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Yancheng Dafeng Cultural and Propaganda Team Sends Plays to the Countryside, Performs in 30 Villages

2019-12-31 16:38

(Responsible editor: Feng Hu) △ Exclusive video: Xi Jinping directs the education on the theme of “Not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission” on Inner Mongolia ’s Natural Resources Department On May 31, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the work conference of “Not forgetting the original intention and remember the mission” And made important speeches. In this speech, Xi Jinping put forward the general requirements and specific goals of the theme education of “Don't forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”. General requirements: Keeping the original mind, shouldering the mission, finding gaps, and implementing specific goals: gains from theoretical learning, baptism of ideology and politics, daring to act as entrepreneurs, solve problems for the people, honesty and integrity. Xi Jinping pointed out that each department and department Units should carry out work creatively in accordance with the actual situation, and integrate learning and education, investigation and research, inspection of problems, rectification and implementation throughout the entire process of theme education, and strive to achieve the best results.

(1) 100 million yuan in central enterprises, a year-on-year increase of%. (2) 100 million yuan of local state-owned enterprises, a year-on-year increase of%.

On the one hand, with the needs of the development of the entire country in the new period, major strategies must be promoted in terms of regional strategies. On the other hand, we really want to solve the local people's problems in ecological protection, poverty alleviation, and socio-economic issues, and they can be fundamentally resolved through the implementation of major strategies. Wang Xiahui explained that, first of all, the status of the Yellow River is very important. "Huanghe Ning, the world is flat." The Yellow River Basin involves a population of 100 million, flows through nine provinces such as Qinghai, Sichuan, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, and Gansu, and finally flows into the Bohai Sea, with a total length of 5,464 kilometers.

International Online Jilin News (Chen Shi): On June 6, the Changchun Culture Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau organized a traditional culture experience day event for the Duanyang Festival Dragon Boat Festival at the Changchun Library. More than 30 international friends from Canada, France, the United States and other countries and regions gathered with 20 groups of Chinese families.

Without prejudice to the fundamental interests of the people, the Communist Party of China has made maximum concessions. After the Chongqing negotiations, the KMT and the Communist Party signed the Double Ten Agreement. Later, an armistice order was issued, an Executive Department of the Military Assistance Division was established, and a political consultation meeting was held. However, Chiang Kai-shek never acknowledged what was on the paper. Negotiations were nothing more than a suspending step for him.

When eating, dip the fish fillets with rice vinegar, fine salt, chilli oil, and seasonings, and bite it, the fish surface will be hot, but the mouth will be cold, which is crispy outside and hot inside "Tallaha", tasted carefully, slowly tasted, it is characterized by fragrance but not greasy, soft and refreshing. It's really flavorful and incredible.

A piece of "Lundalang" in Honghu's water flowing rhyme has been performed in more than 3,000 performances since its debut in 1959. works. Even more commendable is that it is an authentic classic of the literature and art E army. Resuming the college entrance examination for 42 years and changing the fate of hundreds of millions of people At this moment, we must not forget that 42 years ago, the initiative of a university professor from Hubei prompted Deng Xiaoping to make a decision on the spot, which caused the 11-year college entrance examination to be suspended in 1977. Recovery has thus changed the fate of several generations of youth, opened the era of dreams, and illuminated China's future. Centennial Hanzheng Street broke the cocoon and became a butterfly 40 years ago, Hanzheng Street took the lead in opening up the small commodity market in the country, opened the curtain of reform of China's commodity circulation system, and became a pioneer and test area for inland China to "open to the outside world and invigorate the inside".

BLACKPINK, a women's group of People's Daily News, will return to the music scene with its first mini-series "SQUAREUP" on the 15th.

As an important node of the international land passageway, the smooth flow of the Friendship Pass has a vital bearing on the vital interests of drivers, cargo merchants and logistics companies.

The members of the committee include 6 civilian representatives and 5 military representatives, of which 1 civilian representative needs to be selected through consultation between the military and the opposition. The Joint Sovereign Council will be chaired by the military representative within 21 months after the signing of the agreement, and by civilian representatives within the next 18 months. The agreement also stipulates that the two parties jointly form a ministerial committee and authorize the "Freedom and Change Alliance" to elect the country's transitional civilian government prime minister.

