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Measures issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology to promote the innovative development of technology-based SMEs

2019-12-27 15:41

The "Jingui Black Tea" produced by Lingchun Tea Industry was exported from Dongxing Port of Fangchenggang City, and the tea valued at US $ 400,000 was sold to Southeast Asian countries. In 2018, Lingchun Tea Industry obtained an order for exporting 200,000 kg of "Jingui Black Tea" from Indonesia to US $ 10 million; eight Guiling Yunbaicha Tea was selected as the national core brand of Guangxi Specialty Product Marketing. The three companies directly promoted the poverty-stricken households to employ 1,234 households to increase their income and lift out of poverty. The county's masses received 10,000 yuan in ecological benefit compensation funds for ecological public welfare forests. Four townships have been awarded the title of "ecological townships" at the autonomous region level, bringing the total number of ecological townships in the county to seven. It has laid a good ecological "industrial rich people" foundation for striving for the successful creation of autonomous county-level ecological counties at the end of this year and for the establishment of national ecological civilization demonstration counties.

(Reported by Gao Zengxi and Wang Shuzhen) People's Network Lanzhou February 14th (Wang Wenjia) On the afternoon of the 13th, Zhou Qiang, the president of the Supreme People's Court, learned about the results of the informatization construction of the two-level people's courts in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu Province through video and expressed his condolences. All police officers of the Gannan Tibetan District Court. It is understood that in August 2014, Zhou Qiang visited the Gannan Court to inspect during the Second People's Court Informatization Work Conference in Lanzhou. During the inspection process, Zhou Qiang was concerned about the informatization construction of the local courts. He pointed out that in many areas of the west, the territory is wide and the transportation is inconvenient. Tired and reducing case handling costs.

In the China Science and Technology City exhibition area, the key enterprises and investment promotion results of Mianyang were showcased. 94 companies including Changhong, Jiuzhou, and BOE made their appearances, showing flexible displays, a new generation of airport broadband wireless communication systems, and the industrial Internet of Things. Systems and other latest technology products.

At the same time, our policies, measures, work foundations, and institutional mechanisms still have obvious shortcomings, and there is a large gap between the expectations of the elderly and the majority of them for a happy old age.

Yi Jianlian faced a difficult situation like "raising monsters and upgrading". Only as he said in an interview, "I must see myself constantly breaking through every day" and set myself a "small goal that can be achieved" ", It is possible to wait for an opportunity.

For example, the rural film represented by "Old Well" shows the precious character of the Chinese nation's self-improvement, frustration and hard work. It has the artistic ambition of inheriting the essence of outstanding culture and vividly shows the unique historical destiny of rural China. , Deducing the survival puzzlement of the collision between traditional society and modern society. At present, film creation should regain the tradition of “moving with shadow”, deeply touch on the realities of rural society, place the creative background in the big era of the Chinese dream, and show more along the avenue and right path of the great changes of the times. The bloody and masculine beauty of entrepreneurship. Keeping in mind the cultural pursuit of "shadow with virtue" If the mission of science is to benefit all sentient beings, then the mission of literature and art should be to popularize all sentient beings.

