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2019-09-04 19:19

Original title: "Nanjing Top Ten Cultural Landmarks" Selection Announced On August 29th, a large-scale selection activity of "Nanjing Top Ten Cultural Landmarks" released by Nanjing, organized by the Zijinshan News Client and Jinling Evening News Agency was officially announced at Zhonghua Gate, Nanjing City Wall Ten landmarks including Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Confucius Temple Qinhuai Scenic Belt (including Laomen East), Zhongshan Scenic Area, Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery, and Nanjing Museum were successfully selected.

Previously, the former State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television carried out special work on the publication "Quality Management 2018" and found that the quality of 65 publications was not qualified, of which 20 were children and teaching aids. In the past 10 years, China ’s children ’s books have developed rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 20% to 30%. Children ’s sales codes have accounted for 1/4 of the book retail market, which is the best performing market and the largest development potential. However, in recent years, the growth rate of the children's book market has slowed down. According to statistics, the retail market for children's books increased by% in 2018,% in 2017, and% in 2016. According to Li Xueqian's analysis, compared with the international community, the number of children's publications per capita in China is not high, and the problem of imbalanced development of children's books is more prominent. If we can get rid of the irrational structure and other ills, and vigorously develop the original, China's children's books are still expected to maintain medium and high speed growth.

Among the 15 films that have been shortlisted for the Golden Jubilee Award, there are three Chinese films "Dangerous" starring Dapeng, Ou Hao, etc., "Hometown" by Qin Hailu, and "Spring Tide" starring Hao Lei and Jin Yanling. Chinese and foreign films are shown in 46 series. This year, 1,772 films from 39 countries and regions in Asia signed up for the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival. In the end, more than 500 Chinese and foreign films were carefully divided into 46 thematic units. The series was shown in 47 theaters in 16 districts of Shanghai. In the film festival exhibition section, five Asian country film series have been planned for the first time, focusing on Indonesia, Iran, Thailand, Indian style and Japanese Film Week, as well as a series of Asian legend and reality screenings with academic combing, Japan The movie still attracted the attention of the audience this year.

If the most generous love that parents give their children is to let go of their hands, then the best love that children give their parents is companionship. A slogan is not as good as an action.

It is expected that most of Beijing will be cloudy and sunny today during the day and light fog in some areas in the morning. The maximum temperature will be 31 ° C. From night to tomorrow, the rainfall will increase, and traffic safety must be paid when traveling. Yesterday, Beijing experienced a thunder shower, and the flight at Beijing Capital Airport was canceled on a large scale. The yellow response mechanism for flight delays was activated.

The so-called reason for the loan company's default is that he drove back to his hometown in the New Year's Eve two days ago and did not report to the loan company in advance. After the trap was received everywhere in the contract, the police immediately launched an investigation. They searched and screened for clues and found that they had received multiple reports and many similar police reports. The victims were all dragged by the loan company after applying for a car mortgage. Go and ask for high towing fees and liquidated damages. As the investigation progressed, a group of "routine loans" led by Li Moumou brothers gradually emerged. "In fact, these contracts are full of traps. For example, on the day of the loan, the loan company detained the loan in the name of deducting GPS installation fees and payment of security deposits. The actual loan amount was only 70% of the contract amount.

On February 25, Beijing time, the 91st Academy Awards was held in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA. Rami Saeed Marek wins Best Actor award for his wonderful interpretation of the life story of Queen vocalist Freddie Mokuri in Bohemian Rhapsody, Olivier Coleman He won the Best Actress Award for beloved by beating Glenn Cross, LadyGaGa, Aliza Abaricio, Melissa McCarthy and other strong opponents.

Correspondent Yang Sen photo "You show the CT film first ..." "The lesions are very clear, and it is recommended to replace the targeted drugs after ablation surgery." On May 24, Cancer Center of Sun Yat-Sen University and Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, Zhuhai People's Hospital and The People's Hospital of Gaozhou City is connected simultaneously, and the four hospitals are on the same screen. It has successfully launched the AI + 5G cross-segment remote minimally invasive intervention “one-to-many” guided surgery for the first time in the country.

