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  • Hidden dangers of prescription drug management are transferred to individual online platforms

    The first session of the Second National People's Congress was held from April 18 to 28, 1959, and the first session of the Third Session of the CPPCC National Committee was held from April 17 to 29, 1959. One of the reasons for the opening of the opening day was that Zhou Enlai was the chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference at the time and the general director of the State Council ... [ View Details ]

  • Appreciation of masterpieces-Jiangxi Channel-People's Daily Online

    "This mid-term exam, because the test is well done, the child's self-confidence in the class has also greatly increased." However, when the reporter asked Xiaole and Guozi, Xiaole made it clear that he did not want to come. A few days ago, his mother sent him He was still crying when he came. The fruit is "no squeak". "Although I see a change in my son, there are still ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Shenyang High-tech Zone: Yuqiang's three leading industries speed up high-quality development

    The second “Belt and Road” international cooperation summit is about to be held. With the approval of the Leading Group for the “Belt and Road” construction work, the Leading Group Office released the report “Building the“ Belt and Road ”Initiative: Progress, Contributions and Prospects” on April 22. . The report points out that since 2013, the "construction of the" Belt ... "

  • Mysterious island "born" after strong earthquake in Pakistan six years ago is now disappearing

    400 acres of pollution-free vegetable planting bases in Lanxing have been certified by the National Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Center of the Ministry of Agriculture. The county has completed 10,000 acres of vegetable planting. "What to raise" can promote the increase of farmers' income, which is also an issue explored actively by the county. In the development of ecologically characteristic industries, Dahua established under-forest chickens, wild pigs, and bamboo rats ... [ View Details ]

  • Ministry of Civil Affairs: Ten policies and measures for benefiting the people in 2019

    Seventh, we must give full play to the role of leading cadres in leading demonstrations, take the lead in strengthening ideals and convictions, take the lead in improving political standing, take the lead in refining strong skills, take the lead in taking responsibility, take the lead in improving style, take the lead in honesty and self-discipline, and use actual actions to set benchmarks and set an example. The meeting is to implement the spirit of the National Conference of Ministers of Propaganda, ... [ View Details ]

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to Dolce & Gabbana's insult to China, ask Chinese people what they think

    Therefore, despite liberalizing market access in the financial sector and more foreign companies coming in, there is no need to worry about the main body of the market. Although it is a brand new enterprise, it is willing to make huge investment in intellectual property. Since its launch on April 22, 2010, content copyright procurement from the beginning ... [ View Full Text ]

  • China accelerates its goal of "eradicating hepatitis C"

    The county proposed that the county's leading cadres should "four downwards": eyes must look downwards; footsteps must go downwards; thoughts must be downwards; work must be downwards. The "four downwards" work method is implemented. Later, the county's leading cadres at all levels consciously participated in and continued to improve their execution. The county as a whole worked together to achieve this year's projects ... [ View Details ]

  • La coopération sino-africaine donne davantage de résultats fructueux après le sommet du FCSA (SYNTHESE)

    This has also stimulated comrades' thinking at the same time, in the new era, how to play the role of the branch fighting fortress, and how to play the exemplary role of party members is even more important. Promote scientific legislation and strict law enforcement, formulate laws and regulations adapted to the application of biometric identification technology, and strengthen the number of biometrics ... [ View Details ]

  • Tencent's performance rises

    Among them, the use of a new technology pioneered in the history of rockets in China has greatly improved the manufacturability of the storage tank; the use of liquid nitrogen for the ground internal pressure test of low-temperature storage tanks has greatly reduced the weight of the structure; the structural design technology that bundled the force transmission before the breakthrough, China has mastered the technical hand of bundling rockets to effectively improve the carrying capacity ... [ View Details ]

  • Experts gather in Lanzhou to discuss "Tax Risk Management and Control of Chinese Large Enterprises"

    In the past, due to the difficulty of being standardized, labor-related tasks were rarely mentioned. Now, the classroom of labor education has moved back to home, boring exercises have become tangible details of life, the teachers of the lessons have become daily accompanying parents, and the evaluation standards also have a format and standards that can be followed. From school to home, also by ... [ View Details ]

