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Beijing Expo 2019 is global celebration of horticulture

2019-12-23 06:56

People's Daily, Beijing, March 30th (Reporter Sun Liji) The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference on the 30th. Spokesman An Fengshan said at the meeting that the "1992 Consensus" is the political basis for the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. If this political basis is damaged, all aspects of the peaceful development of cross-strait relations will be damaged. In response to a reporter's question, how to view the prospect of cross-strait economic and trade cooperation after May 20, An Fengshan said that the key to the peaceful development of cross-strait relations is to acknowledge the historical facts of the "92 Consensus" and agree that the two sides of the strait belong to the core meaning of one China.

With the main function of display and experience, the "Agricultural Investment Goods and Living Museum" dedicated to creating a new interactive consumption model came into being under this background. The Agricultural Investment Group plans to invest hundreds of millions of yuan to launch 100 "Agricultural Investment Goods and Living Museums" in Chongqing in the next 5 years. It is understood that the living museum adopts a new interactive mode, combining "interactive experiential main restaurant + eco-agricultural community store", focusing on the health and safety of customers' food and the real 4D dining experience. "From the perspective of the group, the establishment and construction of the entire brand requires a new structure and management. 'Agricultural Investment Goods' is the carding, integration, and integration of the Group's brands so that consumers can better perceive them through 'Agricultural Investment Goods'. The basic situation of the corresponding industry segments of the Group, so as to better export brands and services.

Since 2015, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group has won a total of 20 gold awards at previous international quality conferences. Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group won the gold award this time for the projects of sincere QC group, beyond QC group and determined QC group. The sincere QC team successfully reduced the flatulence rate of the Chinese medicine effervescent tablet B product, which is a new Chinese medicine effervescent preparation developed by Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical for treating stomach pain. The Beyond QC group will take "improving the clarity of oral liquid A product" as a research topic, and provide solutions to other traditional Chinese medicine oral liquid clarity problems. The determined QC team solved the problem that the dissolution rate of the first-line drug Y products of type 2 diabetes met the European Pharmacopoeia standard, which effectively improved the quality of Y products and laid a solid quality foundation for its export to the European market.

In recent years, China's vinegar and seasoning wine industry has shown a steady and healthy development trend, and its scale has continued to expand. Especially as a large health industry, brewing vinegar has continued to expand its fields and levels. In families pursuing a healthy diet, vinegar has not only Only as a sour condiment, and become a healthy health product, a master of life.

Netizens should be encouraged to consciously surf the Internet in accordance with the law, to surf the Internet in good faith, to surf the Internet in good faith, to surf the Internet safely, to post rationally and rationally, to prevent cyber violence, to identify online rumors, to report harmful information, and to create a rational, civilized, orderly, and clear cyberspace. Ren Xianliang, deputy director of the National People ’s Congress Social Construction Committee and president of the China Federation of Cyber Social Organizations, said that the Sunshine Posting activity has been in China for 4 years. Injects strong positive energy into the space of network interaction. With the further development of the Internet, the widespread application of various emerging technologies, the continuous advancement of big data and artificial intelligence technologies, and the upcoming 5G era, the Internet ecology has undergone tremendous changes. This gives Sunshine a wider range of content, and requires us to take more effective measures, face new opportunities and challenges, and adhere to past good practices and useful experience. We must keep a sober mind, review the situation, and adopt new methods and new methods to cope with and solve them seriously, and effectively turn the "green mountains and green mountains" of cyberspace into the "gold mountains and silver mountains" of the Internet, and let hundreds of millions of netizens share the beauty of online order. Civilization style of the times. China Internet Development Foundation Chairman Ma Li pointed out that the sunshine post is not a tree without a source and a source of water.

Original title: Word-of-mouth word-of-mouth spelled out by the spelled-out cause of the Kaihua County Party Committee Secretary of Kaihua County, Zhejiang Province, "Jiuqu Qinjiang Rotary Jade Belt, surrounded by green mountains and pearls." The forests are lush and lush, the rivers are clean and beautiful, and they have the reputation of "Kaihua National Park". "In order to send a river of clear water downstream, the Kaihua people made huge sacrifices.

It is worth noting that a large central control screen covering multi-dimensional traffic information will be added to the parking building. Through the large screen, car owners can have a comprehensive understanding of the traffic situation near the parking building. At the same time, as a partner of Daxing Airport parking building media resources, Jingdong Molybdenum also has nearly a hundred interactive media screens and information display big screens in Daxing Airport parking building. Users can use these screens to view parking space information and flight status at the first time. And news to better organize your schedule.'s cold chain is "freshness" for catering, and expresses "offload" high-quality catering experience for passengers. Behind, it is "freshness" for travellers' taste buds. As the logistics service provider designated by the airport catering company in Daxing Airport, will provide warehousing, transportation and distribution services in the terminal for nearly a hundred stores in the airport catering business, while ensuring accurate replenishment of the catering business while ensuring Fresh delivery of various foods.

In the past few years, Taohua Hometown has held more than 100 large-scale characteristic theme events such as "Chinese Rural Poetry Festival", "Peach Blossom Hometown-Li Bai's Hometown Poetry Alliance", "Golden Garden, Charming Life" and other well-known poets and scholars. His title is "Chinese Peach Culture Poetry Wall". Shu Ting, Munch, Gidemaga, Lei Shuyan and other famous national poets lingered here. Peach Culture Exhibition Hall, Shanquan Town, also promotes the concept of "Lowood Mountain Spring" in the rural development that runs through the spring to appreciate flowers and pick peaches in summer, bringing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to rural tourism. Shanquan Town strives to build a cultural and creative e-commerce platform that belongs to Shanquan—Shandong Goods, and builds a complete cultural product and diversified e-commerce operations. Characteristic farmhouses with more than 100 (original) standardized rural farmhouses have become the basic industries and characteristic brands of agricultural leisure tourism in Shanquan Town. The peasant poetry competition held in March and March of each year always brings up many homes of father and son poets, husband and wife poets, and poets. People in the hometown of Taohua have a full sense of happiness. and My Life Museum (operator is Gaomiao New Mommy Baby Clothing Store, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province), which is sold on (online shop) and produced by Nanchang Children's Nutrition Food Factory Rice milk (iron-zinc-calcium), niacin does not comply with national food safety standards, inspection results μg / 100kJ, national food safety standards require ≥ μg / 100kJ, and the product packaging label clearly indicates μg / 100kJ.

The picture shows the conceptual diagram of the Tess satellite. According to reports, "Tess" first observed the "star tide destruction phenomenon" on January 21, but because the satellite only sent data to the earth every two weeks, and the received data must be in NASA's Silicon Valley, California The Ames Research Center did the processing, so it was not until March 13 that the first data sent back by Tess was obtained.


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