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Taking root in the masses is the "magic weapon" of grass-roots police

2019-12-26 17:15

Xinhua News Agency, Lanzhou, September 28th: I accompanied Fanghua with Dunhuang-remembering the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Dunhuang Research Institute, Xinhua News Agency reporters Nie Jianjiang, Zhang Yujie, and Ma Xiping met ancient stars, and Mogao Grottoes stood for 1,000 years. Generations of young people came to the Gobi Desert and chose one thing for the rest of their lives. Because of their company, the ancient Dunhuang always looks youthful. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Dunhuang Research Institute. More than 200 employees who have been with the Dunhuang Research Institute for more than 30 years have been commended.

What about raining on a cloudy day? Don't worry, in addition to solar energy, this device also comes with a backup battery, which can be used in rainy days when the sun has stored electricity.

AU Commission Chairman Faki said that this important moment is a milestone for China, and it also symbolizes the long-term historical friendship and brotherly solidarity between the African people and the Chinese people.

Xinhua News Agency reporter He Canling took a photo on September 29, with Chinese team players Zhang Changning, Zhu Ting, Liu Xiaotong, and Li Yingying (from left to right) at the award ceremony. On the 30th day, in front of the Potala Palace Square in Lhasa, Tibet, more than a thousand people from all over Tibet jumped up and danced cheerfully to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Meiduoji photo Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Meiduoji photo Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Mei Dorji photo [Responsible editor: Jiao Peng] On the 30th day, the east gate of Shougang Steel Plant was opened to the public and the new Shougang Bridge was opened, marking the westward extension of Chang'an Street The entire line runs through. On the same day, the east gate of Shougang Plant was opened to the public, and the new Shougang Bridge was opened, marking the continuous extension of the west extension of Chang'an Street. On the same day, the east gate of Shougang Plant was opened to the public, and the new Shougang Bridge was opened, marking the continuous extension of the west extension of Chang'an Street.

At the same time, the purchase and sale of high-quality wheat will become more active. It is expected that the acquisition at the lowest purchase price and the market-based acquisition will be launched simultaneously. The rapeseed acquisition market is in good shape, with an estimated 3.2 million tons of acquisitions remaining at normal levels. Lu Jingbo said that from the perspective of the market, as the reform of the grain collection and storage system continues to advance, the price advantage of high-quality varieties has gradually emerged.

Professor Shang Xuejun, the chairman of the Andean Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and other guests attended and witnessed the launching ceremony of the Internet andrology. Under the leadership of Chief Physician Zhang Zhichao, Academician Guo's team will focus on the characteristics of the male department and combine Dr. Chunyu's practical experience in the Internet + medical and health field to jointly explore the use of the Internet to improve the clinical level of andrology, standardize the male andrology diagnosis and treatment on the Internet, and promote the healthy health of Chinese andrology. development of. Academician Guo Yinglu pointed out at the meeting that emerging Internet technologies have broken through geographical restrictions, alleviated the problems of asymmetry of information and insufficient and uneven medical resources, and bridged the important communication bridge between doctors and patients. The combination of andrology and Internet medical treatment will provide a new comprehensive solution for traditional offline andrology diagnosis and treatment.

Among them, in order to meet the needs of passenger flow between Shanghai and Hubei, high-speed rail trains were added from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Wuhan Station. Hefei to Shanghai will increase direct transportation capacity between the two places, and the addition of high-speed trains from Hefei South to Shanghai Hongqiao will run for 2 hours and 5 minutes. After the departure of this train, direct trains from Hefei to Shanghai will provide 4,826 seats per day.

He is "worried" about the recent US-China trade friction.

The host's personal image characteristics can show the director's artistic personality. In the host, the host's speaking style, clothing characteristics, and communication skills are all individualized. These characteristics together form the host's style characteristics. The third is concrete. The mode of thinking of the director's director has specific characteristics. The specific mode of thinking is accumulated from specific events in the reality. Study the plot and analyze the details in different events, and finally form the close life that the host needs. A concrete thinking mode that reflects life, and this characteristic of concrete thinking can ensure that the host is more lively in the host, closer to the masses, closer to life, can resonate with the audience, and combines the content of the news with the real and emotional. It is also the key to the outstanding moderators to maintain the competitive advantage under the rapid integration and development of financial media. The fourth is modeling. The director's directorial thinking has styling characteristics, which is influenced by various modeling elements in the director's directorial thinking.

"According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Jiangsu Provincial Government has included" 100 new convenient park green spaces "and" completion of old park green spaces to upgrade and upgrade 30 "into this year's livelihood tasks. The process of new park reconstruction In Jiangsu, the concept of conservation-oriented, ecological, and fully-functioning landscaping has been used throughout. Nanjing Hongfeng Road Amusement Park is built on the mountain, retaining the undulating shape of the foothills and good natural vegetation, and dismantling abandoned gas stations. On the one hand, Jiangsu focuses on improving the ability of parks to serve residents.

There are also typical stories of poverty-stricken households on the radio, which are publicly praised throughout the village. Everyone discusses and admires them. After a long time, they catch up and get rid of poverty and get rich. Poverty alleviation and aspirations are “sharp lives”.

This year's agricultural expo is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the People's Government of Shanxi Province, and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. With the theme of “Promoting Rural Rejuvenation, Helping to Eradicate Poverty, Adhering to Green Development, and Singing Shanxi Brand,” the theme fully showcases the new agricultural industry. Products, new technologies, new facilities and new achievements. The total exhibition area is 20,000 square meters, which is mainly divided into three major areas: the ten industrial exhibition areas for the deep processing of agricultural products, the professional exhibition area, and the comprehensive exhibition areas of each city in Shanxi. Among them, the ten industrial exhibition areas for agricultural product intensive processing are subdivided into 10 sections: brewery industry exhibition area, beverage industry exhibition area, dairy industry exhibition area, fruit industry exhibition area, meat industry exhibition area, staple food pastry industry exhibition area, and functional food industry exhibition area. , Health food industry exhibition area, cosmetics industry exhibition area, Chinese medicine industry exhibition area. During the five-day exhibition, the organizing committee will focus on releasing a number of "Jin" brand agricultural product regional public brands and product brands, and organize investment promotion projects and agricultural product trade contracting, as well as the promotion of leisure agriculture and rural tourism boutique routes. (Finish)

At the same time, the completion of the ecological environment quality indicators in various places, some highlight the ecological environment problems, especially the people ’s strong response to the resolution of the ecological environment problems are also the focus of inspection. Inspection methods have been optimized.

Disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies around the city responded positively, brainstormed, carefully planned and organized shooting, and vigorously promoted clean government micro-film works. The creators combined serious disciplinary inspection and supervision with novel micro-film expression forms, and collided thoughts with art, so that the works showed four characteristics of "freshness, liveliness, beauty, and intention". Fresh theme. The theme of the micro-movie works is clear and creative. The creators focus on the current work priorities such as deepening the special governance of corruption and style in the field of poverty alleviation, supervising and disciplining accountability in the special struggle to combat evil and eliminate evil, and through clever ideas, they will serve the immediate interests of the people Relevant case stories are presented, reflecting the highlights of the discipline inspection and supervision work. Form is alive.


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