  • `` Sacred Tree Spirit '', 115cm × 70cm, paper, carved, 2018

    A Marine Corps press release said that during the previous six-month overseas mission, 200 officers and men "have conducted training exercises across the Indo-Pacific region, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines." Public data show that Marine Corps officers and soldiers conduct jungle warfare exercises with the SDF in Japan. He Lifeng briefed on the National Inventory Pilots ... [ View Details ]

  • [Micro movie] "Ah, Ye, Ye, Ye" Zuo Quanwan's People's Songs Flash

    Xinhua News Agency, Jerusalem, May 28 (Reporter Chen Wenxian, Lu Yingxu) The People's Government of Sichuan Province of China held a science and technology economic and trade promotion conference in the central Israeli city of Tel Aviv on the 27th. Representatives of the Sichuan Provincial Government and the Israeli government and the industry, academia and research institutes of both parties signed the conference 18 cooperation agreements or ... [ View Details ]

  • New knowledge: creating conditions for the development of big data

    The "chemical reaction" of "1 + 12" is being triggered. ■ Eighteen martial arts have to be trained to become Diwang, the Third Squadron of the Special Fire Brigade of the Urban Fire Rescue Detachment, who has been preparing for training nonstop. Earthquake rescue, plugging of dangerous chemicals, high-altitude rescue waterlogging, drainage and dredging, sanitation and epidemic prevention ... "Eighteen martial arts ... [ View Details ]

  • Nanning launches the first blood donation activity for international students

    However, with only inheritance and no innovation, the development of intangible heritage is also difficult to last. Lu Guangzheng regrets that the market for many intangible heritage projects is shrinking and there are few successors. "If the non-legacy heritage is conservative and self-closing, it is impossible to innovate without innovation. Serve the people, can not obtain hematopoietic function and produce through market circulation ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Happy exhibition "cute pet" struck

    The market lacks mature vehicle condition information and perfect rules and regulations, which makes it possible to modify key information such as mileage, maintenance history, etc. The evaluation agency is not professional and objective, and the pricing standards are not clear enough, which will damage the trust of both parties in the used car transaction and lead to standardized transactions Weak foundation. The used car market is steam ... [ View Details ]

  • Poet Lu Wenli "Poems as a Gift" Poem Collection

    Today, many people in the world "speak must be the United States." It seems that the word "United States" has become the guarantor of truth. This is how the discourse dominates and governs people. Emergency Rescue Service, Become a Driver "Reassuring Man" During the May 1st holiday this year, truck driver Liu Yukun's car broke down on the road and the vehicle could not ... [ View Details ]

  • [Life circle] Waste sorting is actually very simple

    Let us uphold the spirit of Shanghai, unite our hearts and pragmatically, and work together to create a better tomorrow for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The leaders reaffirmed their adherence to multilateralism, abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, committed to building a new type of international relations on the basis of international law, and established the concept of building a community of shared future for mankind ... [ View Details ]

  • Deng Chao Lu Chen and Chen He collectively changed their avatar and was ridiculed by netizens: three little fools

    We came here not only to receive training courses, but also to see how Macau did in terms of tourist reception, brand management, and marketing. By participating in training courses, we have learned a lot of knowledge and skills. "In addition to sitting in the classroom listening to the training teacher lectures, with the same from all over the world ... [ View Full Text ]

  • "Unmanned factory" packaging printing becomes "Chaoyang Industry"

    Ying Yaogang, member of the Standing Committee of the Yuecheng District Committee and the Minister of Organizations, said that the so-called "contractualization" is to adhere to equality, voluntariness, mutual promotion and closeness to reality, and fully respect the wishes of the party organizations in the units in the district through equal consultation. On the basis, jointly signed the "Community Party Construction and Co-construction Contract", using the contract form ... [ View Details ]

  • [Xiaochang Weather] Xiaochang weather forecast, weekly, 15 days, 30 days Xiaochang weather forecast query

    Trade unions at all levels take studying, propagating and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the Party's 18th and 19th National Congresses as the first political task, as the first party lesson and the first political compulsory course, closely surrounding the new era of Xi Jinping The thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics, work hard to learn and practice, ... [ View Details ]

