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Liu Haifeng: Leading the next generation of artificial intelligence

2019-07-05 05:27

There are five more Husserl manuscripts currently being edited. Sun Zhouxing, Dean of the School of Humanities of Tongji University, told reporters that the "Chinese translation of Husserl Collection" project is extremely important, not only because Husserl is a philosopher in the history of European philosophy, but also because of the translation of documents by classic philosophers. It is the prerequisite for the practical advancement of modern Chinese philosophy. Ni Liangkang said that phenomenological studies in East Asia now play an important and probably most important role in the world's philosophical arena. At present, there are a number of active phenomenologists in Japan, South Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. They have applied phenomenological methods to various fields and achieved important research results that have attracted the attention of the international philosophical community.

Original title: [Job Opening] The 2019 Zhejiang Civil Servants Examination will be registered on April 16th and the 2019 Zhejiang Civil Servants Examination will begin soon. How many people are admitted this year? When does registration begin? What do I need to pay attention to when registering? Can returnees studying abroad (foreign) study abroad? Can I apply for a minor? ...... Many concerns were answered yesterday. Yesterday, the Zhejiang Provincial Civil Service Bureau issued the "Announcement on the Employment of Civil Servants in Examinations at Various Levels in Zhejiang Province in 2019".

The total amount of the new economy reached one trillion yuan at the scene of yesterday's event. The Municipal Development and Reform Commission informed the overall situation of Beijing's Shuanghuang Innovation work in recent years. In recent years, the number of invention patents owned by 10,000 people in Beijing has ranked first in the country for five consecutive years, which is nearly 10 times the national average. A new economy featuring new industries, new formats, and new models is helping Beijing's economy to achieve high levels. Quality development. In 2018, the city's total new economy reached a trillion yuan level, and its contribution to GDP reached 30%. In terms of R & D investment, the total R & D expenditure in Beijing in 2018 exceeded 160 billion yuan, an increase of 22% over 2015, and its proportion of GDP remained at about 6%, ranking first in the country. Among them, the basic research funding increased by nearly 40% in five years, exceeding 26 billion yuan, accounting for 15% of research and development expenditure, and continued to account for more than 20% of the country. Wearing a special helmet, the staff members are sitting in a wheelchair, as long as they stare at the screen and think, the wheelchair can walk as soon as they want to go, and they can quickly complete the acceleration, deceleration, whistle, and parking operations. The brain control brought by the teachers and students of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics The smart wheelchair attracted spectators.

At the same time, with the broadcasting of advertisements, the cultural beauty of national culture, history and culture has also generated a strong response among the audience, attracting the attention of more and more domestic and foreign tourists. At present, the number of young tourists has continued to increase significantly. Eco-tourism continues to heat up, and the driving effect is extremely obvious. Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 14th: What secrets do Hou Chu have? ——Beijing Zhimeizhai Fanzhuang Part-time Job Reporter Feng Songling, reporter of China Net Affairs, Xinhua News Agency. After the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration issued the Guiding Opinions on the Work of Catering Services for Bright Cooks in Catering Services, many catering companies have a more positive attitude, but there are also a few restaurants in private. He said, “I do n’t implement a bright cooker ’s cook.” “How can a back cook let people see it?” The reporter learned that, in addition to cost considerations, some catering companies may find it troublesome, but there are also some companies who are afraid that their back cooks are unspeakable. secret.

Xi Gong Shi Jinmo, one of the four famous doctors in Beijing. His son Gao Xiaosong is a music producer. [Brief introduction] What is the old Beijing in the eyes of Zhang Kequn from the family? Why are 140 ancient Beijing buildings so different? Who is behind the thousand-year-old building? those things? Let's listen to Mr. Liang Sicheng, a master of architecture, and explain to his disciple Zhang Kequn. Here is not only the origin of "Poetry and the Distance", but also a centuries-old ups and downs of an ancient city.

This shop was co-opened with his cousin Yang Qing, and the two people's main income also depends on this restaurant. At 11:00, the elderly Liu Chengzhi, living in Unit 3, Building 3, took his granddaughter to buy vegetables. "Auntie, you're here. I'm going to bring you the food." As soon as the old man Liu Chengzhi came in, Yang Qing put down the vegetables in his hand to help the old man.

In terms of exports, China ’s exports continued to grow at a rapid rate in May, a year-on-year increase of%, an increase of a percentage point from the previous month, while exports to some major trading partners such as the European Union and ASEAN grew faster. At the same time, the trade surplus in May expanded by nearly 90% year-on-year, and the effectiveness of co-construction of the 'Belt and Road' continues to show.

Leading organs and leading cadres should take the lead in reforming and starting from the day-to-day, remove the "wall" which is a life-saving title, promote the establishment of a good political culture within the party, return the word "comrades" to the true, and let party members and cadres meet Can naturally kindly say "Hello, comrade". (Responsible editors: Miao Nanyu (intern), Dong Xiaowei) Original title: Enlightenment of sweet potato hospitality. At that time, Ye Fei, then the secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, went to Dongshan County for inspections. Frying vegetables to entertain, people around whispered, "Will you neglect your superiors?" However, he insisted on doing so. Instead of giving the superiors the impression of being neglected, he won the trust of the organization and the masses.

The main expected goals for economic and social development this year are: regional GDP growth of about%, public financial budget revenue growth of 5%, total social fixed asset investment growth of 13%, total social consumer goods retail growth of 9%, and urban and rural residents' per capita disposable income growth. Both are 8%, and the main binding indicators meet the requirements of superiors.

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