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"Special Exhibition of Macao Artists Works" at the National Art Museum of China

2019-12-21 17:03

The classic 947 "My Chinese Heart-This Song Sings From Here" series of short audio revolves around the outstanding musical works with local characteristics since the founding of the People's Republic of China, showing the human stories behind the works and the great changes in various places. Five-Star Sports Broadcast has selected 70 high-profile moments of the Chinese altar since the founding of New China, produced and launched a series of short audio, which will be broadcasted during the National Day. (Editors: Ge Junjun, Han Qing)

To this end, Dagang Oilfield started with basic research and arranged a 500-meter continuous coring well. Based on a large number of analysis and testing, independent and independent innovation research was carried out, which revealed the high abundance and high brittleness control mechanism and distribution law of shale oil in continental basins. Focusing on the exploration and development of shale oil, Dagang Oilfield has theoretically innovated to form the dominant facies of terrestrial shale oil—the theory of detained hydrocarbon transcendence effect enrichment theory, which shows the great potential for oil exploration within the source of the old exploration area. Technically, preliminary Formed 19 supporting technologies for shale oil exploration and development, including core analysis and testing, shale oil enrichment rules, and comprehensive evaluation of sweets; in management, through optimization of engineering process design, two horizontal wells were drilled in a factory mode with a construction period of 149 Days, 55 days less than expected, drilling costs were reduced by 20.29 million yuan than expected, the fracturing cycle was also reduced by half, and the overall cost of fracturing was reduced by 30%. After a series of innovations as the support, through continuous innovation, Dagang Oilfield has formed a set of shale oil development methods, and relevant experience can be replicated and promoted.

"Channel construction is to deal with water, not to disturb the life of fish in the water, and not to damage the ecology of the golden water channel. This is the primary goal of our project." According to the person in charge of the Second Construction Department of the Yangtze River Channel Improvement Center, Daijiazhou River section plan An "ecological conservation area" has been set up. The project will put more than 10 million fish fry in non-waterway areas and install hundreds of thousands of permeable frames in the water to allow aquatic organisms and amphibians to rest and live in the frame. Spawn here, forming an ecological paradise. In addition, the project department also plans to transform the "Continent" and plant grass on the 650,000 square meters beach to further enhance the ecological function. It is reported that the ecological investment in the channel improvement from Wuhan to Anqing reaches 100 million yuan, accounting for% of the total investment in the project, and the ecological engineering is implemented in nine single beaches. Nearly 20 kinds of new structures and materials with both rectification and ecological functions have been widely used to create a "green waterway" with harmonious human and water.

Flying Pigeon Bicycle China Economic Network reporter Cheng Qi / Photo Economy Daily-China Economic Net Beijing September 5 (Reporter Cheng Qi) On September 5th, the theme exhibition of the Beijing International Design Week 2019 "National Image of the People's Republic of China in the Early Years of the People's Republic of China" "Design Exhibition" opened at the China Millennium Monument. The entire exhibition selected 28 representatives of the national image in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and systematically combed and analyzed the design process and design ideas of the national image in the form of cases, highlighting the historical, documentary, and systematic characteristics. , Academic and experiential. The exhibition consists of three parts: the image chapter, the architecture chapter, and the people's livelihood chapter. Through the archival documents, design drawings, historical photos, real objects and other materials of that year, this unusual creation process and design story are depicted for the audience.

Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway starts construction in Chen Miner announced the start of project construction Tang Liangzhi Huang Min addressed on September 29, Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway Chongqing section project officially started construction in Jiulongpo District. Chen Miner, the secretary of the municipal party committee, announced the start of the project. Tang Liangzhi, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, and Huang Min, deputy general manager of China National Railway Group, addressed the construction site. City leaders Wu Cunrong and Wang Fu attended, and Deputy Mayor Lu Kehua presided over the construction activities. Before the start of the activity, Chen Miner and Tang Liangzhi listened to the introduction of the planning and construction of the Chongqing-Kunming high-speed railway project.