. BritainsPrimeMinisterBorisJohnsonisseenoutsidethevenuefortheConservativePartyannualconferenceinManchester, Britain, Sept29,2019 [Photo / Agencies] LONDON - PrimeMinisterBorisJohnsonignitedtheBrexitdebateSunday, sayingBritainwillleavetheEuropeanUnionnextmonthdespiteaparliamedsofConsisters, backingJohnsonsdeterminationtoendBritain, addingthateffortswerenothelpedbytheBennAct, thelawputforwardbyveteranLaborpoliticianHilaryBennwhichfo, whichwonaparliamentarymajorityas "thesurrenderact" .Despitethecriticism, Johnsonsaidinhisinterview: ". Obviouslythechancesofadesurrenderact" HesaidifBrusselssuspectsorthinksthereisarealisticchanceBritaincanbekeptintheEU, itwouldclearlytakeawayalotofthegovernmentatherthanaskforanextensionofBritain, BrexitSecretaryStephenBarclay, LeaderoftheCommonsandpassionatesupporterofLeave, JacobRees-MoggandCabinetMinisterMichaelGove , chargedwithmakingarrangementsforano-dealBrexit, inga "remain" option, andtheLiberalDemocrats, wantingtorevokeBritainsapplicationtoleavetheEU, allthreepoliticiansdsclosin gspeechWednesdaywhic "curtainraiser" forasnapelection ,, LaborsJeremyCorbynislikelytohostameetingMondayackaCorbyn-ledcoalitiongovernmentifparliamentsupportsavoteofnoconfidenceinJohnson, cialconfidencevoteiscalledwhiletheManchesterconferenceisunderway.FormerFrenchpresidentJacquesChirac, whodiedonThursdayattheageof86, hasleftalastingimpressiononrelationsbetweenhiscountryandChina ,, Chirac, whowasmayorofParisandprimeministerbeforeservingaspresidentfrom1995to2007, wasafrequentvisitortoChina, andinhisprivatelifetookadeeppersonalinterestinthecountrysculture. "TerracottaWarriors, andacquispolicytowardChina," saidJeanJona, professorofpoliticalscienceattheUniversityofMontpellier. "HedevelopedaveryclosepersonalrelationshipwithPresidentJiangZeminwhomheinvitedtohisprivateresidencein1999, andduringChiracspresidency, relationsbetweenthetwocountriesgrewstrongly." In1997, theyestablisheda " globalpartnership "forthe21stcentury, whichin2004becamea" globalstrategicpartnership ", andthatha, Chirachispoliticalstanceonmajorissues, Chir acmovedfrombeingaeuroskeptictoanardentadvocateofEuropeanfederalism, takinghiscountryintotheeurozonein1999andcallingthecurrency ", moreunited." ButhisauthorityandpoliticalstandingathomewereunderminedwhentheFrenchpeoplerejectedtheproposedEuropeanUnionconstitutionina2005referendum, andtoaddinsulttoinjury, in2011hereceivedatwo-yearsuspendedp, thepresident-electoftheEuropeanCommission, saidshewas "pained" tolearnofthepassingof "atrueleader, agreatEuropeanandamanwhoinspiredageneration" .ChristineLagarde, formermanagingdirectoroftheInternationalMonetaryFund, calledhim "avisionarystatesmanandaninspirationalleaderwhotirelesslyworkedtoimprovethelivesoftheFrenchpeopleandbuildamorepeacefulworld" .BillCarmichael, courseleaderontheInternationalPublicandPoliticalCommunicationMAcourseattheUniversityofSheffield, saidthatChiracslegacywassignificantbutnotwithoutitsflaws. "Ithin, butperhapspushedtheFrenchpeopletooquicklyleadingindirectlytotheriseofthemoreeuroskepticNationalFront , "hesaid." Hewasalsoinfavorofthedramaticexpansion oftheEU ,, andgivenwhathashappenedtoIraqsincethen, manypeoplewillseethatstanceasvindicated. "ProfessorGordonCummingoftheschoolofmodernlanguagesatCardiffUniversityechoedthesentimentthatChiracwasapoliticianwhohadoverseenchange, butnotalwaysinthewaythathewanted." ChiracisprobablybestrememberedforhisoppositiontotheIraqwar, hisresumptionofFrenchnucleartestingintheSouthPacificandawillingnesstotakerisks, "hesaid." TheEUconstitutionvotein2005, inparticular, wasacalculatedgamblethatdidnotpayoff, whenmanyofthesignsatthetimelookedfavorable, butultimately, asformerBritishPrimeMinisterDavidCameronhasfoundoutmorerecently, EUreferendumsdonotlendthemselvestoeasypoliticalvictories. "ThesameculturalsensitivitythatChiracdisplayedinhisloveofChinesepoetryandJapaneseporcelainwasalsoshowninhisworkinAfrica." Hewasgenuinelycommittedtooverseasdevelopment, todebtreductionandalsotoAfricanartwork, asreflectedintheMuseeduquaiBranlyinParis, whichhecommissioned, ", thelightsoftheiconicEiffelTowerwereturnedoffonThursdaynightinhonorofthepas singofthecity, thewarmththatChiracbroughtpersonallytorelationsbetweenFranceandChinacontinuestoglow.InitiativemarksprogressamongkeynationsEditorsnote:.. In "Footprint", aseriesofstoriesrecallingimportantexamplesofChinainteractingwiththerestoftheworld ,, MarzukiAlie, theformerspeakeroftheIndonesianHouseofRepresentatives ,, 2013, Xifirstproposedjointlybuildingthe21stCenturyMaritimeSilkRoadalongancientsearoutesthathavebornegoodsandfriendshipamongpeoplefromdifferentcountries "PresidentXiistheonlyforeignleadertogiveaspeechinfrontofthechairpersonandmembersoftheIndonesianparliament," Marzukisaid, addingthatthespeech "wasanexceptionaswellasaprivilegeforus" .XisspeechandtalkswithheadsoftheIndonesianparliamentwerememorable-especiallytheinvitationtomoveforwardtogether, saidMarzuki, whoservedfrom2009to2014 "PresidentXiwillnotonlycontinuetostrengthencooperationwithIndonesia, butmorebroadly, cooperationwithASEAN (AssociationofSoutheastAsianNations countriesaswell, "hasizedfivekeycomponentsrequiredtoshareprosperity-build ingtrustandsincerity; holdingontowin-wincooperation; watchingoutforandhelpingeachother; stickingtoheart-to-heartexchanges; andbeingopenandinclusive.

