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  • A hundred forums of core values went to Jiyuan, Henan to preach the original intention and mission of Communists

    In addition to Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet, there are Bon, Islam, Catholicism, and Taoism. Tibet now has 1,787 temples and monks and nuns at Wanzhu Temple, which better meet people's religious needs. While vigorously developing tourism, Tibet is also focusing on environmental protection. Zhang Yun, for example, visited Buda in summer ... [ View Details ]

  • Wanping City lights up "community gardens under the city walls"

    Among them, the overall operation of the New Rural Cooperative Fund will be checked, including financial staffing, system construction, fund budget, total prepayment, review process, fund raising, use, balance management, account opening, special account storage, compensation policy, and cost disclosure. Fund early warning, investigation and punishment of violations of laws and regulations, and public investment ... [ View Details ]

  • The 26th China International Advertising Festival opens in Nanchang

    It is now found that our consumption is constantly upgrading, and the upgrading speed of our supply is obviously not keeping up. Let's go to Japan to buy a toilet lid. Why? Mainly on the front-end technical content. The problem of technological innovation is solved, the quality of the product is improved, and the high-quality supply can be eliminated after the upgrade ... [ View Details ]

  • [A magnificent 70-year struggle for a new era—A tour of the development of the Republic]

    Local time February 19, 2019, Merida, Venezuela, scientist JohannaBracho showed a plant sample during a scientific research visit. Release time: 2019-09-2613: 01: 31 [Edit: Zhai Lu] As the average temperature rises, the global ice ... [ View Details ]

  • Xi Jinping se reúne con representantes de unidades e individuos sobresalientes del ámbito educativo Spanish.xinhuanet.com

    After the meeting, the law enforcement inspection team will go to Nanchang, Shangrao, Ji'an and Yichun for field inspections in two groups. (Reporter Wei Xing) (Responsible editors: Mao Siyuan and Shuai Yan) He said that China's "Belt and Road" initiative has effectively promoted the connectivity of all countries. Among them, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor helped Pakistan solve the power problem ... [ View Details ]

  • The 70 Years of New China · Image Dictionary: Deng Xiaoping and Mrs Thatcher on Hong Kong

    In this case, emphasizing "unity" has more practical significance. China's willingness to face the world In the present China, if we use a more global perspective to look at the "unity" in the Chinese context, perhaps we can better understand China's "how to get along with the world". Xi Jinping emphasized in his speech, ... [ View Details ]

  • Zhenjiang Runzhou: Representatives and members of Qilidian Street listen to the trial of the elderly-related case in Nanxu Court

    At present, money market funds, which once enjoyed both size and profit, are experiencing unprecedented challenges. Statistics from the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association show that as of the end of June this year, the total assets of public funds under the management of 124 fund management companies in China had reached trillions. So it seems that the same origin of calligraphy and painting is right ... [ View Details ]

  • 5 million users' information suspected of being used by politics Facebook faces "survival crisis"

    The Armed Police Pudong New Area detachment's "To Win the War", Armed Police Training Base's "Song Song of the Armed Police Corps", and the "People's Air Force Loyalty to the Party" of a certain air force sing out the spirit of contemporary revolutionary soldiers as loyal defenders of the party and the people. In the chorus of the New District Authority Choir "Towards Revival", the song ended wonderfully. ... [ View Details ]

  • Vietnam condemns human trafficking

    Some people even think that it hinders the development of the Internet online advertising industry and the artificial intelligence industry. In addition, "Poetry China" will take the highlighting of vivid character stories as the axis, and the beauty of poetry rhyme lies in telling "the story of people and poetry". The show team also boldly and innovatively adopted the way of touring in poetry to realize television ... [ View Details ]

  • Xinyu Wannianqing Business Hotel

    In order to be able to pay off the money owed, Yu Xinggui devoted himself entirely to pig raising. After spending more than ten years, he finally paid off all his debts. ( "Sunset red" 20181219 swineherd Yuxing Gui) Source: CCTV network Update Time: at 17:09 on December 8, 2018 Video Description: This ...... [ View Full Text ]

