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The way of man is insufficient to produce (produce) to provide more than enough; the way of heaven, to lose more than to make up (consumption) ...

2019-07-04 05:26

Guangzhou was cold and warm in February. Kapok, which should have bloomed in March and April, bloomed ahead of time this year due to the "warm winter". In 2018, the "Kapok King" of the Zhongshan Memorial Hall was selected as the "Most Beautiful Ancient Tree in China". A tree is orange and red, and it is the spring of flowers. Xinhuanet (photo by Meng Xiaochun) "Kapok King" is located in the northeast corner of the Zhongshan Memorial Hall. After sampling and determination by experts from the Guangzhou Academy of Forestry and Garden Science, it was determined that the year of planting of "Kapok King" was about 1668, and this year has exceeded 350 Is the oldest kapok tree in Guangzhou. The "Kapok King" tree is 23 meters high and has a crown of 900 square meters.

According to a reporter from the Beijing News, during a May Day visit to an Audi brand 4S store in Tangshan, Hebei Province, the store sales staff did not mention related loan or financial service costs when the reporter consulted the Audi A4L fashion model loan business. However, after the reporter expressed a clear intention to purchase a car, the "financial service fee" item was still included in the calculation form of the car purchase price filled by the sales staff. At the same time, he told the reporter that if he chooses to pay a financial service fee, he can pay for the car Carry out corresponding discounts and save money when making loans (lower car prices cause less loan principal). Consumers can choose which settlement method they want. According to sales staff, this operation was affected to some extent by the Mercedes-Benz rights protection incident, and any 4S store will not openly ask for it.

Through "Fast and Furious 7", I finally got a chance to tell the audience, "I'm not just a guy who only makes horror movies."

Looking back at history, we can see the footsteps of the development of human civilization. Asia is one of the earliest settlements of mankind and an important birthplace of human civilization. On the Tuoling Ancient Silk Road, Huma still heard the Tang and Han winds. The people of China and other Asian countries have overcome the obstacles of the mountains and the sea, opened up the land silk road and maritime silk road across Eurasia, accumulated the practice of production and life, promoted the exchange of craftsmanship, and made people Your heart is closer. Zheng He's "Bu Xi Ceylon Mountain Buddhist Monument" (reproduction) and rubbings exhibited in this boutique cultural relics exhibition were Zheng He's second voyage to the West, and an important witness to the Maritime Silk Road.

"The village committee director Luo Guojian said.

In some parts of the province, the temperature dropped from over 30 ° C to about 10 ° C, and the temperature reduction range exceeded 20 ° C. Longwu Tea Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou City is known as the “Wandan Tea Township”. It mainly has group species and Longjing, which is won by fragrance43. It is reported that the tea varieties affected by the weather are mainly group species mined in early April, and the harvest of Longjing 43 has basically ended.

The Yuxi River Super Bridge, a key control project of the Shanghe-Hangzhou Railway, has a main bridge with a total length of 686 meters. The main tower is an "H" type pylon with a tower height of 123 meters. In the construction of a long-span cable-stayed bridge at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour in China, the steel box truss girder structure was used for the first time, and the ballastless track structure was used for the first time in bridges over 300 meters in length. The main span of the bridge reached 324 meters. It has become the world's largest span of ballastless high-speed railway bridge.

Regarding the security of electronic social security cards, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security stated that electronic social security cards are based on the premise of guaranteeing accurate and secure cardholder information. Users must use a third-party platform and the national social security card platform for real-time calibration when they receive and use their cards. Check and confirm, and combine with Internet authentication technology such as electronic authentication and face authentication to ensure it is "real person, real name, real card". At the same time, hospitals, pharmacies, and medical insurance systems directly interact with related information such as buying medicines, and the data does not go through a third-party platform to ensure user information security.

"Building a demonstration area for national unity and progress is not just national work, but overall work; it is not just the development of ethnic areas, but the overall development of the province; it is not just a matter of Yunnan, but a national strategy.

Questioning voices say that urban public toilets are cleaned and managed by someone. Why should the Municipal Party Secretary serve as the "general director" of public toilets? The Municipal Party Committee's book has no big and small notes. Wouldn't it be too busy to ruin yourself? Is it that the secretary of the municipal party committee is not the "chief director", and the public toilets are not well managed? The author believes that controversy can certainly exist, but everything cannot be forced to be uniform.

(Reporter Cao Mengnan, Ren Shengzhang) (Responsible editors: Wang Diyuan, Xie Long) Original title: Mutual communication to promote the implementation of work to ensure the effectiveness of key tasks on the 16th, Jilin Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government held the county and city bi-weekly key work scheduling and work exchange The first regular meeting, listening to reports on the progress of poverty alleviation, environmental protection rectification, and project construction in some counties and cities, exchanging experiences and practices, inspiring each other, learning from each other, and promoting each other, finding gaps, bridging shortcomings, and brightening measures to ensure various priorities The work has been vigorously promoted and achieved practical results, and promoted the deployment of various decisions of the Party Central Committee to take root in Jilin.

"Overall, the number of vehicles produced and sold in the first two months was 10,000 and 10,000 units, a year-on-year decrease of% and%. Although the current sales situation has improved slightly from the end of last year, the decline is still serious." Assistant to the Ministry of Industry, Development Research Center of the State Council Researcher Zhou Yi said that on the one hand, the preferential purchase tax policy since 2015 has released the demand for car purchases in advance, coupled with the decrease in willingness to purchase cars brought by the high growth base and economic slowdown in the previous two years, these factors have led to the sluggish automotive market; On the other hand, the automobile promotion policy introduced in January this year has not yet been fully transmitted to the consumer side, and there is a certain time lag. It is expected that in the second half of this year, the car sales base will decline, the policy effect will begin to appear, and the production and sales data will improve. "The auto market was mainly disturbed by the Spring Festival, which resulted in low monthly data in February, while still being affected by the pressure of economic growth and the external environment such as the property market." Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, believes that autos in February this year The decline in sales volume peaked, which is better than the sales volume in 2014, reflecting the serious lack of growth momentum in the winter market in 2018. The ability to stabilize sales before the Spring Festival has greatly weakened, and the industry is operating in a sluggish and cautious atmosphere.

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In the field of civil aviation travel, Gu Zhaojun, a professor at the Civil Aviation University of China, introduced smart airport planning, including smart services, smart operations, smart security, smart management, and smart business. He proposed a smart airport comprehensive data management platform, analyzed the security risks of the Internet of Things in the smart airport, and provided a security technology system for the security of the Internet of Things for the smart airport. There is attack and defense in cyber security. Hu Guangjun, deputy director of the Information Security Department of the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, introduced the entire process of attacking critical infrastructure and made recommendations for the security protection of major infrastructure. "Smart transportation is an important sign of a strong transportation country, and safety is a prerequisite for the development of intelligent transportation.

To meet this cross-check, the Dalian Municipal Party Committee of the Jiusan Society also made full preparations. "As the first batch of pilot units for capacity building of prefecture-level and city-level organizations in the Central Committee of the Jiu San Academy, the Jiu San Institute's Dalian Municipal Committee always regards the construction of institutions as an important part of comprehensively strengthening itself.

(From People's Daily Online) Our party has put forward the process of building a learning-oriented political party as a major strategic task. The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposes to "form a learning society for all people and lifelong learning" in order to improve the ethics and scientific and cultural quality of the entire nation; It was proposed that "strive to build a learning party"; the Fourth Plenum of the Seventeenth Central Committee proposed "constructing a Marxist learning party as a major and urgent strategic task".

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