It is true that no one hopes to increase the weight of honor with death, but in the choice between life and death, there are always some people who resolutely choose to sacrifice their ego to achieve everyone, and become the spiritual backbone of the nation, the benchmark of social value and soul.

Global glaciers are receding as average temperatures rise, and a report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change this week will detail the phenomenon. The scientist responsible for the report, Andrea Fischer, said that the Austrian glacier on the eastern edge of the Alps is particularly sensitive to climate change and even shrank faster than most glaciers, so It is particularly urgent to investigate. The picture shows the local time, February 18, 2019, in Garti, Austria. Glaciologist Andrea Fisher is visiting the Jamtalferner Glacier.

In addition, Jilin Province Dili Fresh Agricultural Products Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. Changchun Zhubang Store sells lamb meat from the Nong'an County Harahai Red Raw Sheep Slaughtering and Processing Factory as the source of the purchased lamb. The standard stipulates that the detection value of Clenbuterol cannot be detected, which means that the meat variety cannot have this component. According to the information, the reporter learned that sulfa drugs are synthetic bacteriostatic veterinary drugs. In addition to treating infectious diseases caused by sensitive bacteria, they are also commonly used to treat infectious meningitis, dysentery, and toxoplasmosis. The breeding link is not strictly controlled. Withdrawal period or excessive use may lead to excessive residues. Human consumption of poultry containing residual sulfa drugs may cause allergic reactions, drug resistance, increased incidence of bilirubin disease, decreased granulocytes in infants, and hemolytic anemia. Long-acting sulfa drugs can also cause deformed hemoglobin disease, which may have teratogenic and carcinogenic effects on the human body. If the sulfa drugs have a long effect in the body and a long metabolism time, long-term consumption of animal foods with excessive levels of sulfa drugs may also cause urinary system and liver damage.

Investment should provide long-term companionship and support for good content, and respect cultural diversity. In my opinion, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to be a platform, and the two future directions in the field of cultural innovation are worth paying attention to. The first is to deeply cultivate projects in a vertical field, focusing on, professional, deep, and doing the best in a certain field. The second is a project that combines culture and technology.

Among them, there are 23 Fortune 500 companies and 9 unicorn companies, such as American HitachiData System Integration Company, American Salesforce Company, Japan Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., etc .; 229 exhibitors from 20 overseas APEC member countries or regions The number of booths is 391, and there are 36 non-member countries participating in the “Belt and Road” countries or regions. The number of booths is 120, covering 14 countries and regions including Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and India. As one of the important aspects of the technology exhibition, "Specialized and New" products have attracted much attention. It is understood that this technology exhibition will showcase Australian stem cell research and development, Russian flour deep processing and other high-tech and products, the number of which accounted for about 50% of the exhibits. It is reported that the number of exhibitors from the Shenyang area also far exceeded expectations.

The proportion of technology companies founded by college students is higher than that of other industry competitions, reflecting the characteristics of younger people who are innovative and entrepreneurs on the Internet and mobile Internet. (End) (Responsible editors: Zhao Yue and Yang Bo) Issued on April 15th, "Qiushi" magazine, published the article Zhong Guoan's article "Writing a New Chapter in National Security Guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping's Overall National Security Concept"

"This is a weird one I have hosted for so many years. In the past, no matter who we cooperated with, the host would have communication, even rehearsal.


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