of Nanjie Village in Lintong County evolved from the single person dry boat dance and originated in the late Qing Dynasty. Because the performance uses a lot of local opera tunes and movements, and because of lively dance, well-dressed, beautiful props, and good dance steps, the two-handed dry boat dance can be performed in flat and on stage. The dry boat lion dance is composed of three characters: boat girl, old man and boat girl. Performing different scene stories when fishing in the fisherman's house is a dance with the characteristics of Henan local drama. In 1947, Liu Deng Dajun passed through Lintong southward. In order to welcome his children, Lintong soldiers and civilians held a pair of dry boat dance performances in Chengbei University playground. Li Ji, a journalist with the army, described in the book "Strike" that the people of Lintong welcomed the troops with a double dry boat dance.

For such case reports, ordinary consumers need not worry too much, and the probability is too low. However, everyone should have a basic understanding of the symptoms of "food allergy" because it can indeed be fatal. If this happens, it is best to go to the nearest hospital immediately. "Nearby" means that even a community hospital can save your life, and blindly sending to a distant hospital is even more dangerous.

That night, "2019 Xi'an International Fashion Week" closed, and held a variety of activities such as fashion show, fashion theme forum, fashion trend music festival, static exhibition, etc., showing a variety of design concepts and conveying the confidence of Xi'an fashion culture. 2019-04-2410: On the 23rd, at the gate of TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA, actors Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johnson, Mark · Ruffalo and Jeremy Rainer (front row from left to right) participated in the ceremony.

The central government's private economy forum last year brought very good policy effects. In particular, the 2018 Central Economic Work Conference proposed that a strong domestic market including consumption and investment should be created, so that corporate investment expectations have started to improve, and consumption has also improved. Increase accordingly. At the same time, China and the United States reached a consensus on economic and trade frictions, which also played a positive role in promoting foreign trade import and export to a certain extent. Liu Jinshan said. However, in Chen Hongyu's opinion, although the fixed investment, consumption and other data indicators have rebounded, there are still unstable factors. In addition, domestic and foreign forces are still playing games, and Guangdong's exports are still in a recovery stage. Guangdong's troika is still under pressure and is not optimistic.

2019-04-2410: On April 23, the children of the elementary school affiliated to the Teachers' Training School of Nanfeng County, Jiangxi Province, were rehearsing the original children's song and dance show "I dance with the public school". In order to pass on the traditional Nuo culture, Nanfeng County vigorously promoted Nuo culture into the campus by organizing Nuo dance literary programs, holding knowledge lectures, and conducting keynote speeches, so that primary and middle school students in the county can fully appreciate the charm of traditional Chinese culture. 2019-04-2410: 12 The construction of the Baishayu Yangtze River Bridge started in 1958 and passed the first train in 1960. It is the second Yangtze River Bridge after Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge.

The yellow of Dahongpao is red, and the glorious flower has a prominent five-pointed star.

2019-04-2410: 074 On July 23, in Damascus, Syria, vehicles lined up to fill up in front of gas stations. Due to a severe shortage of oil, many gas stations in Syria are currently shutting down. At the same time, related departments have tightened the refueling quota for private cars.

Since last year, the "i-Xiamen" platform provides citizens and enterprises with real-name certification with online application services for taxi industry driver qualification certificates, vehicle road transport licenses, and online car platform business licenses. And businesses to provide convenience. In the first half of 2014, Xiamen built and launched the city ’s unified real-name authentication service platform. Citizens only need to complete real-name authentication through the platform to generate a unique Xiamen citizen electronic ID card, and have barrier-free access to various electronic mobile portals provided by the government and various districts, The open application system of each unit truly realizes the leap from "recognition of certificates and licenses" to "recognition of data" between departments, allowing Xiamen citizens to easily prove "I am me" with data. Speaking of this unified real-name authentication service platform, Tong Pingping, chief engineer of the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, is full of confidence. In Tong Pingping's view, the reason why Xiamen has the confidence to allow citizens to enjoy "credit life" depends on the "one step ahead" platform transformation, inter-department data interconnection and people's significant increase in their credibility. At present, the unified real-name authentication service platform has become an important support for the “i-Xiamen” one-stop Huimin platform and Xiamen citizen card system project. It is also an online application for residence permits, point admissions, virtual card medical treatment, and online car service applications. The basic support of public services and convenience services such as credit life.

"German Village Herder Party member Ziwang Shiqu said," Encouraged by Secretary Li, I led more than 10 poor households to set up a construction team in Gema Village. This year, they all took off their poor hats. This year, the collective economy of Cishi Township is estimated to have a profit of more than 1.6 million yuan, and 60% of its income will be used for the distribution of 713 poverty-stricken households.

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