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  • [Juli Support] Who was the first person to produce a "yttrium-barium-copper-oxygen liquid-temperature superconductor" at minus 180 degrees Celsius?

    The black hole photographed is a supermassive black hole located in the center of the Virgo supergiant elliptical galaxy M87. It is about 55 million light-years away from Earth and has a mass 6.5 billion times that of the sun. At this session of the Canton Fair, Gree Electric takes "three new" technologies-"new energy, new technology, new refrigerant" as its display theme, and emphasizes ... [ View Details ]

  • Recruitment of Liaocheng Xunjie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

    The Red List of Species The IUCN RedList of Threatened Species (IUCN Red List) began to be compiled in 1963, and is the most comprehensive list of the status of animal and plant species protection in the world, ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Celebrate Bayi's major media push short video to pay tribute to "the cutest person"

    On the 15th, the province became cloudy and cloudy, with light rain in most areas and moderate rain in western Baoji and western Hanzhong. On the 16th, cloudy weather turned cloudy in northern Shaanxi, with light rain in southern northern Shaanxi, light rain on cloudy days in Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi, and moderate rain in southern Shaanxi. In June, showers are frequent, please pay attention to the latest weather forecast ... [ View Details ]

  • Creating a high-quality world economy is the pulse of the times

    Driven by Wu Aiguo, around the topics of party building, economic and social development, people's livelihood, and social governance, starting in 2012, Guangde has determined about 25 reform and innovation projects each year to promote implementation, and this year, exactly 100 innovation projects will be implemented. The addition and subtraction of "put" and "pipe" are actually processing ... [ View Full Text ]

  • 10 sanitation workers were awarded "the most beautiful sanitation workers in Huangshui, Nanjing"

    +1 Following the first submission to the National People's Congress for review in December last year, on April 20, the draft vaccine management law was resubmitted to the Tenth Session of the 13th National People's Congress for consideration. The second draft of the draft is clear, increasing the fine for illegal production and sale of fake vaccines, and stipulating the maximum penalty for the production and sale of fake and inferior vaccines ... [ View Details ]

  • Cross-strait industrial cooperation zone development alliance established

    It is necessary to pay attention to the long-term people's livelihood, establish a big people's livelihood view focusing on "all-round human development", and gradually improve the system of fairness of rights, fair opportunities, and fair rules, so that everyone can have a platform for dreams and a brilliant life. People's livelihood is linked to people's hearts. The popularization of Marxism inherently contains "Let Marx ... [ View Details ]

  • China Daily Website

    The official Weibo of the party committee and government of Taiping Town, Shuangliu County, Chengdu issued a notice on May 2nd: On May 1st, a “children ’s yard” parent-child paradise developed by Chengdu Orchid Farm Development Co., Ltd. happened when a tourist rushed out of the slide protection accident. As of 2:00 on May 2nd, 2 adult wounded men have been sent to hospital ... [ View Details ]

  • Chu Chuanjiang: China's peaceful rise is the blessing of world development and prosperity

    Shen Haixiong, deputy minister of the Central Propaganda Department, director and party secretary of the China Central Radio and Television, on behalf of the party's party group, titled `` Strengthening Political Responsibility, Governing the Party Strictly and Comprehensively, and Providing Strong Political Guarantee for the Construction of a World-Class New Mainstream Media '' work report. Jia Yu, head of the disciplinary inspection and supervision team of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Central Propaganda Department ... [ View Details ]

  • When the relevant person in charge of the village committee learned of this, they initiated fundraising in the whole village. The elderly people who were more than 80 years old and the elementary school students who had just entered the school door donated relay donations. 50 yuan and 100 yuan-within two days, the villagers Ge Lingling raised more than 26,000 yuan of love. At 10 pm on August 28, Wei ... [ View Details ]

  • Origin of the People's Republic of China

    Anshun is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Guizhou Province, located in the central and western part of Guizhou Province, 90 kilometers from Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province. Among the scientists' evaluations of the scientific and technological innovation environment of their preferred working city, Shanghai scored the highest in terms of support for scientific research funds. The other advantages of Shanghai are, in turn, the leading scientific research institutes and departments ... [ View Details ]

