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Shenyang: Ginkgo "Phi Gold" attracts visitors

2019-06-05 17:25

At present, the application materials have been handed in, and the Changchun Public Security Bureau is docking. It can be said that the implementation of the new policy has broadened the thinking of international students' employment after graduation.

Huaibei Mining held a flag-raising ceremony for the 60th anniversary of the development and construction of the mining area. October 17 is the fifth "Poverty Alleviation Day" in China. On the morning of October 17, Huaibei held the theme event of National Poverty Alleviation Day 2018. Relevant leaders in Huaibei City, the main responsible comrades of the county party committees and governments, the principals of 70 "dual-contract" units, and about 150 people including representatives of donating companies participated in the on-site fund-raising theme activities.

In particular, the digital transformation of traditional industries has become an important channel for absorbing employment in China.

For example, High Score 4 was originally staring at the Indian Ocean. If something happened in the South China Sea at this time, the satellite could adjust the lens within a few seconds. In 2016, China will also launch high score 3 and 5 satellites to further catch up with international competitors. Another concern is the development of INRSS, a domestic navigation satellite system in India.

There are about 260 varieties and 130,000 peony trees open in the park. Among them, watermelon varieties, scenery after the rain, cardamom years, the crown of the world and other varieties are in full bloom; the island minister, the royal concubine, and the Pinghu autumn moon and other varieties are beginning to open. Main flower viewing spots: National Flower Altar, New Variety Display Area, Four Seasons Pavilion, Tianwang Terrace. (Reporter Li Xiaobowen / Picture)

(Reporter Li Shuyu) (Responsible editors: Xia Fan, Wang Xing) People's Daily Tianjin March 22 (Tao Jian, Sun Yifan) learned from the Tianjin lawyers work conference held on the 21st that in order to further deepen the reform of "decentralized administration", Promote "Internet + government services", improve the intelligence of the lawyer's identity verification system, and enhance the level of litigation facilitation. The Tianjin Justice Bureau and the Tianjin Bar Association have innovatively developed the nation's first "lawyer e-certificate" with face recognition. The type of certificate covers full-time lawyers, part-time lawyers, legal aid lawyers, public lawyers, company lawyers and interns who apply for lawyers' practice in the city, which is pioneering, breakthrough, safe and convenient. Tianjin's "Lawyer e-Certificate" is based on the real-name authentication and face recognition technology development of the Alipay platform. It is compared with the data of the City Justice Bureau's lawyer management service platform, the City Bar Association's intern management system, and the Public Security Trusted Identity Authentication Platform (CTID). After generating an electronic certificate, it is embedded in the Alipay "card package" and has the characteristics of "brush collection, double verification". The public can check the identity of the lawyer, public, inspection, law, etc. by viewing the certificate details page unlocked by the fingerprint fingerprint password of the holder As the main application unit, the case-handling authority can use a special code scanning device to further read the QR code generated randomly and immediately after the face recognition of the certificate holder for verification, to ensure that the identity is true and valid, and to ensure that it is held for use. It is understood that the "lawyer's electronic certificate" has been trial run in the city's public security detention center, and the system is smooth and effective. In the next step, in order to ensure the smooth application and standardized management of the "lawyer's electronic certificate", the Municipal Judicial Bureau will jointly issue a document with the Municipal High People's Court, the Municipal People's Procuratorate, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau to deploy verification equipment to the city's public inspection system application units and On the basis of promoting "lawyers' electronic certificates", we will explore and extend richer litigation facilitation measures to protect lawyers' right to practice and regulate lawyers' practice.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as of August 2018, China has fully established a fraud telephone technology prevention system covering international and provincial ports, handling more than 4 million fraudulent calls per day, with a cumulative total of 339 million. The disposal volume of the precautionary system decreased by 60% compared with the beginning of 2018; the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the relevant departments of public security worked together to promptly discourage 369,000 users who were victimized by telecommunications network fraud and recovered direct economic losses of more than 1.1 billion yuan. Multiple measures and comprehensive management have achieved initial results. The Ministry of Finance, the Central Civilization Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the People's Bank of China, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the Sports Bureau, and the State Cyberspace Administration Banking Regulatory Commission Announcement No. 105 in 2018. Rectifying the use of the Internet (including mobile clients, the same below) to sell lottery without authorization has significantly improved the lottery market environment. However, unauthorized use of the website platform or client to conduct online lottery sales and other activities still occur, which seriously affects the healthy development of China's lottery industry.

