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2019-07-20 05:43

Time Event Name Location Economic and Trade Technology Cooperation Theme Exhibition World Trade International Folk Artist Festival Wushan Square Citizen Leisure Festival Qianjiang New Town College Student Creative Life Festival World Trade International Chess Cultural Expo China Chess Academy Hangzhou Branch Xizi Beautiful Festival Yongjin Plaza International Investment Cooperation Conference Hyatt Grand Hotel Cultural and Creative Industry Expo Baima Lake Housing Expo World Trade International Chunan Xiushui Carnival Chunxian County Xiushui Square Qiandaohu Folk Art Exhibition Performed in Chun'an County Xiushui Square IoT Summit Sanli Kaiyuan Building Women's Wear Exhibition World Trade International Arts and Crafts Fine Arts Fair Peace International Retreat Qianjiang New City to Huanggongwang Park International Music Festival, Prince Bay Park International Computer Festival, Ego Digital 4 Store Outfield International Silk Expo, World Trade International Automobile Industry Exhibition, International Convention and Exhibition Center, Leisure Sports Industry Expo, Peace International Talent Exchange Conference, Peace International West Lake Art Fair, Peace International Hangzhou Famous Teachers and Principals Forum Qingshuiwan Hotel Asian Design Management Forum Closing Ceremony of Canal Advertising Industrial Park Qianjiang New City Technical Achievement Auction Baima Lake Tower Name Address Established Baita Baita Ridge Five Dynasties Wuyue Period Baoyu Tower Bao During the Northern Song Dynasty on the mountain, the Fantian Temple passed through the Fengshan Temple on the eastern foot of Fenghuang Mountain in 965. The Koryo Temple Runner Tibetan Tower. The Koryo Temple. 2007. Hehuang Tower. Hejing Street. West of Jiang Xianggong Ancestral Hall. Peak Tower, Xizhao Mountain, Ligong Tower Lingyin Temple in the Five Dynasties Wuyue Period, Lingyin Temple in the Song Dynasty, Lingyin Temple in the Song Dynasty, Wuyue Dynasty in the fifth generation, and Yue Yue in the last year of the Five Dynasties and Tayuelun Mountain. Gongde Tower West Lake Yanxia Cave Entrance Five Dynasties Wuyue Period Three Ponds Three Ponds Three Moons Imprinting Northern Song Dynasty Yuanyou Shen Nisheli Flying to the Peak Shang Shunba Sightseeing Tower of the Sui Dynasty China Water Museum 2010 Weizhen Zen Master Tower Longzhang Community Dongying Ruins Kangxi Bingzi Xianzhao Temple King Kong Pagoda Xiaoshan 1999 Xianzhao Temple King Kong Pagoda Xiaoshan Shiyan Mountain 2000 In front of Xiangji Temple Stone Pagoda Ancient Xiangji Temple Main Hall North Song Yuquan Small Stone Pagoda Qinglian Temple It is said that the Southern Song Dynasty Zhao Puchu's body bone tower Fahua Temple Nineties In 2004, on the Laoshan Town, Linpu Town, Taxiao District, the Tibetan pagoda revolved in 2004. Since the establishment of the West Lake in 2007, people have been keen to build a private estate near this water. These estates are "made by outside teachers, expand the artistic conception inside", and use the true scenery of Jingzhen to set up the open space, and the couplet monuments are not only homes, but also culturally rich gardens. Also interesting are the past clouds and smoke in the village: the foothills of Dingjia, Liuzhuang, the first garden in the West Lake, along with the stormy journey of the growth of the republic; by the small South Lake, the master of Chinese learning Ma Yifu lived in Jiangzhuang, tea, blue lanterns, reading The lettering left a room of ink fragrance; under Leifeng Pagoda, Wangzhuang Juxiang, celebrities elegant gathering, Fuqin poetry, grand occasion ... "There is a lake outside the park, there is a dyke outside the lake, there is a mountain outside the dyke, there is a tower on the mountain", Lake and village, village and people, you have me, you have me.

Judging from the responsibilities of the Discipline Inspection Commission, the Discipline Inspection Commission supervises and enforces accountability, the Supervision Commission supervises investigations and dispositions, and supervision is the foundation. It is the first and first place. Its purpose is to find problems, correct deviations, catch early and prevent minor changes. To prevent party cadres and public officials from being good comrades or prisoners, the two are highly consistent in their guiding ideology and basic principles. Facing the new situation and new tasks, it is very important to deeply understand and accurately grasp this position of responsibilities, and to put supervision first in the first place.

