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"Belt and Road" International Forum on New Practices in China-Africa Cooperation Held in Egypt

2019-07-18 18:16

The firmness of ideals and beliefs comes from the firmness of ideas and theories. Adhere to the combination of the basic principles of Marxism and China's specific practice to create ideas and theories that are in line with China's national conditions, and continuously enrich them in the struggle. On the dark clouded journey, the Red Army soldiers once sent out the affectionate call of "looking up to see the Big Dipper". It is precisely because of the "Big Dipper" of Mao Zedong Thought that the journey of the Long March ended the struggle in the dark and achieved a historic turn . Today's new Long March is compared with the Red Army Long March. Compared with the New Long March we have traveled since the reform and opening up, although they are very different in terms of environment, conditions, tasks and strength, they are all groundbreaking. Sex, arduousness, complexity.

(The authors are respectively the chief representative of the International Monetary Fund in China and the deputy representative in China.) Jia Wang, prospered by coal, has been prospering for a century. The traditional extensive development of mineable coal mining and sitting on the ground to make money is ultimately unsustainable. With the depletion of resources and ecological destruction, Jia Wang has become a "false boom". The transformation and development of cities with exhausted resources are imperative. Transformation means getting rid of resource dependence, and pain is inevitable.

The "International Creative Design Forum" invited a number of well-known experts and scholars in the field of creative design at home and abroad to provide advice for the creative design industry in Shenyang from multiple dimensions, provide cutting-edge innovative thinking to Shenyang for new creative design ideas, and lead the cultural and creative industry in Shenyang. Flourish.

Feature ■ The apple in Wang Zhaomin's reflection in 1981 Moaning, because time has been swimming for another moment, she has regenerated her face. He painted things as people. On May 30, 2019, the great style Wang Zhaomin Art Research Exhibition opened at the Guangdong Museum of Art.

Under the circumstances of the eunuch's dictatorship, special agents running rampant, and extreme political corruption in the late Ming dynasty, he spoke out of righteousness, criticized current politics, diligent administration for the people, and clearly rebelled against feudal ethics and "naturally". He opposed the artistic pursuit of imitating resemblance and rhythm , Created the famous masterpiece of the four seas "Linchuan Four Dreams". During the development of Chinese opera, it experienced the three peaks of Yuan Zaju, Legend of Ming Dynasty and Legend of Qing Dynasty. Tang Xianzu lived in the late Ming Dynasty, and his dramatic creation was the main manifestation of the second peak. He inherited the traditions of drama art such as Guan Hanqing, and opened up the origins of Kong Shangren and Hong Sheng's artistic spirit. His appearance, like the rise of a full moon, illuminated the entire literary scene in the Ming Dynasty.

(Responsible editor: Zhang Huawei, Gao Hongxia) In April this year, more than 20 provinces across the country gathered to conduct the 2019 civil servant recruitment examination. Since the time began in May, many provinces have intensively announced the results of written examinations of civil servant examinations. As the written test was released, some provinces also disclosed violations of the civil service exams to the outside world. Many candidates were included in civil service test employment integrity files because of cheating and similar papers. In many provinces, civil servants were disciplinary in their provincial written examinations. On April 20 this year, 22 provinces across the country held "provincial examinations" for recruiting civil servants on the same day. The total number of recruits planned was nearly 80,000.

If the historical background is left overhead, it would be quite accurate to use these verses to describe the carnival of Halloween's "dancing monsters" today. Of course, this is just "look". Let's take a look at the "god-like" places. "Tokyo Menghualu" contains the custom of Bianjing: "Since entering this day (Lake), there are three or five poor people in a group, pretending to be women and ghosts, knocking gongs and drums, begging for money, customs Called 'Da Ye Hu', it also drives the way.