Article 52 of the "Administrative Measures on Information Disclosure of Listed Companies" (Order of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, No. 40) Article 52: Sponsors and securities service agencies that issue special documents for information disclosure obligors to perform information disclosure obligations shall be diligent, responsible, honest and trustworthy. Provide professional opinions on business rules, industry practice codes and ethical codes formulated in accordance with the law to ensure the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the documents issued. Article 53 of the "Administrative Measures for Information Disclosure of Listed Companies" (CSRC Order No. 40) Article 53: CPAs shall adhere to the concept of risk-oriented auditing, strictly implement the CPA practice standards and related regulations, improve the certification procedures, and scientifically select certification methods and Technology, fully understand the unit being certified and its environment, pay careful attention to the risk of major misstatement, obtain sufficient and appropriate evidence, and reasonably publish the conclusions of the assurance. The following is the original text: About the decision to issue a warning letter to Tianjian Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership), Jin Shunxing, and Li Zhenhua Tianjian Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership), Jin Shunxing, Li Zhenhua: According to the Securities Law of the People's Republic of China In accordance with the relevant regulations, our bureau has inspected the 2014 annual report audit project of Luoton Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Luoton Development) in which you (the firm) is practising. After investigation, our bureau found that you (the firm) have the following problems in your practice: 1. Failure to maintain due independence. As the auditing agency for the 2014 annual report of Lawton Development, you have performed audit procedures on the balance of some long-term equity investments of Lawton Development. At the time, the evaluation results of Guangdong China Guangxin Assets Evaluation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Guangxin) were used. At the same time, in the process of conducting the evaluation by CGN, Zhang, the immediate family member of the Shenzhen branch responsible for your office, and an employee of the branch were responsible for the data collection, evaluation and estimation of the evaluation work, and the preparation of work papers and evaluation reports.

Because Liu Xie died very early, Liu He inherited the title of King Changyi at the age of five, and lived in Jinyiyushi. On April 17, the first year of Yuanping (74 BC), only 21-year-old Emperor Liu Zhaoling died. At that time, considering that Liu Fuling had not left his son-in-law, General Huo Guang, who controlled the politics of the court, decided to choose one of the descendants of Emperor Hanwu to inherit the throne. "Huo Guang wants to continue to control the government, so he must choose an obedient and easy to control emperor.

According to the organizer, the event has attracted more than 60,000 people to watch it over the three days. Chen Jiancun, the person in charge of the minority affairs department in Hualien County, said that the harvest festival is an important festival celebrated by the Ami people every year.

The players will depart from Baiyangdian Railway Station, along Jinhai Avenue, Baiyangdian Avenue, Wenbai Road, Huandi Road, etc., through the Millennium Scenic Forest, Xiongzhou Archway, Baiyangdian Scenic Area, and finally reach the end of Daqugou. The relevant person in charge of Xiong'an New District Public Service Bureau said in his speech that the hosting of the cycling race will provide a platform for the cycling enthusiasts from all over the world to exchange, learn and challenge themselves. I hope that the majority of riders can approach Xiong'an , Feel the deep connotation of this cultural city with wheels, and witness the development of the city of the future in the new era. Lu Jiuhai, Secretary General of Hebei Cycling Association, said that this cycling race will welcome the world ’s brave and eager to surpass themselves in an open and inclusive manner, and hope that this event will promote the development of sports and cultural undertakings in Xiong'an New District. , To create sports cards in Xiong'an New District. This competition is under the guidance of Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau, Hebei Xiong'an New District Public Service Bureau, Hebei Provincial Cycling Association, and Xiong County People's Government, Rongcheng County People's Government, and Anxin County People's Government.

The Cuban side spoke highly of China's positive contribution to defending the norms of international law, promoting fairness and development, and maintaining world peace. The Chairman of the State Council of Cuba and Chairman of the Council of Ministers Dias Carnell stated that Cuba is willing to work with China to continue to work together to consolidate Cuba-China friendship and friendly cooperation and promote the comprehensive development of bilateral relations. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom said she was very happy to congratulate the People's Republic of China on the National Day and wished the Chinese people happiness and well-being.