  • Tiananmen Square "changes" 5G smart square

    As Xi Jinping said in this speech-China has made great strides to keep up with the times, and the Chinese people have taken the lead in the times; the Chinese people have become enthusiastic and arduous in their pioneering work, and have created the development achievements of “when the world is shocked”. The great leap from standing up, getting rich to becoming strong, ushered in ... [ View Details ]

  • People's Daily Online reporters across China-Xinjiang Channel-People's Daily Online

    In addition, with the opening of the Chengdu Auto Show, various brands have promoted various national VI new products. The new vehicle models launched in September have a higher probability of market success, and the increase of new products in the auto market is relatively strong. The product supply side will play a positive role in sales. . Major cities in various regions have also begun to arrange various sizes of car shows, gold and silver ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Keep the original heart, do not change for the people (the most beautiful struggler)

    It is necessary to effectively implement the Regulations, accurately grasp the various situations of accountability stipulated in the Regulations, adhere to the problem orientation, grasp the key minority, earnestly increase accountability, and establish the authority and seriousness of party regulations and discipline ; At the above rate, self-examination and correction. Members of the leadership team of each department and unit, especially ... [ View Details ]

  • 120 teachers' school won "Provincial Civilized Campus"

    From 2016, the “Rain and Dew Program” project of Changzhou District Poverty Alleviation Training was fully launched. In addition to subsidizing college and technical secondary school students in the district, it is also the first to implement the district-school cooperation model within the city.By signing a cooperation agreement with Wuzhou Vocational College, the "professional skills training and obtaining skills posts ... .. [ View full text ]

  • Guangdong builds a deep legal community of public legal services

    (Responsible editors: Wang Hongyu and Yang Yang) Up to now, the number of people participating in medical insurance in Haidong City has reached 10,000 people, and a comprehensive and multi-level medical security system has been initially established. The problem of "difficult to see a doctor and expensive to see a doctor" has been improved. In recent years, Haidong City has integrated medical reform work and explored the development of general medical insurance ... [ View Details ]

  • State Council Tariff Commission Announces First Excluded List of Tariff Items

    Copyright operation of the Central Radio and Television Station, sports industry, film and television drama translation system, ultra-high-definition industry, cultural and creative projects, etc. are being implemented. In the future, it will be one of the new landmarks of Shanghai, and it will become an international first-class world film and television base, a cultural and creative highland, an international fashion capital, and a place loved by citizens. Enable event ... [ View full text ]

  • Making Dunhuang the "Spokesperson" for Silk Road Culture

    Don't rush forward without daring to make the traffic environment that is already congested "clogged up". Under what circumstances the green light cannot "break through" In the daily driving process, in addition to the situation encountered by Mr. Cheng, there are several situations, even if the green light is passing, it is considered a violation of the rules and a penalty will be deducted. Congested road ... [ View Details ]

  • Carrying forward Dunhuang culture with woodcuts

    Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Yan took the morning of October 1 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. 2019-10-0109: 039 On 30th, "70 years of large-scale light show celebrating the founding of New China" was staged in Macau. That night, by Australia ... [ View details ]

  • Netizens released "livelihood microblog" Anqing police rescued 3 hours in life and death

    The production level is excellent, and the details are cut to the cola can.In addition to the plot, the production of `` The Great River '' also once again shows the TV series produced by the noon sun and the consistent high standards of the production team of Hou Hongliang and Kong Sheng. "Pick the details", praised by the audience. ... [ View Details ]

  • Guangzhou Nansha District Court Announcement Column

    On February 18, 2019, Lao Luo, the head of a department of a real estate company, came to the Court Litigation Service Center of the High-tech District Court with a sad face, preparing to bring more than 300 owners who owed service fees to the court. "Regardless of the success or failure of the lawsuit, the crack between you and the owner is not easy to repair, and the follow-up service resistance will be greater. You did not ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Leading the development of modern agriculture to cast the "big granary in China" ——A report on the interview activities of the editor-in-chief of the national "Three Rural" media editors