After the severe test of struggle in prison, in the winter of 1932, Zhang Manping was approved by the party branch in prison to become a member of the Communist Party of China and became a member of the party branch in prison. In September 1936, Zhang Manping was rescued from the jail by the party organization, and then assigned to work in Henan. He successively served as Secretary-General of the Henan Provincial Party Committee of the CPC, Secretary of the CPC Kaifeng Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Organization, Secretary of the CPC Xihua Center County Party Committee, and CPC Zhengzhou ) Secretary of the Mi (county) Yi (Yang) Working Committee and Secretary of the Puyang County Party Committee and member of the Zheng Zheng Mi Prefectural Committee of the Communist Party of China, restored and developed party organizations in Kaifeng, Liyang, Xihua, and other places, promoted the party's anti-Japanese proposition, and mobilized people at all levels to form The anti-Japanese united front, launched the anti-Japanese salvation campaign, and opened the Xihua anti-Japanese base area. At the end of 1938, Zhang Manping transferred to the border area of Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu to work in Peng Xuefeng, the 4th Division of the New Fourth Army. He successively served as the commander of the 2nd Corps and the staff of the combat division of the 4th Division Command.

At present, the Group has identified 8 recent key projects, namely, the Shangguan government news aggregation platform, Wenhui Intelligent Editing and Distribution System, Xinmin Media Asset and Shooting Platform, the community media media content service platform thoughtful number, surging Pai video, and interface · The Associated Press's star mine intelligent data platform and intelligent content review system strive to form new phenomenal products. The Group has formed a group of its own technical teams, which will deploy four new and common intelligent technology tools with strong common needs, demand and sharing, including machine translation, voice broadcast, intelligent distribution push, and intelligent content review and verification. Develop, provide interfaces for various media, and share applications.

Promote the rural "toilet revolution". On December 30 this year, 60% of the province's rural sanitary toilets should be renovated (newly built). The environmental management of 2000 administrative villages was newly completed. Hunan Business School officially changed its name to Hunan Business University Huasheng Online June 13th Recently, the Ministry of Education sent a letter to the Hunan Provincial People's Government, agreeing that Hunan Business School should be renamed Hunan Business University. So far, the number of ordinary colleges and universities in Hunan named after "university" has increased to 13.

On the same day, the 6th China-Russia Expo cultural performances were held at the Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Sports Center. Artistic groups from China and Russia brought audiences such as scene songs and dances, Chinese opera, Russian folk songs and acrobatics. 2019-06-1509: 17 Li Zongwei announces retirement 2019-06-1408: 24 New Delhi continues high temperature 2019-06-1408: 23 Teresa May attends Prime Minister's Q & A 2019-06-1408: 23 Recommended reading Somalia's capital hit by car bomb Caused 10 deaths, 26 injuries 2019-06-1709: 32 See Kenya Samburu National Park 2019-06-1709: 31 Large-scale power outages across Argentina 2019-06-1709: 30 Qinghai Ramen Restaurant will open in Egypt 1709: 29 Malaysian students perform stage drama "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in Malay 2019-06-1709: 28 Danzhai, Guizhou: Thousands of acres Yangmei welcomes a bumper harvest 2019-06-1709: 26 Hebei Julu: Apricot full branches welcome a bumper harvest 2019 -06-1709: 26 Safe life from the Primary School Association 2019-06-1709: 17 Hunan Xiangxi: Farming Folk Culture Festival 2019-06-1709: 17 The 11th Straits Forum is held in Xiamen 2019-06-1709: 14 The Panda Pavilion is open to the public 2019-06-1708: 39 Huidong, Sichuan: Pot Cave Wonders "Jiangxi Day" 2019-06-1708: 36 On December 28, 2016, a special freight train of plateau mineral water with 70 containers was transported from Lhasa to Ningbo, Zhejiang. Qinghai-Tibet Railway directly led to the development of the natural drinking water industry. One end is continuously outputting plateau water, and the other is constantly attracting tourists. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway makes the snow-covered plateau and the mainland truly achieve a close "hand in hand" and "face to face".

It will be a long and complicated process for at least 40 opponents across the country to make more and more difficulties in the future. From a domestic point of view, it took 12 years for Hangzhou West Lake to apply for the legacy, 7 days for the Grand Canal to apply for the legacy, and 8 years for the Silk Road project. From a foreign perspective, Japan's Mount Fuji had used the legacy for more than 20 years, and also had it halfway through. Changed the direction of the legacy.