Last year, the village's Xiang Weisheng earned 20,000 yuan in industrial park labor, and he was successfully lifted out of poverty. The cooperation between the eastern and western regions for poverty alleviation first brought wealth, and then joined the well-off, which fully reflects the superiority of the socialist system. Leader Wu Tianji of Baocun Village and deputy head of Yunjing Township said that through targeted poverty alleviation, all 188 poor people in the village have been lifted out of poverty. Mudingzhai will say goodbye to absolute poverty for the first time in history. In rural China, more and more people, like Mudingzhai villagers, have realized the dream of poverty alleviation for thousands of years. From 2013 to 2018, China has exceeded 10 million poverty reduction tasks for six consecutive years.

Manchu food exhibition and sales are held in the Manchu food and snack area. Visitors can visit the site and participate in the production of various Manchu snacks. The Changqiying Manchu Township Eight Banners big market will open on the morning of June 8.

Hepu County has established Hepu County since 111 BC, and has a history of more than 2100 years. It has profound cultural heritage and rich cultural tourism resources.

Judging from the results of the current observations alone, Europa should be the planet with the most water in the solar system. The other planets, although estimated to have much higher water content than Earth, lacked direct observational evidence, so they could only rank behind Europa. After studying the data provided by the Voyager probe, scientists have discovered that Europa has more water resources than the earth and can be called an out-of-the-box "water polo". Europa's Europa is the fourth largest moon of Jupiter. The surface of the planet is covered with a thick layer of ice. Scientists estimate that the ice is 50 kilometers deep, and there may be the largest liquid water ocean in the solar system under the ice. The estimated depth is 80-170 kilometers, and the water content is about two or three times that of the earth. It is the celestial body with the most water content found in the solar system.

Liu Chuanzhi is a legend of entrepreneurship. He led Lenovo to grow from a small company to China's largest computer company, which is an inspiration for many people who want to start a business. Source of video introduction: Release time: October 08, 2013 08:10 Liu Chuanzhi: The acquisition of IBM is successful today. I acquired IMBPC, and today the acquisition was successful. Now our Lenovo Group, in the computer sector, has a turnover of about 34 billion U.S. dollars before the merger and acquisition.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's annual average growth rate of marine GDP was%. In 2015, the total marine production value was 6,466.9 billion yuan (RMB, hereinafter the same), a year-on-year increase of%, a percentage of GDP, and a% contribution to national economic growth. The report shows that the pace of China's marine industry restructuring is accelerating, and the development of marine services and emerging marine industries is strong. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the structure of the marine industry has been continuously optimized, and the proportion of the tertiary industry in the marine economy has increased year by year. In 2015, the added value of the tertiary industry in the marine industry accounted for% of the total marine production value, which was a percentage increase from 2011.

Speaking of the significance of editing and publishing "Hundred Dialogues", Li Qingchuan said, "In the logic of literati, articles, context, and textbooks, we are committed to capturing those who can be deposited into history and can foresee the future. Cultural perspective, paying attention to those that are not popular and not trendy, but must be dynamic, developmental, powerful, and spiritual. Young people will meet face to face while walking.

At the event, Mr. Qiu, an expert in etiquette training, was invited to communicate and share with the sisters. During the activity, Mr. Qiu showed you the secret of silk scarf matching through PPT pictures and videos, and explained in detail how to choose the right silk scarf for different ages and occasions, and how to match clothing of different materials and colors. Scarf. Later, I led everyone to practice a variety of classic scarves, such as rose bows and stewardess collars. Following the teacher's steps, everyone soon made a few different styles of scarves. The final "Scarf Show" set off the climax of the whole event. Everyone wore a silk scarf with their own hands and took photos to show their confidence and beauty.

For some time, some local governments have revealed that some official websites of government departments have disclosed personal information such as ID numbers, mobile phone numbers, bank card account numbers, and residential addresses when they disclosed information. The reporter's investigation found that the situation of personal information being “publicized” is more concentrated among the poor households and people who have escaped poverty, and the information leaks occur more frequently on the official websites of grass-roots departments such as county and township governments, community service centers, and so on. "Public government information disclosure must meet the public's need for information, as well as pay attention to the limits of disclosure, and pay attention to protecting the privacy of citizens' personal information. Avoiding the adverse effects of inappropriate disclosure on the parties and the administrative management order." Lu Yanbin said.

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