  • Wang Cheng serves as Vice Governor of Shanxi Province (picture resume)

    "Protect the places that should be protected the most." In the afternoon of January 28, Xia Fei, director of the Forestry Bureau of Hainan Province, revealed in an interview with reporters that the scope of Hainan Tropical Rain Forest National Park has been delimited, with a total area of more than 4,400 square kilometers, accounting for about 1/7 of the land area of Hainan Island. Compared to the peak of IG ... [ View Details ]

  • Beijing venue themed exhibition highlights the National Innovation Week 2019

    The decoration quotation has deliberately omitted the necessary items. The "cast-in-place concrete" project that must be implemented on the balcony of Mr. Wang's home is zero in the budget list. The decoration company said that "missing reports" need to be counted separately. "This single project costs 3800 yuan, but I looked for another engineering team It means that the cost is only 1500 yuan .... [ View the full text ]

  • Xuzhou released PM2.5 report on ambient air quality in counties (cities) and districts in May

    In the final analysis, compulsory education is a systematic education that has poured into the efforts of countless educators in our country and condenses the education experience and wisdom of generations. It is the most reliable and most modern education model that the people should rely on. Although it has various shortcomings and deficiencies, there is no substitute for any kind of out-of-school training. ... [ View Details ]

  • The theme education work conference of "Don't forget the original heart, keep the mission in mind" in Chongqing was held.

    Original title: Children's myopia rising should pay attention to preschool control. "Axial myopia, once it occurs, it is difficult to recover the elongated eye axis. This is the difficulty of prevention and control of myopia." April 17, Department of Ophthalmology, Capital Medical University College Dean Wang Ningli pointed out that myopia at the first National Visual Health Summit ... [ View Details ]

  • Circus wary of art exhibitions tends to exhibit art

    Song Jingwu hopes that under the leadership of the delegation, members of the delegation will not only form a deep friendship with their Chinese peers during this visit, but also feel the ancient and modern "Silk Road" and "Belt and Road" experience during their trips to Lanzhou and Dunhuang. Cultural charm. The friendship between the nations lies in the blindness of the people, and the blindness of the people lies in the exchange of hearts. "Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee ... [ View details ]

  • Giant Network organized a dragon boat race in the park. Yuzhu Shi also came to watch

    A reporter from People's Daily interviewed Olivier Texier, general manager of the Engineering Operations Department of CGN Europe Energy, and asked him to talk about his experience working in an overseas Chinese-funded company. Opening a new resume for a Chinese company Olivier Teixie is a typical French engineer, ... [ View Details ]

  • Photos: Gulinazza wears Sailor Moon print T-shirt and pleated skirt

    Today's Halloween has lost its original meaning, and it has become a happy festival for adults to intimidate each other and children to disguise themselves and come to ask for sweets. What I heard on Halloween. From late October this year, many institutions and schools in Toronto have begun making and decorating Halloween ghosts, devil cartoons ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Haikou's first community cinema is born

    In other words, the translator discovered the realm of freedom he realized in Zhuangzi in Chinese painting. We have made the above-mentioned inferences on grounds. "To explore a new way of high-quality development that is ecologically priority and green-oriented", in the afternoon of March 5th, General Secretary Xi Jinping was attending his where ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Yancheng Binhai promotes the construction of safe rule of law and social security wins "people's livelihood"

    The concentration of antibiotics in water in China is much higher than in foreign countries. This article was jointly completed by the research institutes of East China University of Science and Technology, Tongji University, and Tsinghua University. It is understood that drugs and personal care products (PPCPs) include various places ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Xi Jinping Holds Talks with Tajikistan President Rahmon

    He once served as the vice chairman of the Asian Basketball Federation and the vice chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association. +1 China Business Network Tang Yan / Photo China Business News / China Business Network (Reporter Yuxing Xing) Recently, domestic sports brands Anta, Li Ning, Xtep, and 361 ° successively released the first quarter financial reports.China Business Daily reporters found that each brand had a ... [ View Details ]

  • Innovation, creating differentiated value (economic perspective)

