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Anhui: Blockchain certificate platform helps solve judicial problems

2019-12-30 18:49

"With the industrial support of Hejiang Village, Puxing Township, Emeishan City, Sichuan Province, Zhu Shouwei, a villager who has been out of poverty, is full of confidence in this year's harvest. For one year, the fruit tea logistics center in Hejiang Village has officially opened, and Dashan Ecological Agricultural Professional Cooperative opened." Tea "Fruit + fruit" planting sales model has more momentum. Just the crunchy red plum item has allowed the 20 poor households of the cooperative to increase their cumulative income by more than 30,000 yuan. "We use logistics distribution centers and professional cooperatives as carriers to promote high-quality areas. The effective integration of industrial resources with the market will allow the target of poverty, the main body, and the collective economy of the village to work together to achieve sustainable development of mutual benefit and win-win. "Chen Zhong, the First Secretary of Hejiang Village, said that from the" Baogu Village ", which was once famous, to the removal of the hats of poor villages, Hejiang Village will continue to develop distinctive industries and consolidate the results of poverty alleviation this year.

) Beware of the social sentiment behind the news On May 4, an 80-year-old man in Fuyang fainted on the street, and a group of enthusiastic citizens came forward to help. On May 11, Fuyang City Civilization Office issued the "Decision on Granting Li Li and Four Comrades" Fuyang Good People "Special Awards" and held an award ceremony.

As a key transportation project supporting the "five verticals and two horizontals" of Beijing Daxing International Airport, the new airport line is of great significance for connecting the Beijing area with the new airport and accelerating the economic integration of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Why is this subway line known as the "New Milestone of Beijing Rail Transit Construction", and in what ways does the new airport line set a new "first"? Xinhua News Agency reporter boarded the Beluga train on the new airport line and revealed the answer for you! Equipped with the world's highest-level fully-automated driving system, as the Beluga train walks steadily, the scenery outside the window quickly reverses, and the speed of the train has exceeded 100 kilometers per hour without knowing it; the train seats are large and comfortable, and passengers can use mobile phones. Waiting for the charging of electronic equipment-the experience of the Beluga train is quite enjoyable. Entering the cab of the Beluga train, the authentic high-tech technology is amazing-the new airport line uses the world's highest-level, fully-autonomous driving system with completely independent intellectual property rights, not only to achieve unmanned driving, but also to automatically wake up the train , Self-test, operation, hibernation, etc. Li Xiaogang, Director of the Sixth Division of the Equipment Management Headquarters of Beijing Rail Corporation proudly said, "The new airport line's fully automatic operation system eliminates the daily tedious manual inspection and cleaning operations, allows the train to accurately control the parking time, and solves the manpower investment of the train's main line Issues such as high efficiency and low efficiency. "" The fully automatic operation system can further improve the safety and efficiency of urban rail transit operation systems, further improve the system's reliability, safety, availability, and maintainability; improve the system's emergency disposal level and reduce Labor intensity.

Xiamen with its seafront is moving towards a city of high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship and a city of high-value ecological gardens, which has become a model for cross-strait integration and development.

In addition, Nanjing Ningju also reached a strategic cooperation agreement with a large restaurant chain and became the supplier of more than 160 chain stores in East China. The unique retail channel is one of the core competitiveness of Nanjing Ningju Agropyrons project, and it is more conducive to Nanjing Ningju to create a professional Agropyrans brand. Nanjing Ningju Boxed Strawgrass, as a new agricultural project that has not entered the country, has not yet formed a mature and unified technical system. For the long-term development of enterprises, Nanjing Ningju also took the lead in formulating a set of effective standards and specifications.

Without the party's leadership, national rejuvenation must be utopian.

Under the guidance of national policies, China's renewable energy will come online at parity in the next three to five years, and even the future cost will be lower than fossil energy. More than 20 years ago, we learned wind power technology from European countries, independently developed wind turbines, and realized industrialization. We gradually entered the overseas market from the development of the domestic market and went international. With the strong support of the national energy strategy, China's wind power industry has not only made progress itself, but also promoted the development of global wind power. A set of data shows that as of the end of 2017, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power worldwide was close to 540GW, which is 23 times the scale of wind power at the beginning of this century, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%, becoming one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources in the world.

Lankao County actively purchases large-scale medical equipment for primary-level hospitals. At present, 16 township hospitals in the county have purchased more than 170 large-scale medical equipment such as CT, C-arm, color ultrasound, rehabilitation equipment, etc. Two-way referral. In terms of personnel training, the hospital actively adopted the method of "going out, please come in", and sent more than 130 out-going trainees to county-level, city-level, and provincial-level hospitals, allowing technical staff with intermediate titles in secondary hospitals within the Medical Association Sinking to the various departments of the hospital, taking the form of director rounds, expert free consultations, teacher lectures, business training and other forms, hand-to-hand teaching of "fishing".

Regarding how the husband and wife work together, how to "save quality" for their relationship, Li Yong said in an interview that he would "soften" with his wife. "Some people are born to persuade, but in front of her, I don't shame." Some media once asked Li Yong, who is more important to her daughter and wife? Li Yong replied: "How do you let me divide? Both are important, I can't live without anyone. But when I see them sleeping soundly next to me, I feel very comforting. My daughter is my little lover and my wife is my true love people.


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