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Li Keqiang Holds Talks with Dutch Prime Minister Rutte

2019-07-19 11:34

Promulgated the "Outline of the Manufacturing Strong City Construction Plan", formulated the "machine substitution" implementation plan by industry, accelerated the development and application of the Industrial Internet, big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, and built a number of "digital workshops" and "unmanned factories" To accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing. Cultivate and expand strategic emerging industries, and strive to add 80 billion yuan to the core industries of the digital economy by 2022. Scientific and technological innovation is an indispensable demonstration leader. The city will use great efforts to promote the construction of its own district, and build a "one district and five parks" development pattern with Wenzhou High-tech Zone (Southern Zhejiang Science and Technology City) as its core, accurate positioning, reasonable layout, mutual interaction and coordinated development.

Therefore, as we reduce consumption of sodas and other sugary beverages, we should also reduce our juice intake. The researchers closely followed the situation of 13,440 people (mean age 64 years) to study the relationship between mortality and consumption of sugary beverages, and the results reached the above conclusions. During the 6 years, the research subjects There were 1,168 deaths. Unsurprisingly, those who drank the highest sugar beverages (including 100% fruit juice) were more likely to die during the study period than those who drank the least. According to the British Times, on the 18th, After taking into account factors such as obesity, the most ingested person drinks an extra 12 ounces of sugar-sweetened beverages a day, and the risk of death increases by 11%; drinking an extra 12 ounces of fruit juice a day increases the risk by 24%.

In 1948, he joined the barracks and became a PLA soldier in the 359th Brigade of the Second Northwest Field Army. In mid-November of that year, in support of the Huaihai Campaign, the Northwest Field Army launched a winter offensive. Zhang Fuqing's unit launched an attack in Yongfeng Town, 25 kilometers east of Pucheng County, Shaanxi Province.

The long-term unlawful reclamation and excessive grazing, the ecological environment continues to deteriorate, and the area of soil and water loss accounts for% of the total land area of the county. It is one of the most serious counties in the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River. There was no grass on the bare hills, and there was no tree in the large village. When the wind blows, the flying loess covers the sky, and the sun appears dim in the dust. The fields on the hillsides are fed by the sky, and they often cannot afford food. Each family planted 40 or 50 acres of land, but they still worry about their belly. In order to change this outlook, the central government's decision to "rebuild a beautiful northwestern region with mountains and rivers" was implemented.

Over the past three years, party organizations at all levels in this city have thoroughly studied and understood the important speech of General Secretary Xi, firmly grasped the main line of strengthening the party's governing capacity building, advanced nature, and purity building, and conscientiously implemented a comprehensive and strict party political responsibility to The spirit of reform and innovation has promoted party building, and the creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness of party organizations at all levels have been further enhanced. Strictly governing the party comprehensively is the constant theme of strengthening party building and improving party leadership.

Anti-corruption, investigation of "uncle", "sister", and the responsibility of the judicial and disciplinary inspection departments, should not be pinned on a law. Nevertheless, this interim regulation is still far-reaching, because it does move many people's "cheese."

The Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Provincial Finance Department adopted a market-oriented operation method to invest 80 million yuan and jointly established the "Provincial High-end Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund." On the basis of guaranteeing the annual investment of 100 million yuan, the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Bureau also won a special talent fund of 50 million yuan in 2018 for the introduction of talent treatment and the realization of key talent training incentives. In addition, Changchun City arranged a special fund of 100 million yuan for talents and issued 23.12 million yuan of "innovation vouchers" to support the development of provincial and municipal innovation centers and technology centers.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the start of the BRICS summit.

Original title: Shenzhen Bay and Lianhuashan Park will regulate passenger flow during peak hours On June 5, Shenzhen Park Management Center issued a warm reminder to remind the general public that tourists should reasonably choose the time and place of travel and travel at peak times; during peak passenger flows, they will also The park and its surrounding roads adopt passenger flow control measures. According to reports, according to the park construction specifications, the reasonable tourist carrying capacity of Shenzhen Bay Park is 40,000. Since the opening of Metro Line 9 in November 2016, Shenzhen Bay Park has more than 100,000 passengers on weekends, and 200,000 to 300,000 passengers on statutory holidays have become normal, which seriously exceeds the load that the park can carry.

Kang Hanqing, member of the Standing Committee of the Harbin Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, said that as a "central city for cooperation with Russia", Harbin has rich scientific and technological resources, solid foundation for cooperation with Russia, and unlimited development potential. Taking this China-Russia Science and Technology Innovation Day event as an opportunity, Harbin will further leverage the advantages of cooperation with Russia and actively build a new height of international science and technology cooperation in Harbin. Over the years, Heilongjiang Province has built its geographical advantage, actively built a bridgehead for cooperation with Russia, established a rich and stable channel for cooperation with Russia, and built a unique service system for innovation with Russia. It has gradually become a window for China's scientific and technological cooperation with Russia. cutting edge.

Supervision should be strengthened, self-inspection and self-correction should be carried out at various levels to ensure that various systems are implemented and the prescribed actions are completed. It is necessary to solidify the effective experience into institutional results.

The United States, which maintains good relations with all Gulf countries, has been interacting with many parties. Tillerson said on the 25th: "The constructive next step will be for all countries to sit down and continue consultations. The common goal of our allies and partners is to stop terrorism and fight extremism. We believe we are working together to achieve that goal. It will be stronger when you work. "" Every country can contribute to this effort.

It has been 71 years since the end of World War II, and more than two decades have passed since the Cold War. The strategic influence of the United States in Northeast Asia has become more and more troublesome. Geographically, the United States does not belong to Northeast Asia. However, from a geopolitical perspective, the United States is a key player in Northeast Asia's international affairs. The US government does not have a clear foreign policy and foreign strategy for Northeast Asia alone. However, the United States has invested heavily in the region in politics, economy, diplomacy, military and other fields, indicating that Northeast Asia has a decisive value to US national interests.

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