  • Jiujiang, Yushu, a dialogue across the river

    However, in the multiple sets of data throughout the first half of the year, investment and funding continued to slow. This proves that the property market is still cooling, and the trend of cooling is currently showing signs of acceleration. A real estate veteran believes that although the real estate market in the first half of 2014 was not the worst in history, it was ... [ View Full Text ]

  • China Atrial Fibrillation Day Public Welfare National Publicity Campaign Launched in Guangzhou

    On the same day, the expert group went to "Pingguo Shengsen Agricultural Development Co., Ltd." in Jiuting Village, Matou Town, the financial service room of Paolie Village in Taiping Town, and Guangxi Guanqiang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., and also visited the east of Pingguo County. E-Mall-Catch Network. Through on-site inspection, listening to reports, consulting information and questioning ... [ View Full Text ]

  • 3-year-old goddess child IQ comparable to Einstein's too smart parents worry (picture) kindergarten elementary school

    Shijiazhuang, People's Network, May 15th (Yuan Zhiguang) It is reported that this exhibition is held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and to respond to the "I and My Motherland" series of activities in Hebei Province. Former Deputy Director of the CPPCC Literary History and Learning Committee, Former Chairman of the Hebei Provincial Political Consultative Conference, and Honorary President of the Provincial Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, Liu Dewang, Zhong ... [ View Details ]

  • Chapter 1 Mao Zedong Enters Peiping

    The mysterious and unpredictable Qinling Emperor Palace also left a brief and stunning record in Sima Qian's pen. According to Sima Qian's description in "Historical Records", the palace uses mercury as the source of rivers, rivers and seas, and it is full of strange artifacts. So, is the real underground palace not under the Qin Mausoleum? Sima Qian about the Qin Mausoleum ... [ View Details ]

  • Beware of these financial pitfalls: Barcodes embedded in Trojans, telecommunications scams, and more

    Thirty years from now, China will build a prosperous, strong, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful socialist modern power. The coincidence of time shows the necessity of history. The Chinese dream of national rejuvenation must be realized by contemporary Chinese youth. I will be selfless, live up to Shaohua, and serve the motherland with struggle. This is the spirit of the May Fourth Movement through a century ... [ View Details ]

  • Song Xueqin: "Marry" for Happiness

    On the other hand, we must pay attention to the PPP themes of infrastructure projects that benefit from the "lenient fiscal" policy, such as Tengda Construction, Longyuan Construction, Gezhouba, etc. In addition, some stocks that have entered the harvesting period, such as Tiehan Ecology, Oriental Garden, etc. Related News SSE: PPP projects can be financed on SSE ... [ View Details ]

  • Liu Cigui: Strive to create a new situation of comprehensively deepening reform and opening up

    Zhang Guofei, director of CCTV's integrated channel at CCTV, said: "There is no end to the innovation of cultural programs. We must pay attention to the hot reality and realize the theme of the times in order to capture the public's psychology and realize the inheritance and inheritance of culture." "China Poetry Conference" Poster profile picture 1. "Compassion ..." [ View Details ]

  • Emphasis on instruments but less manpower? German media pays close attention to "China Tianyan"

    She said that the French Communist Party believes that the reason why the United States has provoked economic and trade frictions with China is that the United States believes that China's economic development will threaten U.S. hegemony and leadership. U.S. neo-conservatives and ultra-nationalists acted on this prejudgment, launching a trade war against China. She ... [ View Details ]

  • A number of car companies started sales in January, sales of new energy vehicles increased by 400% year-on-year

    In addition, as of the end of the first quarter, Xincheng Holdings' asset-liability ratio was%. After excluding sales advances, the asset-liability ratio was%, which was a year-on-year decrease. "Consignment of second-hand fashion, make old love become the heart of others." In the integration center mall in downtown Wanchai, Hong Kong, a company named GREENLA ... [ View Details ]

  • Jing Junhai: Yan Shi carefully guarded the bottom line to achieve the standards and effectiveness to ensure that poverty alleviation is not a problem for each household

