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The Fourth National Cyber Integrity Promotion Day was successfully held

2019-06-05 17:25

Compared with innovative car companies, NEVS has the deep industrial heritage of Saab. At the same time, as one of the ten new energy vehicle qualifications currently approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, NEVS has absolute strength in research and development capabilities and production experience. As a real estate developer, the NEVS assembly workshop invested from Guanghui Group with RMB 14.5 billion in September 2018, and recently acquired NEVS. In less than a year, Evergrande's public investment in the field of new energy vehicles has exceeded 280. 100 million yuan, which proves Evergrande's determination and confidence to seriously invest in the field of new energy vehicles. The rapid development of new energy vehicles Evergrande assists in industrial upgrading According to the statistics of the Passenger Car Joint Conference, China's new energy passenger vehicle sales in 2018 reached 1.01 million units, an increase of 83% year-on-year.

Division. The division-level unit has 4 to 5 brigade-level units and several direct companies. The "Political Warfare Department" is responsible for music work. At the same time, a "political war officer" is set up to handle the recreational business of the entire division. The music administration is responsible for it. One, another "Political Task Force" is set up to assist the whole division in the promotion of music work. In the educational administration of the Taiwan Army, the music education unit belongs to a very important part. Its task is to train talents. Only with the training of talents can someone engage in music work and the military work in the army can be carried out. In order to train talents As a result, administrative matters such as teacher recruitment, curriculum design, textbook editing, teaching performances, and application for funds came into being.

Since then, the patent law has been amended three times. The first amendment was in 1992, which removed the restriction on non-patenting of medicines, chemical substances and food, making China's patent system more in line with international standards, and also greatly promoting the further development of China's pharmaceutical, chemical substances and food industries. . The second amendment was made in 2000, where the Patent Law did not comply with WTO rules. The third revision was in 2008, and the patent system was further adjusted according to development needs.

Build 10 characteristic agricultural product superiority zones and increase industrial concentration. Focus on 10 deeply-distressed counties and 206 deeply-distressed villages, establish expert teams and technical service teams, and train more than 10,000 people each year in poor areas. Carry out poverty alleviation projects with characteristic forestry industries. Prominent tree species such as apples, pears, dates, Jingdong chestnuts, walnuts, apricots for kernels, and grapes are supported to support the development of high-quality and efficient forest and fruit industries in poor areas. By 2020, they will reach 19 million mu, build 25 million mu bases, and build 200 provincial levels. Sightseeing picking garden, demonstration area.

Publicity efforts should be strengthened to further enhance the environmental awareness of residents in the city, especially the enterprises and residents along the river, to create a good atmosphere of public opinion, and to form a good working situation in which the government, society and the masses participate together. "Developing popular science education to strengthen the public's belief in successfully governing Dianchi Lake." After more than 20 years of governance, the water quality of Dianchi Lake has shown a trend of stabilization and improvement in recent years, which is worthy of praise.

Wang Wanying / Photographer looks at the city's eyes, and integrates advanced technologies such as face recognition, portrait comparison, human recognition, and video structuring to initially provide intelligent retrieval upgrades for public security video surveillance systems. Viewers can identify gender, age and other information as long as they approach the camera. Wang Wanying / Photo "Identified that your voiceprint has a 95% similarity to the Fucha Rongyin in" Yanxi Raiders ". Its sound and charm are charming, gentle and gentle, and touching." Co., Ltd.'s "Voiceprint Recognition" experience project, the reporter read a paragraph according to the system's prompts. Based on the recording, the system automatically resolved the reporter's voiceprint and Fucha Rongyin's best match. Features. "Yang Xiufeng / photographer stood in front of the" Change Lai Xiaowei "body fat detection machine, through face scanning and background big data calculations, users can understand how their obesity level, which indicator exceeds the standard, how much exceeds the standard ... Meanwhile, This cool machine will also make corresponding health analysis based on the measurement results, provide users with intuitive health risk assessment in a timely manner, and increase everyone's attention to physical health.

The second is to increase the subsidies for hydrogen technology research and development by referring to the electric vehicle policy, and promote them through policies for demonstration applications and marketing. This time the hydrogen energy was first written in the "Government Work Report", it released a signal that the country has begun planning and layout around hydrogen energy, and the development of the hydrogen energy industry is expected to usher in a period of rapid development. The company goes one step ahead and actively develops hydrogen fuel cell technology. As a domestic leader in energy saving and new energy vehicles, Chery has established a hydrogen energy research institute to specialize in researching and producing fuel cell systems, and plans to cooperate with local chemical companies to build a 500 kg / day Hydrogen station.