To strengthen the fighting nature of the party's political life, it is necessary for the party organization's political life to have a clear-cut insistence on truth, correction of errors, and the courage to carry out criticism and self-criticism, so that every party organization in the enterprise becomes a battle fortress that is turbulent and clear, and every party member Become a righteous combatant. The party organizations of enterprises must resolutely guarantee the legitimate rights and due obligations of party members. For those who do not speak face to face, talk behind the scenes, do not speak at the meeting, talk nonsense after the meeting, deliberately discuss the central government's policy and undermine the party's centralization and unity, resolutely fight against bureaucratic and formalistic people and affairs Party organizations at all levels of enterprises must be dealt with seriously in accordance with regulations. Efforts should be made to build stronger and stronger party organizations at all levels of the enterprise, leading enterprises to take the lead of new development concepts, and comprehensively achieve high-quality development of enterprises. (The author is the party secretary and chairman of China Railway Construction Beijing Tongda Jingcheng Expressway Co., Ltd.) (responsible editors: Lu Tenglong, Chang Xuemei)

Since the beginning of this century, under the influence of the great cause of the reunification of the motherland, overseas Chinese have spontaneously established many associations and organizations with the purpose of promoting China's complete reunification. With their heart and tricks, they have effectively consolidated the "One China-China Consensus" of the international community and continued to accumulate the public opinion base and civilian power for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of all Chinese children, especially compatriots on both sides of the strait, cross-strait non-governmental exchanges continue to expand and deepen. In the past five years, even if the island's internal affairs changed, the number of Taiwan compatriots who traveled to and from the mainland continued to increase at an annual rate of about 3% year by year. "People's aspirations are for what they want to win." The peaceful development of cross-strait relations is based on the people and the motivation is on the people. A few people's provocation and interference will not block the general public's momentum.

In the protected area, there are dazzling peaks and mountains, long springs, and birds living in groups. They attract tourists with natural and cultural landscapes with high ornamental value. There are "Xiaowen Ancient Monuments", "Genting Sunrise", "Xiongxi Xixiu", " "Tianmen Ruiqi", "Bijia Shenghui", "Wenyuan Evening Cui", "Longquan Waterfall", and "Ancient Tree Pagoda" constitute the "eight landscapes" of Pangquangou, colorful and imaginary. Pangquangou is the native place of Larix principis-rupprechtii, and it is also a coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest belt dominated by Larix principis-rupprechtii and Pinus tabulaeformis. In addition to fallen leaves, there are also tree species such as white elm, white birch, and poplar. The forest is neat and the unit volume is high. It is the forest area with the greatest economic value in Shanxi. Wild plant resources are also very rich, including a large number of medicinal plants such as Codonopsis, Astragalus, Licorice, Calamus, Forsythia, Platycodon, Bupleurum, etc. Brief introduction to the altar of worship. The altar of worship is also called the worship platform. It was built in the Han Dynasty (206 BC) and is the place where Liu Bangjing worshipped the heaven and earth, Han Xin as the general, and the birthplace of the Han Dynasty.

In order to make fire safety knowledge accessible to millions of households, the Deqing fire brigade contacted the county volunteer association and mobilized a large number of volunteers to launch a "safe Spring Festival" publicity campaign.

The project passes through Mawei and Changle, and belongs to the "Central City-East New City-Binhai New City" motor vehicle fast lane. It is an important part of Fuzhou's "four horizontal and three vertical" rapid backbone road network system. It promotes the development of Fuzhou New District and focuses on building Fuzhou University. Metropolitan areas are of great significance. (Reporter Zhu Rong of Fuzhou Daily) (Responsible editors: Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou) On May 27, the tunnel penetrated the scene, and the engineering and technical staff of the 23rd Bureau of China Railway Group took a group photo. Photograph by Xinhua reporter Li Ming According to project engineers, the T9 tunnel is located in the Kwiishkhti region of central Georgia and has a total length of more than kilometers. It is currently the longest railway tunnel in the Trans-Caucasus.