    (Responsible editors: Tang Xinyi, Wang Hao) The main exhibition hall of the Pingjin Battle Memorial Hall is a three-storey building with a height of 22 meters.The display content is divided into six halls: preface hall, battle decision, battle implementation, people's support, great victory, and heroic performance. The exhibition line has a total length of 740 meters and passed more than 2,500 precious historical relics ... [ View Details ]

  • Ningbo Haishu signed 23 digital economy projects

    Original title: Yongde: Nuts release ecological dividends In the autumn, accompanied by light rain, the 10,000 acres of macadamia nut forests in Dajian Mountain “Jianca” Ecological Cultural Industrial Park in Chonggang Township, Yongde County are even greener. With the improvement of the industry's quality and efficiency and the continuous expansion of the area during the high yield period, Macadamia has released "ecological dividends ..." [ View Details ]

  • The wind of modern culture blows north and south of the Tianshan Mountains

    Xu Jing, professor and chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University "Our temporary branch has 9 party members to achieve full coverage of thematic education. According to the deployment of the party committee of the bureau, according to the theme education plan, we have formulated a learning plan and strictly implemented the learning plan . "The ecological barrier of the two cities is now ... [ View Details ]

  • Weishan weather in OctoberWeishan temperature in OctoberWeishan historical weather in October 2019

    Peng Quan's Qi Duan, who explained on the People's Daily Network at the same time, believes that Tong Mengcheng's three low clips on the right are an incomprehensible slow move. It is also the move that caused the lower right black pawn to be inefficient. After Yu Yuting rushed to the top right, he took care of his opponent and successfully dealt with the white chess above. The lecture notes received by the students ... [ View Details ]

  • Yin Li chaired the meeting of the Leading Group of China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone Promotion Work

    It is necessary to enlarge the pattern to see Hai'an, work, and indicators, and through the breakthrough of each individual's achievements, drive the city's work to lead in Nantong and the province. Yu Lizhong requested that overall consideration be given to organic integration. To do a good job of high-quality comprehensive assessment and the theme education of "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission", and the current ... [ View Full Text ]

  • [Longzhou Weather] Longzhou weather forecast, one week, 15 days, 30 days Longzhou weather forecast query

    Over 30 years of China's reform and opening up, China's first industrial zone is called the Shekou Industrial Zone. We built it on a deserted beach. It is now a completely modern city. At first, the per capita GDP was 300 US dollars, and today it is 60,000 US dollars. He saw the photo and believed it. Westerners say it will take hundreds of years ... [ View Details ]

  • Guannan's talented village attracted a wave of entrepreneurship

    Chen Shoutian, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the management committee of the Liangzhu Ruins Management Zone in Hangzhou, said that writing textbooks at the Liangzhu Ruins is helpful to show the true and comprehensive ancient China, and it is helpful to the majority of young people to strengthen their cultural confidence. Therefore, in the development of the ancient style, there is always between the niche and the public, interest and business ... [ View Details ]

  • Dongting Town, Dingzhou City Launched the "Clear Disturbance" Campaign

    In the 1990s, the Chinese science and technology community was still climbing uphill, and novelist Liu Cixin had not yet written the "Three Body". At that time, the "eye" was the single-faced radio telescope in the valley of Puerto Rico, the United States-Arecibo, with a diameter of 350 meters, which is considered to be the "most unsurpassable" in the world. ... [ View Details ]

  • Demystifying the "tympanic membrane" in the ear

    Judging from the situation of the poor, after the poverty-stricken people lifted out of poverty last year, there are currently 1.04 million poor people in the province (required) to achieve poverty alleviation within the next two years. According to the plan, at least 650,000 poverty-stricken people will be lifted out of poverty in 2019, and some dynamic (poor people), in general ... [ View Full Text ]

  • Bayu sings "I and My Motherland"