Over the past 70 years, under the leadership of the party, the Chinese children who have always loved their country for generations have made unremitting efforts and achieved brilliant achievements in national construction, reform, and development. They have explained in practice that "socialism has been done".

(Ren Yanwen / picture) (Responsible editors: Lin Xiao (intern), Chen Kangqing) To strengthen the management of migrant population services, in accordance with the principles of comprehensive governance, highlighting priorities, and overall advancement, further promote social governance in the suburban suburbs and promote balanced development of work. To improve the overall work level, solve the problem of migrant population service management, and ensure a harmonious and stable society, the "three constructions" of Baishaguan community carried out the investigation of suburban migrant population.

The construction of the cooperative industrial park is in full swing. When entering the Guangdong-Guizhou Cooperation Special Experimental Zone, the reporter saw a vigorous scene of entrepreneurship. Guoguang Wuzhou Industrial Base has entered the main construction phase of the factory building; the main project of the first phase of the China Alliance Small and Medium Industrial Park project is accelerating and is expected to be completed by the end of December; the Tianyuan super high temperature resistant flexible material No. 1 factory building has been basically completed, and modern pharmaceutical industry projects are under construction . The Guangdong-Guizhou Cooperation Special Pilot Zone is an important part of the national strategy of the "Pearl River Xijiang Economic Belt Development Plan". It is jointly established by the Guangdong and Guangxi provinces and autonomous regions. The total planned area is 140 square kilometers, and the two sides are 70 square kilometers. The leading demonstration carrier platform for the cooperative development of the eastern and western regions and the sustainable development of the Xijiang River Basin. Currently, 349 key enterprises have settled in the pilot zone. The head of the Management Committee of the Guangdong-Guizhou Special Experimental Zone introduced that since the beginning of this year, the pilot zone has fully integrated with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in accordance with the requirements of strong heads, chain replenishment, and clustering, and has been deeply integrated into the Pearl River Delta. Enterprises and projects settle down, forming an industrial agglomeration effect, and building a Dongrong demonstration platform.

In the past few days, people from Jishui County Women and Children's Activity Center have been busy and lively. The county women's federation will provide public interest classes for poor children here, and many parents of poor children came to register.

Elegant art enters the life of citizens For a long time, most of the original works of art are exhibited in large art museums. Citizens rarely go to art museums to contact original art works. In promoting the construction of grass-roots public cultural facilities, Jinniu District has identified Yingmenkou Street tea shop community as a pilot for elegant art to serve the grassroots. It has introduced Sichuan Contemporary Oil Painting Institute and Sichuan Contemporary Painting and Calligraphy Institute, which have been active in Chengdu in recent years, to build art in the tea shop community. center.

3. On-site verification investigation and treatment of problems that netizens report concerns about Zhu Xi ’s living environment (I) Survey situation of netizens ’reflection problems At 5 pm on February 15, Chenggu County Wildlife Conservation and Management Station and Hanzhong Zhuxi National Level in Shaanxi The Nature Reserve Management Bureau docked the reflection issues. On the afternoon of February 18, Chenggu County Wildlife Conservation Management Station and the staff of the Shaanxi Hanzhong Zhuxi National Nature Reserve Management Bureau went to the Tianming Town People's Government for discussions. It is understood that Tianming Town is the county's organic rice planting base. Fertilizers are used as much as possible organic fertilizer and farm manure. The rivers under the jurisdiction of Tianming Town include Nansha River and Yangou River. Most of the ponds and winter paddy fields have good ecological environment in the mountains and forests. It has a wide range and a large number of villages. Zhuxi is distributed in all villages. The masses know that Zhuxi is a national-level protection of wild animals. Towns and villages attach great importance to the protection of Zhuxi and other birds. It is not allowed to drive, scare or interfere with Zhuxi's field activities. Illegal hunting and injury are not allowed. Birds such as Zhu Xi in Tianming Town live in a natural and undisturbed state. After getting in touch with the poster, I learned about the area mentioned in the post. The town and village leaders accompanied the Zhuxi Reserve Management Bureau and the staff of our bureau's Yebao Station to inspect the livelihood of Zhuxi on the spot. The city is distributed with ponds and winter paddy fields, crops in gullies, surrounded by mountains on both sides of the bank, lush vegetation, and dense metasequoia , Chinese fir, horsetail pine, oak and other tall trees. Winter paddy fields and ponds are suitable for foraging activities, and tall trees are suitable for night staying and nest breeding. They are ideal for feeding and wandering areas.

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