Immediately after the accident, the Chinese embassy in India contacted the Indian police and the local government to confirm the news of the death of two Chinese citizens. Zhao Jun, the director of the consular department of the Chinese embassy in India, said that he would urge India to find out the cause of the accident, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens, and assist relevant parties in the country to do good aftercare. Local police officer Keliya said in a telephone interview with Xinhua News Agency on the 10th that although the intensity of the explosion and the fire caused by it were not great, two engineers from China were repairing the boiler at the time of the incident, which was very close to the explosion site. Is the direct cause of death. At present, the cause of the explosion remains to be further investigated. Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 10 (Reporter Wu Jialin) Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang announced on the 10th that, as agreed by China and Africa, the meeting of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit Implementation Coordinator will be held in Beijing from June 24 to 25 Held.

The organizational method is upgraded from invitation to contract, the organizational structure is upgraded from decentralized to integrated, the functional tasks are upgraded from single to composite, and the operating system is upgraded from coarse to systematic. The upgrade of the suggestion and suggestion group is a new starting point in the development process of the group, marking that the suggestion and suggestion group has entered a new stage. The majority of the group members should further perform their duties, perform their due diligence, conduct solid investigations, and continue to advance the work of the advice group. The meeting conveyed and learned the spirit of the National United Front Ministers' Meeting, held the first appointment ceremony of the advice group, and issued letters of appointment to all group members and group consultants.

A number of owners provided videos and confirmed that the owners had reported to the police after a quarrel with the man.

The performance of the Chinese women's football makes the German women's football somewhat "back-scared." A German female football player said: "It is difficult for us to create good space and opportunities. They are too fierce to fight, and every ball must be fought. "This is also the spirit emphasized by Jia Xiuquan: there is a gap in physical strength and still dare to confront; the scene may be passive, and it is more persevering to run and respond; a team is needed instead of a certain star. Despite the defeat of the World Cup debut, fans against China Women's hard work affirmed.

Governance principles highlight the theme of developing responsible artificial intelligence, emphasizing eight principles: harmony, friendship, fairness and justice, inclusive sharing, respect for privacy, security and control, shared responsibility, open collaboration, and agile governance. In recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence is profoundly changing human life and the world. In order to promote the healthy development of the new generation of artificial intelligence, strengthen the research on artificial intelligence legal, ethical and social issues, and actively promote the global governance of artificial intelligence, the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Planning Promotion Office established the National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional Committee. The committee's focus this year. Zhang Xu, deputy director of the Strategic Planning Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, introduced that the principles of governance have gathered extensive consensus through online suggestions, expert discussions, and solicitations from multiple parties. "Some guidelines and principles are put forward mainly from the perspective of the country and the organization. The governance principles issued by China this time emphasize international cooperation, protect the future of artificial intelligence, and jointly build a community of human destiny. This is China's artificial intelligence. Develop initiatives and commitments to the world.

The "Implementation Plan" encourages consumers to replace and eliminate household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and televisions with high energy consumption and poor safety. Where appropriate, consumers should be given appropriate support in purchasing energy-saving and intelligent household appliances; Production companies further benefit consumers. What about replaced old appliances? The "Implementation Plan" encourages the construction of recycling and dismantling systems for color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other products, and promotes the recycling of waste household appliances.

(Editors: Huang Yan, Guan Fei)

From January to April this year, the proportion of general trade in Chongzuo City exceeded that of small border trade and maintained a rapid growth trend. Imports and exports of small-scale trade at the border amounted to 100 million yuan, a decrease of%, accounting for% of the city's total foreign trade value (the same hereinafter); imports and exports of general trade methods amounted to 100 million yuan, a doubling of the growth rate, a threefold increase from the first quarter, and the proportion exceeded the small amount of the border. Trade reaches 39%. In the first April of this year, Chongzuo's largest trading partner was still the ASEAN region, and its trade with the United States and Hong Kong maintained a rapid growth. From January to April, Chongzuo City's import and export of 100 million yuan to ASEAN, an increase of%, accounting for up to%. Among them, Vietnam ’s imports and exports to Vietnam dropped by%, a decrease of 2 percentage points from the first quarter; trade with the United States and Hong Kong maintained a strong increase, with imports and exports of 4.3 billion and 100 million yuan, respectively, doubling and doubling.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to see the wider world" In essence, Romania's fashion industry is still a product of the "National Plan." Ivan pointed out that in the official compilation of the "National Craftsmen's Union", only 25 models were given There are no professional model training institutions in Romania. The "socialist supermodel" admits that he and his companions are "self-taught", but this will not affect their professionalism. "We practice various steps and practice How to trim your hair, and practice your own makeup.

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