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"City 24 Hours" episode three: 160,000 financial people get up in the dark and each person creates nearly 100 million yuan in Shenzhen

2019-09-04 19:19

Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhang Nan She Yan Kun and Feng Qi Jun are members of the university student team who convinced Guo Hongyi. Speaking of the reason for "job-hopping" as a peasant, Yan Kun's answer was simple and straightforward: "I wanted my family to eat good rice at first, but later found that many people have similar needs to me." In 2013, the two resigned from the city. Work, transferred more than 1,000 acres of rice fields from Xingde Village, set up Wuyuan Farm. Over the years, it attracted a dozen younger college students to take root in the countryside. When the "new generation" entered the village, the first impression that the villagers had was "can toss".

The details are heartwarming. Everywhere in the city's governance, cultural projects have been carefully made into warm heart projects welcomed by the masses. Why not? (Responsible editor: Lian Pinjie, Li Yan)

In addition, a number of high-tech projects for the benefit of the people will be presented, which will further reflect the achievements of dual innovation to benefit the people's livelihood in terms of improving urban functions, improving the ecological environment, and ensuring public services. Highlights: A warehouse robot actively avoids obstacles. A visual navigation warehouse collaboration robot can automatically follow the people it identifies, automatically avoid obstacles, and use it for cargo transportation. Beijing News reporter Zheng Xinchao on June 12, the reporter visited the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition Center in Zhongguancun in advance. In the hall, a warehouse collaboration robot follows the staff to slowly drive behind, not only can make flexible turns, but also actively avoid when encountering obstacles on the way. Bian Tiedong, an intelligent technology engineer, told reporters that this computer-assisted collaborative robot can follow the picker to collaboratively pick goods in the warehouse through computer vision technology. At the same time, the collaborative robot can also achieve "self-navigation" to improve the efficiency of internal logistics.

(He Mubao, Mo Chongjian) People ’s Network Zhongshan May 23th, the author learned from the Zhongshan base of organic farmers in Zhongshan County, Hezhou City that some time ago, the base has sent a total of 9 cars and 63 tons to Beijing with a cold chain car. The special fish “Ding Guiyu” allows Beijing residents to eat “Poverty Alleviation Fish” produced by Zhongshan on the dining table. Entering Zhongshan Base, an organic farmer, the author saw four barrel-shaped fish ponds with a diameter of 8 meters. Small fishes were swimming in the pond. "Our company base builds a microbial nitrification pond, using the world's leading water purification technology, which allows fish to maintain healthy growth under high-density farming conditions. Each cubic meter of water can stock 10,000 unique fish fry. Each cubic meter of water contains The fish volume is up to 300 kg.

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In September 2017, a 7,000-word document blasted the economic circle. The "Opinions on Creating a Healthy Environment for Entrepreneurs' Growth, Promoting Excellent Entrepreneurship, and Better Playing the Role of Entrepreneurs" aroused widespread concern among entrepreneurs.

Haier Clothing Network is COSMOPlat's industrial internet cloud platform in the field of mass customization of clothing. Relying on smart clothing and Internet of Things technology from Clothing Network, it provides users with solutions that run through the entire life cycle of clothes washing, protecting, storing, tying and purchasing. At present, through the cross-border cooperation with the clothing and home textiles field, the dyeing and dyeing industry, and the clothing IoT technology industry, we have achieved a win-win value-added for all stakeholders in the open and shared washing ecosystem. (Responsible editor: Bi Lei, Shen Guangqian)

Some media have given “single portraits” to single groups in this way: In terms of income level, in addition to the monthly income of the new generation of consumers in the first-tier cities in the range of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, which is relatively high, with the decline of the city level, 3,000 to 6,000 yuan The proportion of income is getting higher and higher. The monthly income of 6000 ~ 8000 yuan may be the more precise income situation of single young people from 1985 to 1995. In the family environment, they belong to the first and second generation of only children in China. Parents are basically Born in the 1960s and 1970s, they are basically in the working state, without the pressure of supporting the elderly. Some parents can even provide financial support each month by earning their own money. In terms of consumption concepts, asset prices are high, and "rather than saving money to buy a house, it is better to be happy in time" has become the mantra of many single groups.

