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Duante decided to take a break for 3 days

2019-12-31 16:38

"What we like is the high-quality cocoon silk and the huge supply of raw cocoons," said Gu Xuezhen, general manager of the Huanjiang Branch of Guangxi Guihe Group. Guangxi Guihe Group is committed to the production of high-grade raw silk. There are five silk reeling companies in the region, of which 5A grade raw silk produced by Huanjiang Branch is more than 80%, which is more than 10 percentage points higher than the group average. At present, Huanjiang County has 5 cocoon silk processing enterprises with a total installed capacity of 96 sets of reeling silk, with an annual output of 2,500 tons of high-quality white factory silk production scale, with an average product quality level of 5A + 30. The industrial brand effect has gradually expanded. Sold to foreign markets such as Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

2019-09-2909: On November 26, according to several French media reports, former French President Chirac died at the age of 86. This is May 16, 2007. In Paris, the French capital, French outgoing President Jacques Chirac (rear) greeted the farewell crowd as he boarded the train and left the Elysee Palace. 2019-09-2710: 45 Overseas, when we get honor, when we explore the unknown, when we achieve achievements, when we help others ... When you see the five-star red flag, you will feel yourself and the motherland I have never been away, my heart is more determined, my steps are firmer.

The Provincial Women's Federation hopes that the commendable family will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, and be a good example, continue to inherit and carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, consciously carry forward the new wind of the times, practice the concept of green development, and promote family civilization, "ecological actions of civilized civilization," and village revitalization In the implementation of the strategy, we should play an exemplary role in leading the way, and lead more families to see the wisdom, respect for the good, and strive to be the most beautiful. The Provincial Women's Federation requires women's federations at all levels to persistently promote the construction of family, home education, and family style, and extensively carry out family civilization creation actions, family education support actions, family service promotion actions, family research deepening actions, and the harmony of small families to build a harmonious society ; Mobilize the majority of women and family members to actively participate in all kinds of family civilization creation activities, and guide millions of families across the province to take the example of commendable families and strive to be the practitioners of the core values of socialism, the inheritors of China's outstanding traditional virtues, and good society The leader of the ethos and the forerunner of the construction of ecological civilization support the good ethos of the whole society with the good ethos of millions of families.

In March 2018, Chai Dongli came to Jiuzhaigou again, looking at the newly-born spark sea ruins, while being shocked, Chai Dongli shed tears.

Unswervingly focus on industry, tightly integrate stable industrial growth with the promotion of high-quality industrial development, seize key links and implement precise measures to stabilize stocks, increase increments, improve promotion, and vigorously attract business. We will tap agricultural growth potential, stabilize agricultural production, upgrade existing industries, and increase efforts to prevent and control African swine fever.

The Chinese medicine capital Qihuang Town project under construction, among which are the Chinese Medicine Convention and Exhibition Center, Gexuan Plaza, the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine History and Culture, and the "Zhangbang" Mansion, and many other projects related to medicine, making it a Chinese medicine trade. , A traditional Chinese medicine town with three core functions: transformation of production, research, and cultural heritage. Renhe Yaodu Garden was originally a pharmaceutical production industrial zone. Through the construction of workshop visit channels, pharmaceutical culture exhibition halls, Chinese medicine hall and other projects, it added functions such as physiotherapy, health care, leisure, and experience, and soon became a characteristic industrial tourist area of Chinese medicine.

"Be sure to cross over! Because I understand the significance of our advance regiment crossing the river ... To get rid of Chiang Kai-shek's hundreds of thousands of troops, the battle of Wujiang is the key.

Wang Jianguo, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and deputy chairman of the China Documentary Society, believes that members of the CPPCC should put honor behind them, hold their responsibilities to the top, perform their duties for the country, and fulfill their duties for the people. As a member of the literary and artistic circles, only creative More and better works can be worthy of the times and the people. We can work together with one heart and share the cause. "Currently the cause of the CPPCC is at a new historical starting point. CPPCC members have great responsibilities and glorious missions.

During the event, the Steel Sculpture Culture and Art Festival and Electronic Music Festival will also be held to present a wonderful cultural and feast for the audience.


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