On February 5, US President Trump posted a Chinese New Year message on the White House website to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Trump said: "When family, friends and loved ones meet for the Year of the Pig, we share our best wishes for health, prosperity and happiness.

It is hoped that the majority of Taiwan businessmen and Taiwan compatriots will pay more attention to the Greater Bay Area, mobilize more Taiwan businessmen and Taiwan compatriots to join the Greater Bay Area together, and share the great development opportunities and fruitful development results of the Greater Bay Area. Guo Jinlong said that holding the theme event of "Taiwan businessmen come together into the Greater Bay Area" is not only a practical action for Guangdong Province and relevant departments to implement the development plan outline of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, but also serves Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan enterprises The Bay Area is a powerful measure to deepen the integration and development of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. Taiwanese enterprises have a good foundation for integration into the Greater Bay Area. Facing the double opportunity of measures to benefit Taiwan and the construction of the Greater Bay Area, the construction of the Greater Bay Area provides a broad space and stage for the development of Taiwanese enterprises. The Cross-Strait Entrepreneurs Summit will continue to pay attention to the construction of the Greater Bay Area, promote cross-strait business exchanges and cooperation, and help Taiwanese enterprises integrate into the Greater Bay Area and into the overall national development situation. It is hoped that entrepreneurs on both sides of the strait will follow the trend of the times, share historical opportunities, create a common market, and achieve integrated development.

The track of this year's traditional dragon boat race is set at Xin Daqiao to the back gate of the Forestry Bureau. The whole course is 500 meters and is divided into men's and women's groups. Among them, the men's group will be in the top eight and the women's group will be in the top three. yuan. (Zhao Jing Wu Xianhe) (Editors: Gao Hua, Chen Kangqing) Stills from the drama "Beijing My Home".

No way, who makes me like TV! "This is a girl who is soft, gentle and delicate outside. Her appearance has made the big CCTV a little different, like a fresh morning breeze blowing from the city. It is true that her charm is always in The morning show is the most full. Ouyang Xia Dan's success is that she "speaks" the news rather than "reads" the news. After the audience has been tortured by the stagnation and coldness of the TV broadcast, there is a near-talking conversation with you. This relaxed form of undead manuscript makes people feel friendly and comfortable. At the same time when Liu Yiwei ran from CCTV to Shanghai, Ouyang Xia Dan and he came in a reverse flow and entered CCTV from Shanghai TV Station. "Time" was not easy, especially in cooperation with Ma Bin. Ma Bin, a teacher in "Beijing", spoke fast and thought faster. Ouyang Xia Dan often couldn't keep up with Ma's rhythm, and appeared on several live broadcasts. The "snoring" situation. This is the thing that makes the host the most shameless.

He was originally from Hunan and joined the army in 1941. He was a gunner of the 73rd Army Artillery Company of the National Revolutionary Army and participated in major battles such as the Changsha and Changde battles during the Anti-Japanese War. The average age of the Anti-Japanese War veterans who participated in the parade was 90 years old, the oldest The soldier is 102 years old. Among them, the Communist Party veterans are mainly selected from the Eighth Route Army, the New Fourth Army, the Northeast Resistance Alliance, and the South China guerrillas, and the KMT veterans are mainly from Shanxi, Hunan, Yunnan, Guangxi, and Guizhou. Wang Shun, executive deputy director of the Parade Joint Command Office and deputy chief of staff of the Beijing Military Region, said that this arrangement reflects the historicity of the commemorative event. Lieutenant Pei of the British model army side of the "Pingxingguan War Assault Company" Dong Ye said: "When Japanese imperialists invaded, no matter which party they had, they had only one name, the Chinese! The history of uniting together with our enemies is always worthy of our memory.

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