Sulfur is one of the main culprits. The high sulfur content of marine fuel oil will increase sulfur emissions and cause air pollution. In order to control the emission of atmospheric pollutants from ships in China, the Ministry of Transport established ship emission control zones in the Bohai Rim (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei), Yangtze River Delta, and Pearl River Delta waters in December 2015. In 2018, the Ministry of Transport promulgated the "Implementation Plan for the Ship's Air Pollutant Emission Control Area" to expand the emission control area to cover the coasts of China, the Yangtze River and the West River. The plan is clear. From January 1, 2019, marine vessels entering the emission control zone should use marine fuel oil with a sulfur content of not more than% m / m, which is equivalent to implementing the IMO ’s sulfur restriction order one year in advance.

A full set of outward-facing cameras are connected to the body, and these cameras are connected to the wireless network system. At the same time, the vehicle is also equipped with a remote steering and equipment control system. This assault vehicle can pass through the barbed wire, fill the trench, hit the minefield with rocket-propelled linear explosives, and smash anti-tank obstacles. The vehicle is currently undergoing joint operational evaluation testing at Yakima Training Center. The joint operational assessment is a field exercise. The US Army and Marine Corps passed this assessment to test robotics technologies that may be applied in the future and to accumulate experience for the development of more robotic ground vehicles. In particular, the Army has decided to conduct M2 " The Bradley chariot was unmanned. Russian-made unmanned turret-type future tanks are turned into reconnaissance weapons. In addition to the United States, Russia is also trying to unmanned tanks, but Russia ’s unmanned tanks began with unmanned turrets.

One party has credibility because of its authority and professionalism, while the other party spreads quickly because of its fast speed and abundant information. Therefore, the road of media integration not only looks forward to technological innovation, but also calls for a responsible mission; it should be the self-revolution of traditional media and the self-purification of emerging media. "Forming an all-media communication system with intensive resources, reasonable structure, differentiated development, and synergy and efficiency" is the only way to comprehensively improve the ability to guide public opinion.

A history of the party, which records hard struggles and shocking miracles, glorious theory and valuable experience, also witnesses the beauty of faith, the weight of mission, the spirit of heroism, and lofty aspirations. From the "great beginning" to "the rebirth of the nation", from "the story of spring" to "new era chapter", the end of the party history is connected to the glorious past, this end leads to a glorious future, bringing all suffering, Sacrifice, dreams, and hard work are gathered together, bringing together the mighty energy to achieve national rejuvenation. In the past "Xiaomi plus rifle", now "High-speed rail plus aircraft carrier"; in the past it was poor and white, and it is now leading the era. The times and scenes change with each passing day, but the history of the party is always a mirror of the value of learning from history and educating people, and it is the "best nutrient." At the site of the First Committee of the Communist Party of China, solemnly swore in front of the party flag; in Jinggangshan, presenting a flower basket to revolutionary martyrs; in Xibaipo, stop and mourn in front of a regular exhibition board ... In these revolutionary holy places, General Secretary Xi Jinping comprehends the history of the party, thinks about the future, and encourages Party members and cadres remember the glorious history and inherit the red gene.

Chai Guanjing pointed out that in recent years, the municipal government, the CPPCC, the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the Municipal Finance Bureau and other departments have successfully held charity activities for the charity of Fucai, and have received widespread attention and recognition from all sectors of society. He asked the civil affairs department to continue to collect the Fucai Public Welfare Fund through multiple channels, to provide important financial support for the city's social assistance work, and to make new contributions to the further development of the city's social welfare and social security undertakings. Prosperous development with the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and the care and support of all sectors of society has become the longest-lasting, most-attended, and most-profitable charity in the city's history.

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