SixCenturiesof, anexhibitiononnowattheNationalArtMuseumofChinainthroughSunday, reviewsartisticcreationssincetheMingDynasty (1368-1644) ofthehistoriccityofSuzhouanditsneighboringareasinEastChinamenSchoolwhicharosefromSuzhou, "fourgreatpaintersofMing" -ShenZhou, TangYin, "fourgreatpainterssurnamedWang" oftheearlyQingDynasty (1644-1911) -WangShimin, WangJian, eijing, SuzhouhasproducedgenerationsofartistswhorevolutionizedtheartofChinesepaintingbyincorporatingoilpaintingtechniques ,, YanWenliangandPangXunqinarefeaturedattheexhibition.

The meeting conveyed and learned the spirit of the province ’s air pollution prevention work to advance the video conference call, carefully studied the assessment of water pollution prevention work in counties and districts in the fourth quarter of last year, and this year ’s city ’s dust control, coal control, emissions control and air quality week ranking awards and punishments.

In recent years, Zouping City, Shandong Province has been focusing on creating an aluminum deep processing industrial cluster. Driven by the production of high-quality aluminum water by leading enterprises, it has gathered a number of deep processing related supporting enterprises to form a complete raw material—electrolytic aluminum—primary profile processing—high-end aluminum product terminals. Expanded industrial chain. According to reports, there are more than thirty aluminum-related enterprises in the city, which have formed two large-scale aluminum production and processing areas for the lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy industry demonstration base and the Weiqiao Aluminum Deep Processing Industrial Park. The annual processing capacity of aluminum products reaches 4 million tons. The products are widely used in civil, automotive, home air-conditioning, rail transportation, aviation and other fields. The added value of the product has been greatly improved. The advantages of the industrial cluster have been brought into play, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and promoting the development of new products. kinetic energy. (Song Cui Dong Naide Li Xiaowei)

Quasi-positioning and deep integration According to the "Chengdu-Chongqing Urban Agglomeration Development Plan", in recent years relying on the advantages of scientific research resources and the high-tech industry foundation, Chengdu and Chongqing have given full play to the role of the high-end element gathering platform of Tianfu New Area and Liangjiang New Area, and jointly created a batch of innovation Industrial parks and strategic emerging industrial bases form industrial clusters such as electronic core components, new materials, the Internet of Things and intelligent equipment, high-end transportation equipment, and biomedicine. These industrial parks with great development potential are scattered in the urban agglomeration.

(Reporter Zu Wei) (Editors: Song Xinrui, Zhao Guangxia) Original title: Will Li Xiang leave Shenzhen Satellite TV completely? (Picture) Li Xiang's 2015 is still busy. She hosted the Jiangsu Satellite TV New Year's Eve concert, the PPTV network audition "Singing to Fame", and took her husband Wang Yuelun's daughter Wang Shiling to participate in business activities everywhere. But do you remember that she still has an identity: Deputy Director of Shenzhen Satellite TV? The reporter recently received news that Li Xiang might really say goodbye to this title.

Luo Xiaoyun, director of the Provincial Water Resources Department, told reporters: "Using pebbles in the river channel for processing is also a river sand mining activity and should be included in the total river sand control.

He lied that the driver's license was lost and was not turned in. He still used the A2 driver's license to get on the road. The police in accordance with the law has imposed penalties of 12 points and a fine of 1,200 yuan for violations of the law and violations of driving motor vehicles on the road. Hunan traffic police reminded that drivers should pay attention to the status of their driving licenses in time, drive according to regulations, and prioritize safety.

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