    "Fashion is a belief!" Connotation is our eternal pursuit. After completing the volunteer application, the most direct way for the admissions office and the college to contact us is via mobile phone, and may send a text message to our mobile phone to display our volunteer status. Sometimes, your specialty has special circumstances such as the need to adjust ... [ View full text ]

  • National People's Congress Peng Shou: Improve Cooperation Mechanism, Tackling "Stuck Neck" Technology

    The Central Civilization Office will conduct in-depth education and practice activities on the theme of “buttoning the first button of life”. The Communist Youth League Central Committee and the National Youth Work Committee will conduct in-depth activities on the theme of "Striving to be a good player in the new era." The Ministry of Education will launch a national home education theme announcement on "home-school collaboration to allow children to grow up healthy" with relevant departments ... [ View Details ]

  • Interview with Fujian Xingyun Big Data Application Service Co., Ltd .-- Fujian Channel--People's Network

    Talking about raising rich cows by raising cows, Fan Weihua's face was full of smiles, but he didn't know what to say, but his husband Liu Linhua introduced them eloquently. "In previous years, because my wife suffered from a mental illness, my family's life was maintained by farming and subsistence allowances, the house was leaking everywhere, and my life was ......... [ View Full Text ]

  • Ni Ping's lover was taken away by pregnancy and she laughed at her as an old woman.

    Judging from the report, this issue is not complicated. The project could not be landed due to the change of land use. The relevant departments should return all the land transfer fees to the enterprise. But I don't know what the reason is, the Tianqiao District Investment and Financing Management Center has detained more than 2 million yuan. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, since 201 ... [ View full text ]

  • Jiangyuan weather in JuneJiangyuan temperature in JuneJiangyuan historical weather in June 2019

    Nationally, 87% of the promotion technologies of wheat seed medicament, seed dressing, seed coating, etc. were used, which was 2 percentage points higher than the previous year. This year, the promotion ratio of water-saving wheat varieties in Hebei has reached more than 60%. "Xialiang's first battle was won, laying the foundation for the year's bumper grain harvest, which is conducive to ensuring supply, stabilizing prices, benefiting people's livelihood, and increasing credit ... [ View Details ]

  • 2017 Talent Program officially launched, covering 20 key universities in 15 cities

    According to the current plan, holiday activities will begin every Thursday. Each holiday event will provide a passive bonus to certain game behaviors, and provide one-time tasks. After completing the corresponding goals, considerable rewards can be obtained. "Suspected of housing reform business; violation of the" Policy on Public Security Management Penalty "and" Sichuan Province Hotel ... [ View Details ]

  • Tianjin Metro Line 1 operates on the theme of "Greater My Country"

    Exquisite style, luxurious and rich. From this point of view, the noble women of the Tang Dynasty were dazzlingly makeup, emblazoned with jealous heads, jade chain heads, graceful and luxurious, and the jewellery stance was vivid and impressive. Xu Weihong told reporters that there was also the tomb of the second daughter of Princess Taiping, the daughter of Wu Zetian, on the flood plain, with the title of 10,000 ... [ View Details ]

  • US media: "Izumo" exposed Japanese military ambitions (4)

    On the same day, the "Fujian Day" event of the 2019 Beijing World Horticultural Exposition was held in the Beijing World Garden Expo Park. 14 At the end of December 2018, the sister “Meng Meng” in the world ’s only giant panda triplet in Guangzhou Chimelong showed signs of estrus, so she was sent back to the Chinese giant panda conservation research center, Wolong God ... [ View Details ]

  • "Southern and Northern Diversion" in the Farmhouse Inn

    China News Agency reporter Sheng Jiapeng photographed Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with Kyrgyz President Ryan Bebenkov in Bishkek on the 13th. Original title: Qijiang further shut down two pig farms Gaoyou Auxiliary Factory will transform into an ecological education base "263" special action, the city's special action team went to each ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Nine major mobile phone manufacturers jointly launch "quick application"

    In September 1997, he served as Secretary of the Party Committee of Dongfeng Motor Corporation. In March 1999, he served as general manager and party secretary of Dongfeng Motor Company. So for Lin's death, Li was definitely at fault. This case is a traffic accident liability dispute case. Of the damage consequences of Lin's death, 45% are traffic accidents ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Five major points are clearly visible next year when the capital market reform space opens

