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Ten years ago, the Blue House in the group of buildings was rated a historic building by the SAR government. As a first-class historical building, the Blue House section dates back to around 1860 and was originally located at Huali Hospital. Such a building full of the baptism of war and history, is facing the fate of being demolished and rebuilt in the rapidly developing urban life.

Wang Yufeng, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, accompanied by Yu Mingdou, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, and relevant department heads. The delegation visited the Dongli District Machine Tool Museum, Tianjin Jinqiao Welding Materials Group Co., Ltd., Boosses (Tianjin) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Dongli Museum. Li Hongmei spoke highly of the work achievements of the Dongli District Federation of Industry and Commerce and expressed her hope that the purpose of this study and exchange would be to achieve the goal of integration of ideas and information sharing.

This joint reorganization of steel companies, which has attracted wide attention from all walks of life, is basically a "dust fall", but the impact of this move on the industry's competitive landscape will be far-reaching. In recent years, in order to accelerate the adjustment of the layout of the state-owned economy and cultivate world-class enterprises with global competitiveness, China's central enterprises have continued to take actions in the areas of strategic reorganization, professional integration, and "central land reorganization". Statistics show that since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, 21 groups of 39 central enterprises have successively carried out reorganization and integration work, and the number of enterprises directly monitored by the SASAC has been adjusted from 117 in early 2012 to 96.

According to relevant sources, Xiaomi has invited CITIC CLSA, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs as sponsors for its proposed listing. The company stated that its revenue from January to October 2017 was 100 billion yuan, and its non-hardware revenue was related to its user interface MIUI, including entertainment subscriptions and financial services. In 2014, Xiaomi relied on its meager profit margins through online retail channels Reduce costs and quickly grow into the world's largest startup. After a sharp decline in sales in 2016, Xiaomi has undergone a strategic shift, opening hundreds of physical stores to sell its growing smart devices and recovering most of its previous market share. According to data from research firm Canalys, Xiaomi is also aggressively expanding into foreign markets including India. (Internship Compilation: Hong Jingfang Reviewer: Li Zongze) (Responsible Editor: Dong Sirui, Yang Yubo Luo)

For a long time, due to restrictions on energy resources and transportation conditions, the power supply structure in central Tibet in the Tibet Autonomous Region is dominated by hydropower, which cannot guarantee sufficient power supply.

Some innovative methods and methods have adopted various forms to carry out supervision and inspection, coordinate the participation of relevant functional departments of finance, auditing, taxation, etc., and increase the intensity of inspections and unannounced visits during the festival; some have taken a multi-pronged approach, followed up by the media, and adopted quick investigations and quick actions. In this way, the supervision office will solve the problems found and continue to release strong signals of "Four Winds". New era, new weather and new actions. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has made new arrangements to implement the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee.

The anti-Japanese alliance will make the soldiers look like a tiger, and the enemy will scramble. In February 1940, General Yang Jingyu, one of the leaders of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Alliance, lost his country, and Cao Yafan led the troops to launch a more violent offensive with grief and indignation. The southeast of Chazi attacked the 6th Regiment of the Puppet Army and the Forest Police Force, and slammed the enemy Long Island working class in Mengjiang Bay, killing 11 enemies ... When everything was advancing to victory, the enemy also focused on this shuttle in Baishan Heishui Commander. On April 8, 1940, while leading a team to raise food, Cao Yafan was killed by a traitor, only 29 years old. On January 1, 1948, the Northeast Bureau of the CPC Central Committee made a special decision to praise the historical achievements of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Coalition and praised the heroic struggle of the Northeast Anti-Japanese Alliance "is an inseparable part of the glorious history of the Communist Party of China."

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