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These large-scale and man-made "Manchurian" materials were the largest information literature database in the world in the first half of the 20th century, which fully reflected China's national conditions at that time. Among the "Manchurian" materials, a considerable number of them are survey reports on the socio-economics of the rural areas in Northeast China. These survey reports are of high scientific and technological value and are a database of agricultural resources in Northeast China. We should make full use of valuable information to serve the current economic construction. However, there are still some problems in the use of "Manchu" materials: the "Manchu" materials we currently use are only a small part of the vast "Manchu" materials. Since many "Manchu" materials are original manuscripts, The printing quality is not good and can only be read and used by a limited number of people. In addition, the existing research scope and the scope of the "Manchurian" materials are too narrow compared to the previous ones. The research fields of the history of the Anti-Japanese War and the history of the fall of the Northeast need to be expanded.

Wu Dajing said: "I think my level is still in the finals position, that makes me more confident and motivated. I look forward to the next game." In addition to Fan Kexin's 500-meter silver medal, no more medals were won. In addition, the women's relay failed to qualify for the World Championships, and the overall decline of the women's team has become an indisputable fact.

On the eve of the parting, Rebecca, the breeder of Madrid Zoo and Starmother ’s nurse, said emotionally that Starmall is like a little angel falling into the world, and it makes me very sad to be separated from it. It will be my eternal treasure.

Green media veteran Wu Zijia (Photo Source: Taiwan “China Times”) Taiwan ’s Taiwan website May 31. According to Taiwan ’s “China Times”, Green media veteran Wu Zijia has reported that the mayor of Kaohsiung, South Korea, has an affair. And even illegitimate daughters. In this regard, South Korean Yu and South Korean Yu's wife Li Jiafen stated to Wu Zijia.

To this end, the state party committee and state government set up a leading group and office with Yao Guohua, secretary of the state party committee, Li Yang, deputy secretary of the state party committee, and governor Li Yang, and other state leaders and relevant department leaders as members to organize and carry out corporate assistance work. Responsible for tracking and coordinating state-level leaders to assist in daily affairs. All counties and cities are required to set up corresponding leadership agencies and working teams to ensure that work is done to the point and assist the households, so that the linked assistance can be truly implemented and produce effective results. According to the requirements of the Plan, all 34 state-level leaders in Honghe Prefecture assisted 100 industrial enterprises in the prefecture, of which 26 were key industrial enterprises above designated size; in 2016, the number of newly-regulated industrial enterprises was 40. 34 industrial enterprises with partial or semi-stop production.

In addition, it is necessary to create a good atmosphere, make rights protection services more "sound and believable", strengthen early warning services for intellectual property protection, and actively respond to lawsuits against those who have already experienced intellectual property disputes, and protect the legitimate interests of rights holders in accordance with the law. (Reporting by reporter Wei Zhezhe and Wang Mingfeng)

Free section 3 time event. Agricultural Bank resumes establishment. Agricultural Bank introduces first World Bank loan. Agricultural Bank of China for the first time unifies bank name. Central Committee decided to establish Agricultural Bank of China Party Committee. 1994 Rural Credit Cooperative and Agricultural Bank were separated from administrative affiliation. 2004, the first report of the Agricultural Bank of China on the share reform plan was completed. The national data concentration project that lasted more than three years was completed. The general principles for the reform of the agricultural bank's shareholding system were clearly set out. The “3510” struggle goal and development strategy were completed. The Agricultural Bank of China's “Farming, Agriculture” financial division system reform program was approved by the State Council through the Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd. The Agricultural Bank of China International Holdings Co., Ltd. announced the establishment of Agricultural Bank International Holdings Limited in Hong Kong, Agricultural Bank of China listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange , Originally called the People's Construction Bank of China, and renamed China Construction Bank on March 26, 1996) was established on October 1, 1954, is a joint-stock commercial bank, and is one of the five state-owned commercial banks. China Construction Bank's main business areas include corporate banking, personal banking and treasury. There are 14,121 branches in Mainland China (2012), and branches in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Melbourne and other places. It has CCB funds, CCB Leasing, CCB Trust, CCB Life Insurance, Sino-German Housing Savings Bank, CCB Asia, CCB London, CCB Russia, CCB Dubai, CCB International and other subsidiaries provide comprehensive financial services to customers.

2. The main content of the "Regulations" optimization and improvement Based on the summary of the implementation experience of the "Interim Measures", the "Regulations" mainly amended and improved the following three aspects. (1) Systematically strengthen the standardized management of human genetic resources.

In the "Village Revitalization and Agricultural and Rural Modernization" sub-forum, Liu Yonghao, chairman of New Hope Group, said that the vitality of rural revitalization is to rely on new farmers who have scientific and cultural qualities and master modern agricultural production skills. Liu Yonghao emphasized that new farmers cannot be compared with farmers in the traditional sense, because they not only possess industrial knowledge and business consciousness, they are also pioneers in the current e-commerce boom. In his opinion, these new farmers not only have great achievements in agricultural production, but also play an important role in promoting rural tourism, agricultural machinery transformation, and grain storage and safety. Liu Yonghao pointed out that, on the one hand, a large number of rural youths go to cities to work and master a large amount of advanced cultural knowledge and skills in work and training. On the other hand, the phenomenon of "hollowing" in some rural areas is not conducive to the development of modern agriculture. In this regard, he called for more preferential policies for new farmers, not only to allow migrant workers who have learned organization and industrialization knowledge to return to the countryside to set up new family farms, but also to encourage a large number of knowledgeable young people to "go back to the mountains and countryside"- "Let the new farmers become the envy of white-collar and blue-collar workers in the city.