    The speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the 11th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Yat-sen on the 11th has aroused warm response from all walks of life on both sides of the strait. Original title: Survey shows: 30% of college students ’living expenses are not enough to spend“ Double 11 ”, many college students complain on social media that they are“ chopping their hands for a while, in the future ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Clarify fees and refund methods Beijing Fengtai promotes model text of driving license training contract

    SPDB will continue to actively implement the financial support policies of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and explore further in areas such as expanding FT account functions, expanding the use of RMB across borders, innovating foreign exchange management systems, promoting interest rate marketization, and building international financial markets. Business environment contributes its own strength, and then builds ... [ View Details ]

  • Xinpu Street: Zero Tolerance for Traffic Regulation, Full Coverage of Civilized Driving

    Park said, "In terms of diet:" Mencius "is as fast and refreshing as eating persimmons; if" The Analects of Confucius "is like chiseled rice and sweet wine, its taste is very strong, and it is particularly resistant to chewing. For many years in the industry, Kang Zhuqing has been focusing on original music, and has extensively involved in stage theater, military music, film and television works, etc .... [ View Details ]

  • Си Цзиньпин встретился с премьер-министром Армении

    Participants believed that development zones are often a regional project cluster, and the tasks of intensive development, scientific and technological innovation, industrial upgrading, and ecological protection are very onerous. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to carry out governance innovation in development zones and realize the match between democratic political construction and economic and technological development. ... [ View Details ]

  • Football Association announces the results of the new batch of men's football youth training centers

    There are also few bookstores like Hongya, without any salary expenses, relying solely on Yu Guoxin and a few volunteers to take turns to visit the store. People who visit the store are temporarily in trouble. If they can't find anyone, they just wait for the guests in the store, and ask the reader to buy books and pay consciously. Independent bookstores are generally struggling to survive. In Chiayi, which has a population of only 200,000, it is even more viable ... [ View Details ]

  • Lei Jun battled Xiaomi to rescue: deadly price extreme high-end market has a flaw

    As of May 8, the number of companies accepted by the science and technology board reached 103, and the total amount of funds to be raised exceeded 100 billion yuan. This will give better play to the role of the capital market in supporting the innovative economy and provide impetus for corporate innovation. -Escort the intellectual property system. Encourage local purchases of carless families ... [ View Full Text ]

  • China Daily Website

    The entrepreneurial park takes the introduction of high-level talents at home and abroad as the starting point, and strives to create equipment manufacturing, environmental protection technology industries and high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship parks with great development potential, which will provide strong intellectual support for the integrated and coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The park covers an area of 260 acres, which can fully meet the entrepreneurial project ... [ View Details ]

  • Zheng Hongshen: Cai Zhenhua is a paving stone, not a savior

    Fifth, evaluate the quality in the end. (Li Yuean, Wei Jing, Chen Mo) (Responsible Editor: Intern, Wang Diyuan) Original Title: Promoting the Construction of Ecological Civilization to Achieve Harmonious Coexistence between Man and Nature From October 12th to 13th, Lin Wu, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Executive Deputy Governor, led the province directly Department responsible comrades went to Hunchun ... [ View Details ]

  • Guangxi Supervision Bureau: Organize the theme party day to commemorate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the party

    Taking the four tests of infectious diseases as an example, this is a blood test that every patient who is hospitalized, operated, and endoscopy needs to perform. In the past, these four tests also required a minimum of 3 tubes of blood, but now only 1 tube of blood is needed. The eight busiest green channels in the hospital are the emergency department. But a lot ... [ View Details ]

  • Xi'an amateur table tennis player becomes foreign national team coach

    In the third Wuzhen Drama Festival in 2015, nearly 40% of the tickets were sold on the first day of invoicing; in the fourth Wuzhen Drama Festival in 2016, the one-hour ticket sales exceeded the total ticket sales of 12,000 on the first day of 2015; 2017 Tickets for 15 of the 24 shows were sold in just one hour. ... [ View Details ]

  • New version of Yangguang News Client is online: big news is here

    In May 1947, Wu Lanfu and others were sworn in at the establishment of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government.At the end of 1959, the country's food supply was severely lacking. In dozens of orphanages in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other places, thousands of orphans suffered from food shortages. Severe malnutrition. Kang, then Chairman of the All-China Women's Federation ... [ View Details ]