    Original title: The province's special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil has achieved initial results. The reporter learned from the press conference held by the Provincial Government Information Office on the morning of February 9 that the provincial public security department has quickly established since the province's public security organs launched the campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil. The Leading Group of the Special Struggle of Combating Crimes and Eradicating Evil, Criminal Investigation, Economic Investigation, Public Security ... [ View Details ]

  • The wind and tide were surging, Honggui sailed to the future

    The survey shows that in the face of the current complex and changing external environment, entrepreneurs who can keep up with technological changes and customer needs can win the future. Regarding the factors restricting the innovation of enterprises, the Report shows that the high R & D investment group and the low R & D investment group have "insufficient innovation power" and "difficult to choose innovation goals ... [ View Full Text ]

  • [News Live Room] Deyao Zhonghua Chongde, Seek Good, Think Good, Zhang Wangwen: Eight years of hard work to repay debts and adhere to integrity

    "One center" is to establish the Guangzhou Traffic Police Big Data Wisdom Center, which fully utilizes new technologies such as big data and cloud computing to promote the reform of the police operation mechanism. "Two platforms" are DG big data platform and integrated traffic command system platform. DG big data platform is the "core brain" of Guangzhou Smart New Transportation Management Co., Ltd .... [ View Details ]

  • [Zhixiang Auto Pictures] GAC Toyota

    Constructing the Silk Road Economic Belt, connecting the Northwest, including Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, and Xinjiang, with the hinterland of the Central Plains and placing it in the core area of Eurasian regional development, while also connecting Inner Mongolia to Russia and Mongolia The location advantage was revealed. Especially the construction of the core area of Xinjiang Silk Road Economic Belt ... [ View Details ]

  • African swine fever is not terrible for biosecurity prevention and control

    The National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee, under the leadership of the National Standards Committee, with the overall coordination and coordination of the Central Cyberspace Office and the support of relevant network security authorities, unified technical management of national standards for network security, and uniformly organized declarations, submissions, and approvals. Other National Standards Involving Cyber Security Content ... [ View Details ]

  • [Health Information Agency] How to prevent hernia

    According to research, one hour of exercise will consume 1000-2000 ml of water. Recommendation: Drink 2 glasses of water about 1 hour before running to ensure sufficient water during exercise. If you are doing long-distance running training, you can replenish water every 15 minutes, and the amount should not be too much, about 1-2 ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Yuanmingyuan's dormant ancient lotus resurrection in full bloom

    In addition to its location advantage, Sunac Cultural Innovation has also innovated its products.It has created many differentiated products according to different regions. In combination with urban culture, there are parks, hotels and shopping malls in each cultural tourism city, and it is covered with snow. The world, the sea world, the water world, the movie world, the sports world, the show, the big ... [ View Details ]

  • F1 Canada qualifying-Vettel's lethality over Hamilton to take pole position

    At the same time, the Provincial Law Office also actively participated in the symposium organized by the Provincial Government to prevent youth crimes and rule of law publicity and education, organized a forum on rule of law culture with Shandong Jiaotong University, and analyzed and judged the difficulties in the law and law governance of universities in a variety of ways. Blocking points and pain points. Qing Ting Ming Zeng ... [ View Details ]

  • Recruitment Brochure of Shandong Xiaoweixian Pension Service Co., Ltd.

    (Responsible editors: Gu Yan, Deng Nan) People's Network Lanzhou November 1 (Hu Shuangpeng) The reporter learned from the Lanzhou Customs that in the first three quarters of this year, Gansu's foreign trade accumulated a total of 100 million yuan in imports and exports, a year-on-year increase of%. It is higher than the national import and export growth rate by a percentage point over the same period. Import and export, export, import ... [ View Details ]

  • 疭  疭  疭 

    Moreover, this concept has been increasingly recognized and accepted by the international community. The 55th Session of the United Nations Commission for Social Development has written "Building a Community of Human Destiny" into a resolution; the "High-level Dialogue between the Communist Party of China and the World Political Party" held in 2017 will "build a community of human destiny and build it together ... [ View Full text ]