BEIJING, 17may (Xinhua) -. ElconsejerodeEstadochino, YangJiechi, dijohoyqueelreciénconcluidoForodelaFranjaylaRutaparalaCooperaciónInternacionaltrazóelmapaderutaparaeléxitodelaIniciativadelaFranjaylaRutaymarcauncaminoclaroparalacooperació, Yangdijoqueelforo, realizadoeldomingoyellunesenBeijing, aclaróunaseriedeproyectosqueseráóunalistaderesultadosqueincluyen76consensosintegradospormásde270resultadosdetalladosencincoáreasclaves, asaber, política, infraestructura, comercio, finanzasyconectividadentrepueblos "Elgranproyectodelainiciativaseestáconvirtiendoenunclaromapaderuta", óqueelforofuelamayoractividaddiplomáticamultilateralpropuestayrealizadaporChinadesdelafundacióndelaRepúóunasealpositivaparaquetodaslaspartestrabajenjuntasconelfindeconstruirunacomunidaddefuturocompartidoqueseráístasyqueorganizóelforoconunaactitudabierta, inclusiva, democráódeunaceremoniainaugural, unacumbredemesaredondayreunionesdealtonivelparagarantizarquetoón, laparticipaciónampliaydefondodetodaslaspartesinvolu cradasenlainiciativacontribuirá, ademásdefuncionarios, empresariosfinancierosymediosde130paísesyregionesquealberganamásdedosterceraspartesdelapoblaciónmundialconununproductointernobrutocombinadodel90porcientodeltotalmundial.ГригорийТрофимчукПрактическаяреализацияинициативыОдинпояс-Одинпутьпредусматриваетнетолькоразвитиеэкономиквсехстран-участниц, ноиновыйформатэкономикиКитая, накоторойтеперьлежитособаядоляответственностизасовместноедело.Теперьнеобходимоучитыватьинойуровеньинтеграцииспартнёрами, которыеповериливобщийпроект, подтвердивэтонапрошедшемнедавновПекинеФорумемеждународногосотрудничества.

(Source: Xining Chengtong Transportation Construction Investment Co., Ltd.) (Responsible editors: Wang Hongyu, Yang Yang)

SourcePh "style =" display: none "> For more detailed news, please visit the original Beijing News website title: VR perspectives are different. On the way home, you can feel" immersive "by wearing VR glasses. There is a mood It ’s like an arrow, and there ’s a kind of affection for the hometown. There ’s a call that loved one ’s family across mountains and rivers. The scenery to go home is the most beautiful! It ’s the custom of the Chinese for a long time to go home to celebrate the New Year. Those who work, study in different places, and live away from home all invariably return home from all directions for the New Year. Such a large-scale, unified and centralized transfer during the same period constitutes the annual big migration-the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival reports are available every year, but how The new lottery is something that media people have been thinking about.

The sailing boat can go to sea with four or five people. However, it takes time to play sailing. You can only take advantage of the holidays. It takes two or three days to go out. There is only one person in the family playing sailing. The holidays cannot be spent together, so I thought of such a way.

Not long ago, during a visit and interview with a company that produced televisions, I saw a display gallery. From semiconductor radios to black and white TVs, from color TVs to rear projection TVs, from single TVs to home theaters ... the evolving patterns are laid out one after another, like carefully arranged TV programs, telling development stories written by time. Different ages have different memories of televisions.

But not immediately, returning to the field must be. Gongyu lives in the mountains and rivers and wants to be sincere.

Original Title: Cultural Self-Confidence Stimulates Strong Spiritual Power The realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires full cultural self-confidence to stimulate powerful spiritual power. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that "culture is the soul of a country and a nation." "Without a high degree of cultural self-confidence and cultural prosperity, there will be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." Cultural self-confidence is a country The full affirmation of the way of existence and value system owned by the nation and the nation is a deep identification and persistent belief in its own cultural vitality, creativity, and influence, which is related to the cohesion of the nation's spirit and spirit and the presentation of the social spiritual outlook, and to the national economy Motivation and vitality of social development and progress. Excellent traditional culture is fertile ground for fostering cultural confidence.

Precipitation forecast: heavy rains in parts of Zhejiang, northern Fujian, southern Jiangsu, Shanghai, southeastern Anhui, and Taiwan Island, from 8:00 on the 9th to 8:00 on the 10th, including central and eastern Zhejiang, northeastern Fujian, and Taiwan Island There are heavy rainstorms in some areas, and extreme heavy rains (250-320 mm) on the eastern coast of Zhejiang and the central island of Taiwan. Guidance on defense: The government and related departments should do a good job in preventing typhoons and responding to emergencies in accordance with their duties. Water operations in related waters and passing ships should return to the port to shelter from the wind, strengthen port facilities, and prevent ships from anchoring, stranding and colliding. Stop indoor and outdoor large gatherings and outdoor dangerous operations such as high altitude. Reinforce or dismantle structures that are easy to be blown by the wind. Personnel should not go out at will. They should stay in a windproof and safe place as far as possible to ensure that the elderly and children stay in the safest place in the home.


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