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January 21, 1962: Outline of Deng Xiaoping's speech at the enlarged working conference of the CPC Central Committee (excerpt)

2019-09-04 06:26

Hardcore War: Real historical stories shockingly make Zhang Yi, Jiang Wu, Wang Qianyuan, Du Chun, Li Chen, Huang Xiaoming, Wei Chen, Ou Hao and other stars appear in the same movie at the same time? Guan Hu's "Hundred Hundreds" did it. The tough guy who has directed many high-quality films such as "Bull Fighting", "Killing", and "Old Cannon", finally made a historical story of his preparation for ten years-1937 At the end of the Battle of Shanghai and Shanghai in the year, Xie Jinyuan was ordered to lead a 524th battalion of the 88th Division of the Chinese Army to hold the Zhabei four warehouses and cover the retreat of the main force. In order to confuse the enemy, the four hundred people claimed to be 800 people in history. ". Guan Hu said that it was his original intention to let more people know that the 400 people were fighting for 40 million people. The whole film was shot with digital IMAX cameras, creating the first Chinese movie. Another epic war film "Eight Sons" adapted from real events was directed by Gao Xixi. Based on the local hero story "Eight Sons Joining the Army" in Jiangxi, it tells that in the 1930s, 330,000 Gannan strong men enthusiastically joined the Red Army, an old mother. In the story of sending eight sons to the battlefield, Gaoxi admits that every shot in this film is bitter, but it cannot be overemphasized that the details of the war cannot be emphasized. In addition, "Shanghai Fortress", adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Jiang Nan, has also attracted much attention. This film is more like a fusion of science fiction and war movies. In the posters that have been exposed, Shanghai will transform into the future battlefield and start the defense of humanity After World War I, after the domestic sci-fi fever caused by "Wandering Earth", could this movie become a "dark horse" again? Youth on campus: secret love or painful reality? Summer is a carnival season for students, and youth films naturally become a must-have for summer.

Durant insisted on playing without injury. In the case of right leg injury, Durant insisted on playing for 11 minutes in the fifth game of the NBA Finals, resulting in rupture of the Achilles tendon. The word sports fans at all No stranger, when Liu Xiang dragged a leg with a broken Achilles tendon and jumped off the track of the London Olympic Games, the Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant insisted on completing a free throw after the Achilles tendon broke. In NBA history, Achilles tendon There are many players who have suffered the most devastating blows in their careers. This time, it is Durant who is in the right year to play. "This is catastrophic, obviously for Durant. I feel bad for Rick Selebrini (Warriors doctor). He is the smartest and the most beautiful person among the people I know. He has been hit hard.

[Responsible editor: Sun Pengyu] The reporter was informed this afternoon that the Department of Radiology, Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University is conducting a magnetic resonance cardiac function evaluation research project for hypertension patients, and a group of volunteers for hypertension patients will be recruited for the Nanjing area. the study. According to reports, high blood pressure produces a sustained high pressure load on the heart, which may gradually make the heart lose its ability to compensate and develop cardiac insufficiency. The early changes in the heart caused by hypertension are very subtle, and the general patient has no conscious symptoms. Magnetic resonance imaging has the advantages of accuracy, high tissue resolution, and no ionizing radiation.

Earnestly carry out special tax clearance of key taxes such as value-added tax and land value-added tax. Break down the departmental barriers, and strengthen the control over hidden tax sources such as private house leasing and township (township) share transfers in the township (street) locations. The tax sources in the area should be implemented with project division of labor, inventory advancement, time management, and accountability.

"The thermal power plant that China helped us build is first-rate. I have only seen a lot of equipment in cutting-edge scientific journals. Working here is the most correct choice." There are many Tajikistanans like Marin who realize their own value in thermal power plants. . Ma Yisuna, a part-time translator, told reporters in fluent Chinese, "I am now the pillar of my family and I have taken up the responsibility of supporting my family.

As early as 2010, the Lexus CT200h model became the world's first petrol-electric hybrid compact luxury sedan. This honor alone can set the CT200h model as a benchmark in new energy vehicles. Despite the emergence of strong competitors after so many years, Lexus' innovation and development in the field of new energy has made CT200h a synonym for high-quality, low-emission models.

The copyright page of "The Lost Pingjin" was marked as "One of the Chinese Series in the War of Resistance", published in January 1938; the copyright page of "Songhuhuo Online" was marked "The Chinese Series in the War of Resistance 2", published on February 1938; The copyright page of "Looking Back to the East Battlefield" was marked "No. 3 in the Chinese Series in the War of Resistance", published in February 1938; the copyright page of "The Retreat of the Eastern Front" was marked "China in the War of Resistance" Series No. 4 ", published in March 1938. The 4 editions of "Lugou Bridge to Zhanghe", "On the Fire Line", "Northwest in the War of Resistance", and "Fujian-Fujian" are only marked as "China Series in the War of Resistance", and were published in March 1938, 1938 February, March 1938, and March 1938. It can be seen that the order of the books and the publication time of the two advertisements of Life Bookstore are not consistent. The author's signature of each book is different from the advertisement published in the Ta Kung Pao. For example, the advertising author of "Return to the East Battlefield" in "Ta Kung Pao" is "The Yangtze River is waiting", while the advertisement at the end of "Xuzhou Breakout" is "The Yangtze River and Luo Equality", which is consistent with the signature at the time of publication . The advertising author of "The Retreat of the Eastern Frontier" in Ta Kung Pao signed the name "Yangtze River is waiting", while the advertisement at the end of the book "Xuzhou Breakout" was signed as "Hu Lanyu waiting".

Original title: [Hai You Jin Yu] Strengthening the new momentum of the marine economy □ General Secretary Lu Yi Xi Jinping pointed out that the ocean is a strategic place for high-quality development, requiring Shandong to pay more attention to managing the ocean and strive to develop the marine economy Forefront. Implementing the important instructions of the General Secretary, doing a good job of managing the ocean, and making a contribution to the construction of a maritime power in Shandong are important political tasks shouldered by all levels of the province, as well as the responsibilities of the cadres and the masses in the province. Shandong stands by the sea and rises by the sea. The ocean is the greatest kinetic energy, greatest advantage and potential of Shandong's development.

In addition, enterprises are encouraged to apply for high-tech products.

Li Yining's Road to Economic Reform and Development in China was included in the library. On April 16, 2012, Cambridge University Press London hosted the launch of the book.

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