In July 2016, the Ant blockchain technology was officially released on the Alipay public welfare platform. As of the end of June 2019, the donation data of more than 700 public welfare organizations and nearly 3,600 public welfare projects have all been connected to the Ant blockchain, with a total of 1.1 billion donations and a total donation of more than 100 million yuan. These donation data are all protected by the "immutable" nature of blockchain technology, which has improved transparency and trust.

Wang Shouxin is the director of the Department of Marine and Fisheries of Shandong Province.

Governing illegal fees related to enterprises is related to the overall effect of reducing taxes and fees, affecting the overall work of reducing the burden on enterprises. For enterprises, all taxes and fees will enter accounting statements, affecting profits. In this sense, it is very necessary to further clean up and regulate the fees and charges of enterprises. This time, a number of departments jointly issued documents to administer corporate fees that violate regulations, further demonstrating the central government's determination and efforts to promote the implementation of a larger tax and fee reduction policy.

For a long time in the past, the contradiction between mass information and high-quality content has been plagued by information Internet products. In this regard, Chen Sihui said that one-third of the staff in Qu Tiao Tiao serve content review work, and there are also a considerable number of algorithm staff doing optimization of the automatic review system.

Innovative mechanism to optimize the business environment Xunfa Chemical is a comprehensive chemical company that produces and sells formaldehyde, environmentally friendly glue, and decorative paper. The total investment of the project is about 100 million yuan. It was signed in May 2017 and started construction in January 2018. At present, the The project has been formally put into production. Why can it be put into production so quickly? Company general manager Yang Zhuang said: "It is because the project construction has received strong support from the Qintang District Party Committee and the District People's Government. During the process of business license and land application procedures, relevant government departments provided high-quality services. We only need to prepare materials. On the line, the service is in place. "Since this year, the district has focused on optimizing the business environment, strictly implemented the spirit of the document series on deepening the reform and optimization of the business environment by the autonomous region and the municipal party committee, and issued a 100-day plan of action to optimize key indicators for the business environment. Implement a "one project, one leader, one team, one plan, one to the end" full-track tracking service, and expand office locations beyond the window through on-site services, appointment services, extended services, agency services, emergency services, Send services to the door of the enterprise to further optimize the business environment. The district innovates the "five one" working mechanism. It implements the "one thing, one thing" system in seven key indicators, such as business establishment, construction project application, real estate registration, and electricity installation. It is the city's first to achieve a "set of materials, One link, one working day "counties (cities, districts); obtaining credit indicators and achieving the" 468 "target required by the autonomous region, ranking first in the city. In the first half of the year, cadres in the district visited a total of 1,437 enterprises, and completed project approval, industrial and commercial registration, park entry examination, water use and electricity report installation, land use pre-examination, and fund application for 33 enterprise projects, including Pingluo Aluminum, China Resources Prefabricated, and HYN 87 matters including disbursement.

Good health management after the physical examination "First of all, you must correct a cognition. The physical examination is not only to detect the disease, but it is important to understand your own health status and conduct your own health management. If you feel uncomfortable, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible Instead of doing a physical examination. ”Li Shiqiang said, entering the medical examination center and choosing a medical examination item that suits you is actually only the first step to complete an effective medical examination. The most important thing is whether you can manage your health according to the results of the medical examination in the later stage. For further examination and treatment of the disease. "We found a very obvious difference. People with strong health consciousness pay special attention to their medical report. They will find a doctor to interpret the report and listen to the doctor's advice. For people with weak health consciousness, they will be thrown aside when they return the medical report. Many people didn't even come to pick it up, and they left it in the hospital and ignored it.

Fortunately, it is the first snow in winter, and the thickness does not exceed the knee. If it comes a month later, those who open the road ahead will have to take turns. If you really walk into life and walk into the mountains and rivers of Jilin, especially the primitive dense forest, you will suddenly feel that the winter scenery in your hometown is so amazing and beautiful.

Hulunbuir has implemented ecological migration to ecologically fragile and severely sandy areas. The comprehensive management of Hulunbuir sandy land has effectively improved the regional ecology.


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