    Stronger cold air will affect the north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. From 3-5 days, light to moderate rain will appear in the areas north of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, with northerly winds of magnitude 4 ~ 6, and the temperature will drop by 6 ~ 10 ℃, among which parts of eastern Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin and other places will cool down by 12 degrees. ℃ or so. 6-7, Huang Huai ... [ View Details ]

  • The Fourth Real Estate Value Summit

    The Municipal Party Committee believes that to make urban life better depends on whether the development is fast or not, whether it is built well or not, and whether the quality is high or not. Comprehensively judging the status of cities, we feel that we must adhere to the party's leadership over urban work, effectively strengthen and improve urban grass-roots party building work, and rely heavily on grass-roots party organizations to ... [ View Details ]

  • International Consultation Meeting on Yangtze River Urban Agglomeration Development Planning

    The new car uses a penetrating LED taillight group with silver trim on the lower bar. In addition, it will be equipped with a turbocharged engine.Based on previous reports, this engine has a maximum power of 170 kilowatts and a peak torque of 355 Nm.It is matched with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission and provides four-wheel drive. ..... [ View full text ]

  • "Fuzhou Time-honored Brand" review and approval plan to start within the year

    Xu Lin, deputy minister of the Central Propaganda Department and director of the State Council Information Office, said that the white paper focuses on "where China comes from and where to go", "what kind of world does China promote?" China's development achievements, development path, development trend, in-depth ... [ View Details ]

  • The housing leasing market has been launched strongly

    According to reports, Google first assembled a quantum computer in 2017, but this attempt was unsuccessful because the system containing 72 superconducting qubits is too difficult to control. Later, Google worked with NASA to jointly develop quantum computer technology. Soon after, Google opened ... [ read more ]

  • [Bijie Weather] Bijie weather forecast, weekly, 15 days, 30 days Bijie weather forecast query

    "Our confidence in the Chinese market is very firm. Only by following the laws of nature can humans effectively prevent detours in the development and utilization of nature. The damage that humans have to nature will eventually hurt humanity. This is an irresistible law. Modernization is a modernity in which humans and nature harmoniously coexist ... [ View Details ]

  • Market worried about global demand, international oil prices rebound slightly

    After the garbage bags are transported to the garbage station, workers scan the QR code and know the source and classification of the garbage. International investment institutions continue to include China's capital market in their indexes, opening new investment doors for overseas investors, and the increasing opening of China's capital market will also contribute to the improvement and health of its own structure ... [ View Details ]

  • State-owned enterprise public opinion: Steady and good

    Creating a good atmosphere and conducting consultations of the CPPCC requires the joint efforts of the Chinese Communist Party, the democratic parties, various social groups, and members of the CPPCC, but the Chinese Communist Party bears the primary responsibility. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech that he can listen to opinions, dare to listen to them, and especially accepts criticism ... [ View Details ]

  • Global Consensus of Cyberspace Fate Community and Chinese Wisdom

    On the South Square stands a tall national flag pole, implying that the People's Republic of China was born in 1949. Through the training, every poor household who is willing to develop the agricultural industry has mastered more than three rural practical technologies and broadened its income channels. (Wang Zhongxian, Liu Renxuan) (Responsible editor: Li Sizhen, Xie Long) ...... [ View Details ]

  • "You are my hero" told in Nanjing

    "Before investing in this factory, we had already carried out fruitful cooperation with some Chinese companies. In the process, we realized that the Chinese market has huge potential, and we must enter this hot land of investment and be close to China. Market demand grows together with the booming Chinese economy. "... [ View Details ]

  • Text record of the press conference of the Qugang Expressway (Quyang to Suning Section) opened to traffic by the Hebei Province Government Information Office

    Gao Feng also commented on a recent business survey released by the US-China Business Council. The survey revealed that of its 220 member companies, many have seen sales shrink in China because Chinese customers are increasingly seeing US companies as unreliable business partners. In this regard, Gao Feng said that the United States and China ... [ View Details ]