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Jiangxi Daily: Yihuang Discovers Ancient Architecture in Ming and Qing Dynasties

2019-06-05 17:25

Recently, the College of Design and Art of Hunan University held a report on the achievements of the National Art Foundation's 2017 Artistic Talent Cultivation Funding Project "Cultivation of Innovative Talents in Brocade Embroidery and Crafts of the Western Hunan Minority". All kinds of supplies, covering all aspects of practical life to artistic creation. There are a total of 20 works in the exhibition, which are divided into four categories: installation, household goods, clothing, and accessories, which were completed by the students of the "Cultivation of Innovative Talents of Brocade Embroidery and Craftsmanship in Daxiangxi Ethnic Minority" project of the College of Design and Arts of Hunan University. Among them are works that show the beauty of the traditional culture of ethnic minorities and superb brocade embroidery techniques, as well as works that combine traditional advanced technology to "live" traditional crafts. For example, in the work "Li", every piece of embroidery uses the technique of picking flowers. It also combines digital media with fiber art, breaking the traditional exhibition form of fiber art, and it has a beautiful aesthetic between light and shadow. And through the sound, vision, touch, let the audience experience the complex emotions of parting.

"Since 2000, Beijing has carried out 96 Great Wall protection projects, and the city's financial investment is about 100 million yuan.

In addition, in order to prevent the re-entry of entry fires, the Hulunbuir Forest Fire Fighting Unit also adopted a burning method to widen the isolation zone and stop the fire. Jin Xin, director of the Hulunbuir Forest Fire Detachment, said: "We are responsible for guarding the fire field. The main purpose is to prevent re-ignition. Using patrols, each person works in groups. Each group performs patrol along the fire line. It is divided into walking patrols. There are also all-terrain prairie fire-fighting chariots that use vehicles to patrol, and use these two methods to ensure that the fire field is completely smoke-free, fire-free, and air-free. Generally speaking, this state. "On the night of the 17th, there were still some fire suppression. People stayed at the border fire site, Jin Xin told reporters that although it was early spring, the temperature on the grassland would still be below zero. Jin Xin said: "Because we are on the Sino-Russian border, the temperature at night has reached minus fifty-six degrees, which is relatively cold. We have to work in this low-temperature environment to solve our own food and accommodation problems.

In the Yongchang community of Shengli Town, Litong District, Sun Chunlan requested to strengthen the construction of grassroots organizations, improve the level of service management, carry out the work of creating national unity and progress, and promote the deepening of exchanges and exchanges among people of all ethnic groups in cohabitation, learning, working together, and enjoying together. Sun Chunlan met with representatives of cadres and people from all walks of life in Wuzhong City, and attended a forum to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Autonomous Region in Wuzhong City. She pointed out that in the past 60 years, with the cordial care of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, through the united struggle of cadres and people from all walks of life, Wu Zhong has undergone tremendous changes. I hope everyone will thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during his inspection in Ningxia, emancipate the mind, work hard, and work hard to accelerate economic transformation and development, focus on improving people's livelihood, vigorously promote ecological construction, and effectively strengthen national unity and take the initiative to serve And integrate into the "Belt and Road" construction, and make new contributions to "building a beautiful New Ningxia and reunifying the great Chinese dream".

The reporter noticed that after the reform of the state agency in March last year, the Department of Retired Military Affairs, the National Medical Security Agency and other departments released the first annual public information report after the formation of the new organization at the end of March this year. Released by ministries and commissions. After reviewing the annual reports in recent years, it has been found that many State Council departments and provincial governments provide downloadable text in various formats, including word and pdf, in addition to publishing annual reports on the website.

In the Plum Garden, lion dances will be greeted by the New Year. At that time, tourists can pray with the family and friends for the New Year and add joy to the Spring Festival holiday. Time: February 5th (the first day of the first month) to 13th (the ninth day of the first month) Venue: Meiyuan lantern riddles to help Xingle Lantern Festival, honest government lantern riddles, traditional lantern riddles and other types of puzzles, waiting for tourists and friends to show wisdom and actively challenge Win lucky prizes. Time: February 5th (the first day of the first month) to 19th (15th) Venue: The plum plum fragrance in the China Plum Culture Museum will carry out a special event on plums and incense, and visitors who come to appreciate plums will introduce the incense culture. Including: the production, type and development of incense.

Over the years, the New Area has seized the “bull nose” of air pollution and focused on the five key tasks of “controlling coal, controlling dust, controlling pollution, controlling vehicles, and controlling new construction projects” to make every effort to tackle the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei air pollution joint prevention, joint governance, and joint control campaign. To help Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei share the blue sky. In terms of coal control, the new district promoted the completion of coal-fired boilers for coal-fired grid connection. In 2017, the rural coal-fired coal-fired electricity-generating 10,000 households were basically completed, and coal-harbour coal road transportation was cancelled. In terms of dust control, the new district focused on construction dust control and road dust control. Control, industrial enterprise yard dust and bare ground treatment; in terms of pollution control, the new area vigorously promotes the treatment of industrial pollution sources, carries out dust removal, desulfurization, and denitration treatment of industrial enterprises, and shuts down "scattered pollution" enterprises; in terms of vehicle control, the new area complies with the city Unified deployment, the elimination of yellow-label vehicles and the elimination of old vehicles were carried out for two consecutive years; in terms of controlling new construction projects, the new zone raised the threshold and closed the gate. In 2017, the concentration dropped by a year-on-year. Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will jointly build green planting projects.

Recently, the DPP authorities and some "legislators" want to rectify "fake news". This is precisely the manifestation of this ignorant and arrogant mentality. There is no shortage of rumors or false news in ancient and modern China, but in recent years, it has gradually become a problem that is generally plagued by the world, mainly because the development of network technology has overturned the unequal relationship between politicians and celebrities monopolizing communication resources and controlling the status of communication. The superiors began to feel the threat from the general public and wanted to counter the multiple challenges of the masses.

Erma Ayi once revealed that she has two dreams, one is to find a suitable prosthetic limb, and the other is to hope that idol Na Ying can guide herself to sing. "It's closer to the dream," said Erma Ayi after the assessment. "Girl Ayi's story is very inspirational and full of positive energy. If possible, we hope to equip her with intelligent and suitable artificial limbs for her," said Director Liu Xidong. Erma Ayi said that after putting on a prosthesis, not only freed his hands, but also became more self-reliant in life. He also added courage and confidence in life, and used action to drive more disabled people to face life optimistic And live a wonderful life. Original title: University student kicked and injured Satyr and sentenced to justice. Why did Yi Yong come to Shenzhen to work as a “technical worker”? Because he kicked and hurt “Satyr” in the process of seeing righteousness, he was detained for 14 days. “Saty” was only administratively detained He has not been penalized because of a leg injury.

Draymond Green had 10 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists. The Clippers worked hard for four quarters, but they couldn't escape the defeat, not far from being eliminated.

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