Liu Hongjian, acting mayor of the municipal government, and Zhi Yilong, director of the Expert Committee of the Fujian Provincial Brand Construction Promotion Association, addressed the conference. At the meeting, the main leaders of each county (city, district) spoke for local characteristic brands and spoke with guests. Chen Minhui, secretary of the county party committee, introduced glossy brand building and famous products at the meeting. Chen Minhui introduced the theme of "Wuyi Landscape—Gloss of Ecological Food" to the guests, who introduced "Successful Dependence" of Shengnong Food, "Taste and Drink" Wuyi Mountain Mineral Water, and "Good-looking and Delicious" Fu Xiaoxi Vegetables .

In addition to the considerable economic benefits, Qianguoyuan is also a key agricultural tourism demonstration park built by Huichuan District, which solves more than 600 jobs for local villagers every year. (Lan Yongming, Luo Yonghong, Tang Jin) (Responsible editors: Chen Jingjing, Chen Kangqing) The Dongrong strategy nurtures unlimited business opportunities, and emerging industry companies have gradually settled in Hezhou. On September 27, the signing ceremony of Hezhou Health Cloud Harbor Industrial Park enterprises entering the park was held in Dongrong Villa, Hezhou.

If you push it up and down, you know where the source comes from; if you see it next to it, you can see how many descendants. The husband is long and long, and it is bound to be divided, so is the common sense of this thing.

General Secretary Xi said, "Today we still have to scream this slogan, and everyone is working hard to realize the Chinese dream." This is the connection between the two eras, and it is also a kind of spiritual inheritance. Those classic words with a sense of time, such as "time is money, efficiency is life", "start with me, start from now", "run out of Asia, and go to the world", etc., all mark the people's longing for struggle, all witness With the marching pace of the great nations, we can still clearly perceive the charm of the spirit, realize the feelings of hard work and forge ahead, and stir up the pride of chasing dreams. The material miracles created in the 40 years of reform and opening up have attracted worldwide attention, and the spiritual shaping they bring has also been remarkable. From the beginning, the Party Central Committee emphasized that "both hands must be grasped and both hands must be firm." That is, one must grasp material civilization and one spiritual civilization, the money bag must be bulged, and the head must also be rich.

At the scene, the organizer played the sweet line of "Rescue cp" in the three sentences "fans of the sun" voted by fans on the big screen. When "Every time to escape from you, I will regret it", "Don't be injured, this is the order "" The reply came too late, I will never break up with you ". These" Sister-in-law 10 "lines appeared, almost setting off the climax of the day's activities. Jin Zhiyuan chose the most moving part from it, and recalled the unforgettable fun that happened when shooting with Jinjiu. (Editors: Zhao Chunxiao, Liu Mina)

In addition, the system can also monitor the progress and speed of infusion in real time, and the process of infusion speed can be more standardized. The infusion situation in a ward can be seen by a nurse at a glance.

The former famous mouth now seems to have been "marginalized", and only keen to bury himself in the old pile, immersed in the personal world. When everyone is hurrying in the working atmosphere of "Today is doing something tomorrow", Cui Yongyuan seems to be busier and more urgent than others. However, he and the times are moving away, hurrying and hurrying to do those things that were not yesterday. Okay, not done. Right now, the 20-episode feature film "I and My Motherland" produced by Cui Yongyuan is being broadcast on CCTV-1. The parties will tell historical events, including the founding chief, the earliest overseas students in New China, and the first domestic car. The makers and the first female tractor drivers, female train drivers ... The average age of the narrators in the picture is over 80 years old. The lifelike stories in their mouths draw the audience back to the history of New China. All of these interview materials come from Cui Yongyuan's "oral history library", which has been in operation for 7 years. Today, Xiao Cui ’s “Library” has begun to take shape, and has accumulated more than a million minutes of interview material for senior characters in various fields including film, music, war, diplomacy, and early stage.

Zhaojue County of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture is located in the southwest of Sichuan Province and is located in the belly of Daliang Mountain. In this large Yi county, there are no Catholic churches, and only four nuns work and live in the leprosy rehabilitation center in Zhiermo Township. Conditions were not good at the beginning, and they had a hard time. After the rehabilitation hospital was placed under the jurisdiction of the local civil affairs bureau in 2012, conditions were greatly improved. The rehabilitation hospital was moved to a new place. The new rehabilitation hospital was jointly established by the local government and charity. Two buildings were built, one was a rehabilitation hospital and the other was a school.

Zhou Xiaopei, a former Chinese ambassador to Russia, said in an interview with People's Daily that the show was "shocking." The screenwriters interpreted this unprecedented sacred war with vivid stories and praised the fearless heroism of the Soviet people. "Today we remember the cruel past in order to cherish the hard-won peaceful life and to look forward to a happier and better future.

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